Marine Corps Marathon Training Week in Review

Hey and happy Friday! Popping in for my Marine Corps Marathon training week in review and some of my favorite links from around the web (at the end of the post). Here’s what I’ve been up to for training this week. As usual, I’ve focused on variety and lots of stretching – both of which are key for me to not get burned out or injured!

Monday: yoga class via ClassPass (at Epic Yoga in Dupont after work)

epic yoga dc

Tuesday: track workout (~5 total miles)

It was a cooler-ish and slightly less humid morning on Tuesday – such a treat! This sunrise was epic, too.

washington lee high school track sunrise

We did mile repeats – always a rough one. I held steady at around a 7:40 to 7:45 pace per mile, and we took a couple minutes break in between each. I forgot my watch so no Garmin pic, but I did 3.5 mile repeats (the last one was just an 800) plus a warm up and cool down jog so probably about 5 miles total.


Bonus Tuesday evening workout: tennis! Every couple weeks Matt and I and our friend Shane get together for tennis after work. It was pretty nice and cool out on Tuesday evening so we decided spur of the moment to get out there!

tennis arlington

We either play 2 on 1 and rotate who is on their own/running like crazy for the ball, or we do a round robin where two people play and anytime someone misses the shot, the person waiting runs in to replace them. It’s fun and keeps you super engaged! I <3 tennis – as you guys know, I played it as a kid and was on the tennis team in high school. I’m not that good anymore but I still love playing. :) We played for about an hour – between that and the early morning track workout, you better believe I slept well on Tuesday night!

quincy street tennis arlington

Wednesday: evening stretching/mobility session with Capital Energy Training


Since I knew I’d be doing my long run on Thursday morning and this session was on Wednesday evening, Paul and I did some good hip stretching and activation in preparation for running long. The picture above is an old one from a previous session but that’s one of the moves (with or without the stability board) that we do nearly every session. As usual, it felt really good to stretch it out – and we focused on my shoulder mobility a bit more as well.

Thursday – long run (step down week – 10 miles)

hains point long run

As you guys know, my coaches had me come down in mileage this week and do a slightly shorter run. I did 14 milers the past two weeks – this week I was supposed to do 11 to 12 but I only made it 10 because it was so insanely hot/humid. Good enough! I shared a full recap of the long run yesterday.

What does your usual fitness week in review look like? Do you mix it up or stick with similar activities?

As for today, Saturday, and Sunday, the plan is to get in one run (5 to 6 hilly miles – sooo many hills here!) and one yoga class. The other day will be a rest day. We’re in Pittsburgh area with Matt’s family for a wedding – fun to get to see everyone again so soon after the beach!  

Matt and I are working from his parent’s house this morning and hoping to take most of the afternoon off with the rest of the gang. As usual, you can see what I’m up to on Instagram and I’ll be back Monday with a recap. Have a great weekend!

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  1. 1

    Hey I live in Pittsburgh! Welcome :) Unfortunately, this weekend is supposed to be hot and steamy, so I’m afraid you won’t get any relief from similar conditions in D.C. But, hopefully running in a new place will help distract you from the heat and humidity. Enjoy your time here and have fun at the wedding!

  2. 3

    Enjoyed your post Anne. Been awhile. Illness in family. I love your marathons. 💝

  3. 5

    I’m doing my best at the moment to mix up my training routine, but that usually ends up meaning different types of running workouts. ;) Getting one day of cross-training — usually swimming or on the stationary bike — is a challenge for me, so it’s what I plan for Mondays so that I get it done right away. :) Enjoy your weekend away!

  4. 6

    Looks like a great mix! I am impressed by all your emphasis on stretching and mobility… definitely something I am trying to do more often and regularly.

  5. 8
    Roadrunner says

    Impressive all-around approach to training!

  6. 9

    Great week of balanced workouts! I noticed your yoga mat has little holes in it. Any chance they are from Zara? My kitty loooves scratching up my yoga mat so much I have to hide it from her! Best of luck in your marathon training. :)

    • 10

      That was actually the studio’s yoga mat! When I do a yoga class downtown I just use their mats so I don’t have to lug my own around. :) So, not sure why it has holes – overuse, I guess! Unless they have a studio kitty. :) I bet Zara would scratch mine up if I didn’t put them on a high shelf at home!

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