Another amazing lunch was had at work today courtesy of the depths of my fridge and the powers of Tupperware!



Leftover baked tofu, Santa Fe style brown rice, sliced zucchini, red peppers, avocado, and TONS of salsa, all on top of a lovely bed of kale. Mmmmmm mmmmm good!


I love throwing half my fridge into a Tupperware and calling it lunch.

I also enjoyed some nonfat plain Greek yogurt (duh), mixed with some 2% cottage cheese and topped with a juicy pear and some cinnamon. Love.



Afternoon snack was a handy individually wrapped Homemade Granola Bar (click for the new recipe page)! I can’t get enough of these things. :)


I’m off to meet a friend for dinner. Lebanese… mmm… don’t worry I’ll be taking photos!! What’s your favorite Lebanese dish? I’m partial to hummus, tabouli, and falafel. :)

Have a good one!


  1. 1

    I don’t even think I’d know a Lebanese dish if it hit me on the head

  2. 2

    ooooh yummy! Have fun at dinner :)

  3. 3

    That salad looks incredible!! I love adding anything I can find into my salad. Always turns out amazing!

    Hmm, never had Lebanese but I’ve heard its good! Can’t wait to hear about it. Enjoy!

  4. 4

    I’m definitely into the leftover lunch thing, myself. There’s plenty of crazy combos, but they work most of the time. Yumm!

  5. 5

    yummy have fun at dinner!! where are you going? i’ve heard wonders about lebanese taverna but i’ve never been. me jana in courthouse is amazing :)

    You’ll see… :) Those places are awesome, but I like the place I went last night even better – it’s my favorite in the area – delicious AND super cheap!! Me Jana is great but SO expensive! -Anne

  6. 6

    Good looking lunch girlie!!! I’ve never thought of mixing yogurt and cottage cheese.

    It’s delicious… try it! :) -Anne

  7. 7


    Are you going to Lebanese Taverna? That’s my favorite restaurant in the DC area.

    No, we went somewhere else – although I like Lebanese Taverna, too! I’ll post about where I went later this morning :) -Anne

  8. 8

    Love falafel, love hummus, love chicken shwarma, garlic chicken, shish twouk, love kibbee, love fatyrs,love grape leaves…could go on and on.
    Lebanese food-so goooood!

  9. 9

    Love the new recipe page! And yes, I cannot get enough of hummus, tabboleh, and tziki (the cucumber/yogurt sauce)

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