Long Weekend Run Date

Hi guys! I’m kicking off the workweek a day late because of the holiday yesterday! Matt didn’t have the day off but I gave myself the day off because our nanny was off (we give her paid federal holidays). Being behind on work now was totally worth it to have a full extra day with my little love – such a treat. :) We spent the day taking some walks and at the library for storytime, which she loves! Matt was able to get home earlier than usual, though, so we were able to go meet friends for a baby-friendly early dinner at Citizen Burger Bar. Riese is like “stop taking pictures and give me more of that meat!!” (We gave her small pieces of my well done burger and she was really into it!)

As for Saturday and Sunday, we kept things low key and took Riese to a baby music class, took some family walks, and got a lot of errands and chores done around the house while trading off baby time. We also traded off to get in workouts! On Saturday afternoon I headed out for a yoga class after Matt got in his workout, and on Sunday we both got in runs. Our 10k (the Marine Corps 10k) is in only a few weeks now – eek! Gotta build that endurance!

I met my friend Karen for some morning miles in beautiful Rock Creek Park in northwest DC. Love running there! It was also fun to see all the Halloween decorations that were already out – apparently NW DC is really into Halloween! I thought this was a creative use of trash bags. :)

We made friends with this guy too.

4 miles, done! I want to get in at least one 5 miler before 10k race day to build up some more confidence in terms of the distance. I’m not trying to race the 10k and wouldn’t care if I had to walk, but it would be nice to feel at least somewhat confident/comfortable going into race morning. It will be fun to do a race again – it has been so long! My last race was the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April 2017 when I was secretly 8 weeks pregnant. :) (psst: You can see all of my race recaps and race times from the past 9 years on my race recaps running page!)

I brought some of my Oatmeal Banana Coconut Cookies with me to refuel in the car on the way home because I knew I would be too hungry to wait until I got home, showered, etc., and got it together to have a meal. (Don’t worry, I took this pic before I started the car!)

oatmeal banana cookie recipe easy fast

It was mid-morning when I got back but I was in the mood for lunch rather than brunch. I had some pan seared chicken and rice with a cabbage slaw, greens, and some juicy tomatoes that we grew ourselves. It was yummy and simple!

I’m off to tackle my massive to do list. Have a nice day guys, and I’ll see you back here on Thursday!

p.s. In case you missed it, my blog turned 9 years old last week! I celebrated by sharing my top 9 most popular blog recipes and posts, and the 9 recipes from the blog that Matt and I make over and over again. :)


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    Roadrunner says

    Sounds like a great weekend – and a nice Columbus Day, too! Hope the weather is gradually becoming a bit more “running friendly!”

  2. 3

    Hi Anne,
    Since you are a Brooks ambassador, would you mind sharing what model you do most of your running in now? I am ready for a new pair and I see so many women running in Brooks now! Thank you!

    • 4

      Hi Katie! Great question! I’ve been mixing it up between the Adrenaline and the Ravenna for most of my runs lately and love both. For this run I was wearing the Ravenna! I’d suggest heading to your local running store to try on some of their new options – there are lots of options and what feels good on your foot may be different than what feels good on mine! :) Let me know what you end up getting!

      • 5

        thanks so much! I will let you know. I am an Alexandria reader of your blog for several years and also a runner. I love your recipes (big fan of sheet pan meals now) and local posts. Keep them coming! Thank you!

  3. 7

    Good luck in your first 10k post baby! I’m thinking about signing up for my first race too, either a 10k or just going for the half marathon!

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