My New Favorite Dinner & Track Tuesdays

Good morning!

I have a new favorite dinner — remember how I made Fresh Thai Summer Rolls over the weekend with my friend Ashley? I had a TON of leftovers so I made it into a yummy noodle dish last night.


In the mix was leftover: rice noodles, spicy Thai peanut sauce (homemade and AMAZING — recipe at the end of the Fresh Thai Summer Rolls post), and chopped cilantro and basil, plus some kidney beans. Simple and delicious. I actually made this on Sunday night, too! On Sunday night, I had leftover chicken and added in some broccoli; last night, I threw in kidney beans since the chicken was all gone and had some string beans on the side, too. So obsessed with my homemade peanut sauce — I need to make it in bulk because it makes it so easy to throw together a quick dinner! Fresh herbs made all the difference, too. I should start chopping some up ahead of time at the beginning of the week.


Yesterday was also Track Tuesday as my Vegas half marathon training continues! It was still pretty dark when I arrived — boo.


My friend Genna met me again and we had a great workout — this time, we did one of my “boot camp” sort of workouts. We sprinted the straight part of the track and jogged the curves, stopping in between each lap to do some sort of strength move.



We did walking lunges, the Eagle Ab, some lower back exercises, side leg lifts/circles (my butt is SO SORE today), dips, pushups, etc! Genna wants to work on her push ups — our goal is to get her doing 10 “real” (not on her knees) push ups :) I know she can do it!


It was a great workout! Fun, too, since you’re engaged the whole time mixing things up. We were at the track for about 45 minutes and covered about 3 miles total with our sprint/jog laps around the track, plus a warm up and cool down. Success!

Oh and guess what I did last night? Went and saw The Lion King in 3-D! It was pretty much awesome. Here’s me and my friend Hilary from high school rocking our sexy 3-D glasses:


Apparently no one else goes to see movies on Tuesday nights (or… maybe just not The Lion King…) because the theater was literally empty when we arrived.


HA. A few more people came after this picture, but it was pretty dead!

The movie in 3-D was really cool — I have no idea how they did that with an old movie! Also, I’d forgotten how cute Simba was. :) Don’t worry, Hilary and I still knew all the words to the songs (I used to have the soundtrack on TAPE) and sang along ;)

I’m off to school — long day ahead with classes and meetings from 9 until 4ish, but today is my 29th birthday! I have fun dinner plans with the girls tonight, and the highlight of the morning so far was this hilarious birthday card from my friend Jessica:



What’s your favorite Disney movie? Mine is tied between The Lion King and Aladdin because of the music. :) I always hated Bambi because it made me cry. The Fox and the Hound was so sad, too!


  1. 1

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 29 club :)
    I’ve seen that card in the store before and almost bought it last time for a friend! Too funny.

  2. 2

    That card is hilarious! Happy Bday! Definetly the Lion King, hands down its my fave :)

  3. 3

    I want to see Lion King 3D so bad! I’m hoping I can convince my boyfriend to take me this weekend! :)

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!! :) :)

  4. 4

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anne. I can actually remember my 29th, I was pregnant with my 3rd child.Those leftovers look divine. I love leftovers. My favorite Disney was and always will be the original Cinderella. Next was Dumbo.

    Have a wonderful day at school and drink one for me tonight.

  5. 6

    Happy birthday! Hope it’s a blast!

  6. 7

    Happy birthday! I am a huge Disney fan! I totally run to Disney tunes! =P

  7. 8

    Happy Birthday Anne! Hope it’s a fannetastic day ;) My favorite Disney movie is Oliver and Company, but a lot of people don’t remember it. Then I’d say The Little Mermaid.

  8. 9

    Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your girl time. That is always the best way to celebrate:)

    Oh gosh, this is a really hard question…I’m getting to relive all the Disney’s classic’s now with a 5 year old. I love them all. But, my favorite is probably Sleeping Beauty. But, for favorite music it would have to be these three…Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. We watch Oliver and Company all the time!

  9. 11

    Happy Birthday Anne! I love the Little Mermaind and Cinderella. Is 32 too late to have a Princess Party? :) Please make sure you do throw those big grannie undies to Justin! (Love the card!)

  10. 13

    Happy birthday!! I can’t wait to see The Lion King in 3D! I’ve been looking forward to it for months haha. Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are my favs, but Little Mermaid is also close!

  11. 14

    Happy Happy Birthday!!

  12. 15

    Happy Birthday Anne! You’ve really been an inspiration to me in both food and running. Though we have not met, I know we would be friends in an instant! Favorite Disney movie – childhood: Beauty and the Beast, adulthood: Happy Feet (and perhaps this isn’t Disney, but it’s hard for me to remember what is and isn’t Disney nowadays!). Have a wonderful day!

  13. 17

    Happy birthday to you-u-u-u!!!!! XOXO

  14. 19

    Happy birthday, lady!! That card is adorable, haha.

  15. 20

    Happy Birthday Anne! Great card!

    My favorite Disney movie is Aristocats, great music! Runner up is definitely The Lion King. I love the music from The Lion King and even had the video game for Super Nintendo!

  16. 21

    Bambi, Dumbo, and Fox and Hound should be fricking illegal. BTW, Happy Bday!! My fave disney films are Lion king, aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. Soooo good.

  17. 22

    The Little Mermaid!

  18. 23

    Happy Birthday Anne!! I’m a big Lion King fan, and also loved 101 Dalmations and Aladin were faves too.. something about the Jungle Book always made me sad at the end because he didn’t have parents :(

  19. 25

    Happy Birthday!!!! I’m dying to see the lion king in 3D now, you’re the second blogger I’ve seen write about it! I’m a big fan of Disney princess movies: sleeping beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and my favorite: the Little Mermaid! I think I liked her best because she was the only one with red hair!

  20. 26

    happy happy bday!! hoep you have a fabulous day! :D

  21. 27

    Happy birthday! You continue to have many fans here in FL, and especially at my school!

  22. 29

    My first ever CD was the Lion King soundtrack! Yep, you can say it, I was pretty cool. :) My favorite Disney movie is definitely the Little Mermaid. When I was a little girl, my sister and I both had Little Mermaid sleeping bags and we loved them. :)

  23. 30

    Happy birthday Anne!!! Enjoy it. :)

    My fave Disney movie was Aladdin…it was my first “date” ever, in fifth grade, and he gave me a homemade friendship bracelet during the movie. Ah, memories. :)

  24. 32

    Happy Birthday! I was just thinking this morning how I wish my birthday was today instead of the 27th. I’d get to have that awesome Earth, Wind and Fire song about my birthday!

  25. 33

    Definitely going to try that peanut sauce and awesome job on the workout! Love it when different things are involved because you can focus on that activity for the time being and then move onto the next. Plus it flies by!!

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful time with the girls :)

  26. 34

    I hope you have a great day!

  27. 35

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    My favorite Disney movie? Beauty and the Beast. :) But also like Aladdin and Lion King too… now I feel like I need to rekindle the child in me and see them all again! :)

  28. 36

    I just wanted to wish you the Happiest of Birthdays!! I enjoy your articles very much. The Lion King Rocks!! It is my all time fave!
    Have an awesome time with the girls!!

  29. 37

    happy birthday anne! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    My favorite disney movie stems when I was a little kid…lady and the tramp!

  30. 38
    Pat Elsberry says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a fabulous day with the girls! My favorite Disney movie growing up is a tie: Cinderella (the original with Stuart Damon who played Prince Charming and years later was Allan Quartermaine on General Hospital for 25 yrs!!), and Mary Poppins!! I always looked forward to seeing it as little girl, singing along with all the songs (supercalifragilisticexpiadlocious) and wishing I had a fun lady like her at my house! :)

  31. 40

    This is exactly why I love leftovers-perfect for a quick meal and easy to revamp.

    Happy Birthday :)

  32. 41

    Wow, that sounds like an awesome workout! Happy Birthday!

  33. 42

    Happy Birthday Anne! Hope you have a wonderful day! Your workout sounds like a blast! My favorite Disney movies are probably The Lion King, Aladdin, and Finding Nemo!

  34. 43

    Happy Birthday from Italy, Anne….
    Hope it’s a great year!!

  35. 45

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your day is filled with all things that make you happy. :)

    I love your “bootcamp” workout… those are my favorite kinds of workouts – a mix of cardio and strength. It makes it interesting, fun, and gives you a great time efficient overall workout.

    I really want to see Lion King! I’m so glad you did… I love that movie – definitely one of my Disney classic faves.

  36. 47

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a great one. I stumbled upon your website through SparkPeople a few months ago and have been loving it!

  37. 49

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope it’s a GREAT one!

    My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid (I used to pretend I was a mermaid when I went swimming as a little girl), but my fiance’s is Aladdin. We actually watched it recently. And we’ll be watching Alice in Wonderland soon because we’re dressing up as Alice and the Mad Hatter for a Hallowen party at Disney World next weekend!

  38. 51

    Happy happy birthday, girly! I love Sleeping Beauty, the three fairies are so cute!

  39. 52

    I might suggest that Genna go slightly wider with her hands, not much, like half an inch on each side and also widen her feet (notice how yours are a little wider while hers and are tight together?) A wider foot base will help stabilize her, especially helpful while building strength. Also, hard to tell in this photo, but tightening abs and flattening your back (i.e., remove the “arch” from your lower back, you do this by tilting your pelvis), will also help!

    • 53

      Shhh… that was actually a staged photo since we didn’t want to stop to take photos during the actual workout. But thank you for the tips – I will check out her form next time to be sure! And will keep them in mind for myself, too :)

  40. 54

    Happy birthday lovely lady! My favorite Disney movie was and always will be Pocahontis (I hope I spelled that right!) :)

  41. 55

    Happy (late) birthday!!! One last year in the 20s, and you celebrated with a Disney movie – hah. LOVE that.

    Hope you had a good day!

  42. 56

    Happy Happy Birthday (a day late)!!! Hope you had a super day :)

  43. 57

    I sure hope your birthday was as encouraging and refreshing for you as you are to so many of us out here on a daily basis!
    Happy “belated” but blessed Birthday, Anne!!!

  44. 59

    that noodle dish looks DELISH! and that’s an amazing birthday card. thankfully we’re not there quite yet! :)

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