Greek Yogurt for Champions GIVEAWAY!

Aaaaaaaaand I’m back! Are you ready for a fun new giveaway?? :)

Chobani, one of my fave Greek yogurt brands, just came out with a new line of kid’s 2% blended Greek yogurt products called “Chobani Champions,” and they sent me some to review, since you’re never too old for fun yogurt. Love the bright packaging!


The yogurt comes in four different flavors: honeynana, veryberry, strawnana, and chocolate. Each yogurt cup is 4 oz., 110 calories, and they are sold in four packs of chocolate & honeynana and strawnana & veryberry.



They are already blended (e.g. not fruit on the bottom), don’t have any fake sweeteners or weird chemical stuff, and contain five live and active cultures. Yay!


There’s even a fun little football game on the inside of the packages ;)


I figured since it’s marketed for kids, I should have some kids help me review it, right?! I enlisted the help of the neighbor’s adorable kids (a couple of the ones I go sledding with, of course!), who were super excited to help out :)

Review of Chobani Champions Yogurt

by Caroline

Age 8


I really liked the Chobani Champions yogurt. My favorite was the strawnana flavor.  It smelled really good and tasted very banana-y. When I first tried it, I said “oohh, that’s good, I want another bite it’s so good.” All of the yogurt flavors were sweet and creamy. The chocolate flavor was so yummy I could just keep eating it. I definitely would like to have some more Chobani Champions yogurt. I would like my mom to pack it in my lunchbox!


Review of Chobani Champions Yogurt

by Nicholas

Age 10


The Chobani Champions yogurt was worthwhile trying. It had a very rich, dense flavor. It was kind of like a solid cream. My favorite flavor was the veryberry. It was very satisfying and filling. If I saw it in the store, I would buy it. I liked it better than other yogurt brands. Although I did think that Chobani Champions yogurt would be more something I would have as a snack than as a breakfast food.


Hehe aren’t they cute? I love my neighborhood :)

Obviously I tried the yogurt myself, too! I liked the honeynana flavor the best. It wasn’t too sweet and had a nice, non-weird/fake banana flavor. Yum!! I am totally going to buy these every once in awhile for something different :)

Want to win some Chobani Champions yogurt of your very own??

One lucky fANNEtastic food

reader will win a four-pack of the yogurt of their choice.

There are three ways to enter; each way will give you an additional entry, so you can do one, two, or all three!

Here are your entry options:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which Chobani Champions flavor you would most like to try.
  2. Tweet about this contest on Twitter (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood), and then leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you posted about it.

Unfortunately this contest is open to U.S. residents only. The contest will go until Monday, February 15th at 4:30 p.m. EST, when I’ll randomly select and announce the winner!

Good luck!! :)


  1. 1

    Yum! I love Chobani. My kids love it too. We split the pack from Sams. My oldest loves the peach, my middle one likes the strawberry and I get the blueberry (if the oldest didn’t beat me too them)

  2. 3

    YUM, I love Chobani! All of the Champions flavors look tasty, but I think I would most like to try strawnana. Thanks for your great blog! Keep it up!

  3. 4

    I LOVE Chobani, and although I’d love to give this to my daughter, I’d totally love to try the honeynana and the chocolate for myself!

  4. 5

    Hmm, probably honeynana. I LOVE the honey greek yogurt I have now. ^_^

  5. 6

    Aw this is so cute, Anne!! How adorable are they!? I am going with strawberry banana because this is one of my most favorite flavor combos!

  6. 7

    I just tweeted this giveaway (I’m Yummy_Sushi_Pjs on Twitter)

    That’s an awesome Twitter name, hehe. -Anne

  7. 8

    MM the honeynana sounds good! Probably great with some cinnamon granola :)

    Mmm… good idea! -Anne

  8. 9

    i think i’d like ot try the chocolate. my running buddy is addicted to chocolate greek yogurt. i honestly think it sounds kind of gross. i love greek yogurt. love chocolate, but can’t seem to understand how the two together would be tasty. anyway…. if i win, i’m thinking chocolate. no hurt if its free!
    thanks anne. hope you’re not going too stir crazy in DC. I moved from there in May and all my friends are going nuts in their homes right now.

    Haha yeah I know what you mean, but it was tasty! It’s kind of like chocolate pudding… tastes like it and texture wise, too. :) -Anne

  9. 10

    Awesome! I totally want to try the chocolate flavor! I love chocolate ANYTHING!!

  10. 11

    I’m tweeting about it also!

  11. 12

    I think I’d love to try the strawnana flavor :)

  12. 13

    These look awesome. I love the smaller size! 6 oz with some sort of mixin (granola!) is really a little too much for me. I really want to try the honeyanna and chocolate flavors.

  13. 14
    Jen Robinson says

    YAY for fun kid yogurt! I am now a huge fan of regular chobani yogurt so I’m sure i’d enjoy the kids version- especially if they have chocolate… i’m intrigued by chocolate greek yogurt :)

  14. 15

    I’d love to try the strawnana flavor. This is a great idea to get kids eating healthier! So many yogurts today are just jam packed with sugars.

  15. 16

    I love Chobani! The pomegranate flavor is my favorite. I think that these look great too! I would most like to try the Strawnana flavor – sounds fabulous!

  16. 17

    I would love to try honeynana! My 3 year old would probably love the chocolate!

  17. 18

    I tweeted also :)

  18. 19

    Yum! I would like to try strawnana — that sounds so yummy.

  19. 20

    i would love to try the strawnana. i wonder how the taste compares to the regular chobani 2% strawberry banana, which is delicious!

  20. 21

    YUM! I want to try the chocolate. It would be perfect for smoothies and baking.

  21. 22

    I would love to try the chocolate

  22. 23

    i’d totally go for the chocolate or the veryberry…they sound awesome :)

  23. 24

    Chocolate! All sound yummy, but I would love to be able to offer chocolate to my kids.

  24. 25

    Wow that yoghurt looks good! I wonder if they sell it in Australia anywhere – I don’t think I’ve come across it here….

  25. 26

    I’d love to try honeynana!!!

  26. 27
    Jared Wetmore says

    Would try them all if I could ever find them in RI ! My kids LOVEEEEE Yogurt, and Im sure they would eat these up !!!

  27. 28

    I would love to try the chocolate. My daughter is on a chocolate poptart kick for breakfast right now. I would love to kick that habit. I think this product would do it for her. What a great way to have your chocolate and get your calcium and protein too!

    Good idea!! No more poptarts! :) -Anne

  28. 29

    What a great giveaway and I love how you had the kids review it too!!! I bet my 9 year old son would love it!!!! I think he would love the chocolate flavor, and I would too!!!!

  29. 30

    I love Chobani. I would love to try the Strawnana

  30. 31


  31. 32

    VerryBerry yum

  32. 33

    I would love to try the NEW chocolate Chobani Flavor!! I havent been able to try chobani before, but I am sure I would love the chocolate!! :)

  33. 34

    Wow, these flavors sound awesome!! How am I supposed to make a decision here?? Gosh…well probably Honeynana or chocolate or no wait, veryberry!!! Great ingredients & nutritional value btw! Chobani is by far my favorite Greek yogurt!

  34. 35

    I would love to try the veryberry flavor! So exciting that they are coming out with a kids product! Tweeted this as well. :)

  35. 36

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!

  36. 37

    Yummy! My kiddos and I would want to try the chocolate flavor!

  37. 38

    I have THE pickiest 3 year old EVER. About the only thing that we can agree upon come snack time, is Yogurt. The child loves him some yogurt. I love Chobani myself, so I don’t feel so bad about giving it to him when he wants to snack (and believe me, that’s all he does). I think he would flip for the Chocolate. Hmm. Maybe the HoneyNana. I have a feeling that he would flip for all four!! = )

  38. 39

    I honestly want to try to chocolate, haha. But the verryberry sounds really good too! My current favorite is peach =)

  39. 40

    I just found your blog from Chobani’s facebook page! I live in Northern VA, so cool to find a blog for someone into healthy eating & living closer to me!

    These new flavors are awesome…I want to try the chocolate! Yum

  40. 41

    These look like fun flavors! I’d love to try both the honeynana and the chocolate flavors. I love Chobani–didn’t know they had it at Sam’s but just saw that in another comment–yay!
    Now I’m off to tweet about the contest!

  41. 42

    I would totally try the honeynana and the chocolate…for me!

  42. 43

    Link has been tweeted (I’m murfra on twitter)!

  43. 44

    Honeynana for sure considering that’s what I normally put into my yogurt!

  44. 45

    We love Chobani! Strawnana would be great to try.

  45. 46

    Bah at not being a US resident (one day I hope to be!!) – if I was, I’d go banana – I’ve tried banana flavour yogurts before and they’re horrid, so I’d love to see if that flavour is as good as you say!

  46. 47

    Would love to try the chocolate flavor – not for any kiddos, just for me! =)

  47. 48

    Strawnanna sounds like the perfect flavor for my 2 year old. He’s already addicted to the original Chobanis. Glad to see there’s now special ones for kids! : )

  48. 49

    I would love love love the honeynana or however you say it

  49. 50

    i’d love to try the chocolate flavor :)

  50. 51

    mmmm honeynana sounds delish!!

  51. 52

    Honeynana, please!

  52. 53

    Honeynana or Chocolate are my picks – thank you!

    – Hillary [don’t miss my GIVEAWAY!]

  53. 54

    Definitely chocolate.

  54. 55

    I want to try the honeynana flavor!

  55. 56

    Chobani=Best Greek Yogurt :)
    I would love to try the chocolate :) I am an anti-banana girl, so my hubby would definitely get the nana flavor attached!

  56. 57

    I love Chobani!! The Honeynana sounds like it would be delicious with some crumbled graham crackers or in my oatmeal.

  57. 58

    I love Chobani! They have to be my favorite brand. I would love to try the chocolate flavor because I love anything chocolate.

  58. 59

    I’d love to try the chocolate flavor. Yum!

  59. 60

    I’m a big fan of Chobani! I’m thinking veryberry; although I’m CURIOUS about the chocolate though…. yogurt + chocolate?

  60. 61

    oh YUM!

    honeynana or chocolate honeynana or chocolate… maybe both? together?

    i’m gonna go out on a limb and guess this is a little better for kids than “gogurt”!?!?!?

    thanks for the sweet giveaway!!

    Haha, yeah. Gogurt scares me!! -Anne

  61. 62

    I want to try the chocolate! I think in a smoothie it could be really good!

  62. 63

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  63. 64

    Chocolate yogurt sounds interesting – I would love to try it. And Monday is my birthday – it would be a real treat to win!!!!

    Happy early birthday!! :) -Anne

  64. 65

    I would love to try the honeynana or the chocolate. Both, really! :) Can’t wait to find them in the stores – I’m not a fan of fruit on the bottom!

  65. 66

    I linked tonight!

  66. 67

    Are they selling them in the DC area? they look delicious! I am intrigued by honeynana.

  67. 68

    OMG, DYING to try these. I think the honeynana is calling my name the most.

  68. 69


  69. 70

    I’m participating in a contest!

    I’ve never really liked yogurt, but have started eating Greek yogurt and absolutely love it. I’d like to try the veryberry.

    (I had to check back like 4 times to remember the flavor choices :) )

  70. 71

    They all look so good! If I had to pick one I think I would have to go with the chocolate!

  71. 72

    Awesome giveaway Anne! I wold love to try them all, but especially the honeynana. Noms all around!

    NOM NOM NOM!!! :) -Anne

  72. 73

    I would have to say chocolate!!

  73. 74

    I love chobani!! I would love to try the chocolate flavor, because Im really curious how it tastes. Plus its very healthy.
    thank u

  74. 75

    The honeynana flavor sounds really good! :)
    Super cute pics of the kids eating the Chobani!


  75. 76

    Love Greek yogurt! I’d love to try the honeyana. :)

  76. 77
  77. 78

    These all sound delicious, but I think I am most curious about the honeynana- sounds delicious!

  78. 79

    Definitely the chocolate with some of my homemade granola! :)

  79. 80

    The chocolate flavor would be interesting to try!

  80. 81

    That is too cool!! They definitely need a kid’s yogurt that’s actually GOOD for them!!!

    I’d love to try the honeyana.. yum!

  81. 82

    Strawnana for me, please!

  82. 83

    I twitted the champion chobani offer on this page!

  83. 84

    I think the chocolate chobani would be a great flavor to try! Must kids love chocolate and why not in a yogurt too!

  84. 85

    I posted a Blog on my sparkpage with a link to this site, telling others to come enter to win this awesome stuff!

  85. 86

    I would most like to try honeynana, those look amazing!

  86. 87
  87. 88

    We LOVE the peach and blueberry flavors at our house. It is an after school snack that is asked for everyday :)

  88. 89

    I want to try the chocolate.

    Is this available in stores? I’ve never seen it before.

    It JUST came out, like literally a few weeks ago I believe. So it’s rolling out… but hasn’t reached everywhere yet. I haven’t seen it around here yet, either! -Anne

  89. 90

    I would love to try the chocolate but really any of them would be great. I love this yogurt brand!

  90. 91

    I retweeted this for another chance to win

  91. 92

    I’ve never found a yogurt I like and would really love to find something super yummy! I think the chocolate sounds amazing. I blogged about the giveaway here… And I’m tweeting…. right now.

  92. 93

    The Honeynana sounds wonderful. I would love to try them.

  93. 94

    Mmmm These look so fun and delicious! I would live to try the chocolate flavor!

  94. 95

    i would LOVE to try honeynana… two of my favorite flavors in one yogurt!! awesome!!

  95. 96

    The honeynana flavor sounds really yummy, good thing it comes with the chocolate flavor because that sounds really yummy too! ;)

  96. 97

    honeynana sounds great- maybe with some peanut butter too?

  97. 98

    Oh, I am so up for some chocolate Chobani! Greek yogurt has the neatest texture. I think we ought to restrict it to the adult table, hehe.

    Heh, me too ;) All for us!!!! -Anne

  98. 99

    I’d love to try the honeynana! Great product!

  99. 100

    They all sound great, but I would to try the honeynana for sure!

  100. 101

    I would love to try the HoneyNana.

  101. 102

    My son is 8 and would LOVE a chocolate flavored yogurt!!

  102. 103

    I’d love to try honeynana! Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. 104

    honeynana! I love the cute names! So fun :)

  104. 105

    I want to try all of the flavors! Especially VeryBerry!

  105. 106

    Wow, they all sound so good and the packaging is really cute! I think I would like to try VeryBerry.

  106. 107

    honeynana sounds great!!!

  107. 108

    Wow, those look awesome!

    I can’t decide between VeryBerry and Chocolate!

  108. 109

    I’d love to try the Honeynana!

  109. 110

    I don’t have Twitter :(

    But I did blog about your giveaway here! :)

  110. 111

    ooohhh the honeynana flavor sounds delicious! would love to win!

  111. 112

    So cool! I found like to try the strawnana because that flavor tastes so fake a lot of times!

  112. 113

    Oh nom! I would most like to try the chocolate. Clearly :) I love Chobani!

  113. 114

    I wanna try Honeynana! VeryBerry also looks appetizing.

    You know, as far as yogurts go – Chobani is the best I’ve found. Not only are probiotics CRITICAL to supporting your immune system throughout the year, but the high protein content and the fact that Chobani does NOT use artificial sweeteners makes Chobani my pick on a daily basis.

    And for those of you wondering: I do not work for Chobani. I am just pleased that a product is available to all of us that isn’t packed with artificial junk.

    Hear hear!! -Anne

  114. 115

    Oh chocolate sounds good – I would love to try it frozen w/ chocolate chips!

  115. 116

    Definitely chocolate!

  116. 117
    Jen Robinson says

    I tweeted it! I am becoming a master re-tweeter person. sweet.

  117. 118

    Chocolate, all the way!

  118. 119

    I would love to taste the chocolate one!

  119. 120
    Macrae Carreker says

    MMmmmmm! The stawnana would probably be my favorite!

  120. 121

    MMmmmm :)
    They all look so delicious!
    Being the ‘berry’ absorbed yogurt-girl that I am,
    I would probably LOVE the veryberry! :DD

  121. 122

    i wanna try the honeynana!

  122. 123

    I want to try the chocolate!

  123. 124
  124. 125

    Honeynana sounds yummy!!!

  125. 126

    This is terrific, and I love the neighbor kids. Well done! Strawnana, please! Blue Skies –

  126. 127

    I’d love to try the strawnana flavor!

  127. 128

    the honeynana looks delicious, that’s definitely the one I want to try! love the fun packaging as well :)

  128. 129

    chocolate or honeybanana!

  129. 130

    tweeted! @carrothead

  130. 131

    I would love to try the strawnana!! looks delicious!

  131. 132

    First off, I just wanted to say that I love your blog (I’m usually one of your anonymous readers!), and that your photographs are amazing!
    Also, I’d love to try the straight up Chocolate flavor, although they all look delicious!

  132. 133

    How fun!! I hadn’t seen these yet!!

  133. 134

    i would love to try this!!!!


  134. 135

    i just saw these new flavors online the other day! i can’t find them near me yet, but i’d love to try the chocolate!

  135. 136

    I would love to try the very berry flavor! I just started eating greek yogurt, and i love trying new kinds!

  136. 137

    I’m pretty sure my kid would freak for the chocolate flavor…can we say ice cream replacement??? YUM.

  137. 138

    I would love to try the honeynana – that flavor sounds so yummy! And, what a great way to get kids to eat more healthy options.

  138. 139

    And, I tweeted about the giveaway for another chance to win!

  139. 140

    My kids and I enjoy this yogurt. Its the 1st yogurt i gave my son, so that he would like this instead of the other popular brands that have some of the crap stuff in them. Our grocery store doesent carry this product any more, so i got a special order form to see if they would get it for me. I was looking it up and found your site. I have hope i can get, knowing they still make it.


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