Marine Corps Marathon Training Week in Review

Hey guys! I know many of you like seeing these comprehensive marathon training weeks in review, so here we go! Here’s how this week has looked so far, plus my plan for the rest of the week.

As you guys know, even when I’m marathon training I only run 3 days per week – and I’m a really low mileage runner compared to others, too. I prescribe to the Run Less, Run Faster approach – it works for me! I also make it a big priority to do cross training – it really helps me to not get burned out. This is a lower mileage week with less cardio cross-training than usual though since my right lower leg has still been feeling a little weird – didn’t want to push it!

washington dc sunrise memorial bridge

Marathon Training Week in Review

Sunday – rest day, light walking (my 16 mile long run was on Saturday)

Monday – evening yoga class at LavaBarre via ClassPass (<—affiliate link for $20 off). I’d never been to LavaBarre so it was nice to mix it up, and the studio is gorgeous, but I didn’t love the class I took. I’ve been spoiled by amazing yoga instructors at my faves Epic Yoga (great for more calming/spiritual classes) and Edge Yoga (great for a fast flow and sweat in a welcoming, low key environment) and while the instructor at LavaBarre was fine, I found it a bit boring/not creative at all. I also didn’t like that there are mirrors on all the walls in their yoga space (which doubles as a barre studio, so hence the mirrors). I find it super distracting to have mirrors in yoga – makes it harder for me to zen out and focus inwardly. Oh well – I never regret getting in a stretch!

lavabarre rosslyn review

Tuesday – track workout! Mile repeats were on the agenda – SO HARD. At least my “Will Run for Bacon” tank came into play for the occasion – and it was a gorgeous, slightly cooler, lower humidity morning – finally!

will run for bacon tank

I only did 3 mile repeats (others did 4 to 5 but since I was doing my long run for the week on Thursday my coach told me not to push it), but I got in about a mile each for my warm up and cool down so it ended up being 5 miles total.


Wednesday – stretching and mobility session with Paul from Capital Energy Training. As always, these sessions help so much with keeping my body feeling good when doing lots of running! I had good energy this week so we focused on more active stretching and some strength building for running-related support muscles, too. While I was doing some hip strengthening moves (standing on one leg and slowly bending at the waist and touching the ground with my other leg out behind me, then coming back up), Paul held a band just above my knee and pulled gently outwards – I tend to collapse inward at the knees when doing strength poses so this helped me to focus on correcting it. I’m definitely getting stronger – my hip mobility and strength has gotten a lot better through our sessions!


Thursday – long run for the week. Got this in early since I’ll be out of town this weekend and didn’t want to deal with it while traveling!

washington dc capitol long run

My coaches wanted me to do at least 10 to 12 miles, but since my right leg (on the outside right of the calf area) has still been feeling tender I didn’t want to push it, especially since I just did 16 miles on Saturday. I probably need to start wearing compression sleeves when I run again – I think it would help the situation – but I don’t love wearing them when it’s warm out! Maybe next week…

My friend Heather and I met up for the run this morning, and we had slightly cooler weather for the occasion, too. I’m also excited because sunrises are happening around 6:30 now so I’m out there in time to see them – so beautiful!

washington dc sunrise monuments

washington monument sunrise

I felt a bit tired on this run but it ended up being a good one – better pace than I realized! Heather and I had a great chat, too – loved catching up with her. I hadn’t run down on the National Mall in ages, either, so it was fun to check out my favorite city! :)

morning run washington dc

We arrived back at our starting point at 8 miles – good enough for me for this week. Not trying to be a hero and injure myself – I’ll fit in a real long run next week.


Here’s the plan for the rest of the week/weekend:

  • Friday – planning to hit a morning yoga class via ClassPass before leaving town in the afternoon.
  • Saturday – another yoga class! I’m all about the yoga this week – hoping it helps my leg! I was able to use ClassPass to sign up for a class in the city I’ll be in this weekend – perfect! Love that flex location option.
  • Sunday – shorter casual run with my friend I’m traveling with – thinking 4 to 6 miles.

For those of you also training for fall races, how has your training been going this week?

    This cooler weather has definitely helped, although the temps are creeping back up from today on!

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  1. 1

    I ran past you at the Arlington cemetery. I was about to say hi but you seemed to be deep in conversation with your friend, so didn’t want to intrude :)

    • 2

      Sorry to have missed you! We were definitely in the middle of solving the world’s (and our) problems by that point in the run I think, as runners tend to do as the mileage creeps up. ;) Hope you had a great run!

  2. 3

    This week has been so great for runs! The weather makes all the difference, especially at our group’s track workout on Tuesday. I have 18 miles on the docket for Saturday. We are starting at 6, so it means I’ll be up with the sun!

    Have a good trip!

  3. 5

    Mile repeats are probably my least favourite form of speed work! So long. Sounds like a good cut-back week! My has intentionally become that, being sick with a cold. Hoping to be OK for my Sunday long run!

  4. 7

    I am in Minneapolis and we are having great running weather! I agree with the running less, even during marathon training. I am just not a high mileage runner as I tend to get injured if I run more than 3-4 days per week. Glad others feel the same!

  5. 9
    Roadrunner says

    Sounds like a good week, despite the slight leg issue. Safe/enjoyable journey!

  6. 10

    looks like a great week of training.
    I’m doing well too… doing the Park half marathon on september 11.
    I have one question related to training. Have you experience increased hunger as you increase weekly mileage? How do you deal with it to control hunger level? I’ve been attacked by sudden hunger often lately. I’ve increased food intake but still experience sudden hunger attacks, specially the day after the long run. I’d love to hear your experience on that.

    • 11

      Yes – I eat more! :) And I make sure I’m getting plenty of protein and healthy fat in particular. Not waiting too long to eat after a long run is key, too.

  7. 12

    Whats your favorite type of yoga to do? Or, do you like to switch it up? Those sun pictures are beautiful!

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