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On Sunday, I wrote on Twitter that I was scheduling my workouts for the week into my calendar. This is something I do every Sunday as I get ready for the new week — it’s the only way to make sure my workouts actually happen when I get really busy! I am as specific as possible when I schedule my workouts by writing in the time/type of exercise. The more concrete the workout appointment, the less likely I will skip it! Treat it like any other unbreakable appointment in your calendar. No ifs, ands, or buts. Just do what your calendar says. :)

Anyway, a few people responded via Twitter that they were interested to see my schedule, so here’s what I’ve got going on this week!


5:45 p.m. — Power yoga class at Franklin Street Yoga — 1.5 hours


It was a great class, as always. I was happy to return to my favorite studio! For those of you in the area — in honor of the MLK Day Holiday on Monday, they will be offering free classes all day!


6:45 a.m. — 4 mile run with Genna


We had a great run this morning, chatting away as always. It was mild out but super dark for the first half of the run! Check out the before and after of the UNC bell tower:


We ran through the UNC campus into Chapel Hill and Carrboro for a big loop — 4 miles in 35:28, average pace 8:52 min/miles.


9:30 a.m. Pure Barre class (I purchased a cheap deal for 4 classes at a place nearby — excited to give it a try — I’ve never done a barre workout before!)


6:45 a.m. — 4.4 mile run with Elle (I know 4.4 miles is random but it’s the distance of our usual loop!)


Morning gym workout (easy elliptical, weights/abs) or rest, if I’m super tired.

And that’s that! I don’t usually plan my weekend workouts (unless I’m training for a race and need to schedule a long run) because I like playing it by ear — if it’s nice out, Matt and I like going biking or hiking, as you guys know. I usually work out 6 days per week with 1 rest day or super low key day (e.g. a walk).

Do you schedule your workouts? Also, has anyone done Pure Barre before? What can I expect on Wednesday?


  1. 1

    Interested to hear what you think about Pure Barre– I went once in Chapel Hill and found parts of it extremely challenging, but I also left not feeling like I got a good workout– I hope it’s better for you!

    • 2

      I have a feeling it will be great for toning/working areas I don’t use as much, but not so much a cardio workout. It will be nice to mix it up – we’ll see!

  2. 3

    Eh, I don’t really schedule workouts. I take it day by day!

  3. 4

    I just started to plan week workouts — it’s feels good being able to check things off the weekly To-Do List :) Also, I just joined a gym in the Netherlands that has English speaking spin classes (my fav)… WIN

    • 5

      Oooo awesome! When I was in Prague the only class at my gym that was in English was yoga taught by an American instructor, and it’s actually how I got into yoga in the first place!

  4. 6

    I schedule my workouts whenever I’m training for a run, which is now! That way I can put my training runs into my schedule, and then add in strength training and cross training around them.

  5. 7

    I do alot of walking back and forth from the office (4X/day) Take stairs all day long. My office is on the 4th floor. Since I love to watch YT vids I get out the bouncer and jump while I watch/listen to them. In the spring-fall I am out after work. Not now…it is cold and dark.
    Loving your blog Anne.

  6. 9

    I always schedule my workouts for the week ahead of time. I sit down with my calendar, and see where I can squeeze things in (AM? PM? Runs? Strenght?) That way I know where I have time, I have no excuses, and if it’s in my planner in pen it’s mandatory, right? ;)

  7. 11

    Ive done Pure Barre a couple times. I did mine at the PB in Meadowmont (when I lived in Chapel Hill). You’ll definitely feel the burrrrn. It’s different than anything I’ve ever done before, but I liked it! Hope you do too!

  8. 12

    I took my first barre class the other day and it was very challenging but fun, good luck!

  9. 13

    I have really enjoyed the Barre classes. Reminds me a lot of dance and the first few classes after my legs were sore. Really really really sore!

  10. 14

    I took one free Pure Barre class and it was a lot harder than I expected, especially since I’m a dancer. All the girls were very sore the next day :) I don’t think I would ever pay for the classes though, because I prefer more cardio!

  11. 15

    looks like you have some great workouts planned for the week! i like the mix of cardio, yoga, and strength! i’m interested to hear how how you like the barre class. i’ve only ever heard of it, so i’m intrigued! have a great week! :)

  12. 17

    I definitely schedule workouts – it’s the {very teeny tiny} Type A in me I guess. I feel like it makes me more accountable and helps me balance time with my hubby and kids.

    I haven’t taken barre – but it sounds killer in a “I didn’t realize it was so hard” kinda way. Enjoy!

  13. 18

    On the weeks I plan out my weekend, I am definitely more enthusiastic and committed!

  14. 19

    I always try to plan my workouts ahead of time so that they fit in my schedule and I have no excuses!

  15. 20

    Guess what Anne, I signed up for my 2nd 5K Meals on Wheels in March. Last year was my first and it was so hot at 9am in the morning that day. This year, I have been walking 5 miles per day and trotting some of it. Hope it will be a pretty day. Can’t wait. Oh wow, I just sounded like you. I take a stretch and balance class at the senior center and it helps. I fall a lot because sometimes I loose my balance and this class has really helped me. Looks like you are a busy lady at school. Have a great Tuesday.

  16. 22

    Yep. Schedule them every week to help me fit them in…and to help Peter know when he needs to be available for the kids. ;)

  17. 24

    I do Barre classes in Houston. I like it but don’t love it. I think it’s a nice way to change it up, but I don’t think it’s a cardio workout. People who go very often see the most toning benefits. But I still feel like I need some cardio.

  18. 25

    I do like to schedule my workouts for the week, or at least have a general idea of what I am going to do. As you know, especially with school, I like to feel on top of my schedule going into the week! I’ll be interested to see what you think of the Pure Barre class…!

  19. 26

    I’m kosher about running everyday at lunch -I consider that on “schedule”
    (I just eat lunch while I’m working)
    In addition, I try to stay on track with my Trainor 2 days a week, to tighten and tone everything else…

    But while I’m on vacation, and off schedule, I try to workout as much as I can…since I consider that the funnest part of being “off schedule” and on “vacation”
    (well, until 5 o’clock hits! Woo-Hoo!! :-)

    Looking forward to hearing about Pure Barre!

  20. 27

    Thanks for the tip about free classes at Franklin St. on Monday! One of my resolutions is to do yoga at least once a month (since another resolution is to save $; otherwise it’d be more frequent), so this sounds like the perfect way to get in a class this month.

  21. 29

    I’ve been scheduling my workouts on my blog on Sundays for a week or two now and I really like how it keeps me accountable and motivated to get them done. But I just schedule a workout for each day, I don’t schedule the time or anything. It might be a good idea to start.

    • 30

      Different scheduling approaches work for everyone, but for me, if I don’t put a specific (or at least general window) of time, it’s way less likely to happen/get fit in!

  22. 31

    Hmm maybe I should start scheduling my workouts.. I might go more often that way. Good idea.

  23. 32

    I love our random 4.4 mile runs :) I also love that we wrote about the same thing today – scheduling workouts! xoxo

  24. 33

    Im such a work out schedular too! Im pretty lame on weeknights but with David gone I get more day workouts in! MWF – Strength/Weight TTH- Cardio (usually running) buuut I have gotten addicted to Zumba now soooo its replacing Cardio once a week. Im the same for weekends: plan a fun hike/bike/etc orrrr MORE ZUMBA. Trying to mix it up for 2012…adding Bikram back once a week and might try a boxing type club a guy friend goes too. Sometimes you just need to hit something! I wish we had lots of fun CLOSE stuff like you do in NC!

  25. 35

    I am trying to get back into the habit of scheduling workouts. When I have a yoga class or a dance class I always make it so I figure the same thing can apply to a walk or a gym workout. I can’t wait to hear about your Pure Barre experience!

  26. 36

    Anne: As I always says…You are in action always!!! hahaha, but yes, you’re right. The only way to do something is organize our schedule. I started with my treadmill, 30 minutes per day at 5:30am…. for now. Byeeee

  27. 38

    I will usually think about them Sunday night and how I am going to do them. I am doing the BodyRock 2012 Challenge, so they are already scheduled (which I love) and then I am scheduling some runs durning the week. When I finish a workout I put it on my blog so that I can hold myself accountable!

    4.4! A run is a run is a run! :)

    Have a great night!

  28. 39

    I don’t put workouts in my calendar, but I do look at my week to see which days I’ll be busier, which helps me plan which days I really need to work out so I get enough days in. Then I’ll divvy up the days ahead of time between cardio, strength, etc.

  29. 40

    Aww I thought the yoga place was in DC, and I got really excited about free classes :(

  30. 41

    I made a calendar starting this Jan that I keep at my desk with my daily workouts on it. Since I work out in the morning before work, each day I come in and check off what I did. I included a goal and a reward at the end of the month…so far so good!!! Trying it out this month and hoping to continue into Feb, etc! Writing out a plan definitely helps!

  31. 43

    Wow, I feel like a slacker after reading your daily schedule LOL! Since I completed my half marathon last September, I’ve been trying to do something at least every other day, but a lot of times it’s only for 30 minutes (running or strength training). You have inspired me to up my workouts, especially since I’m going to start training for this bad boy soon:

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