Packed Lunch Makes a Return & Race Photos!

Morning friends!

It’s back to the daily grind over here. But the end is in sight — today is the last day of fall classes!! Our first exam (public health nutrition management) is on Friday, biochem (!) is on Saturday, and medical nutrition therapy is on Tuesday. Busy week ahead! I’m feeling better about things though because I amazingly had wi-fi (for only $5) on my flight out to Vegas on Friday — it was a 5 hour flight and I was able to bang out not one but two big assignments due this week! Total win.

Anyway, I had class yesterday morning and had plans to stay at school all day to study with classmates, so I packed a quick lunch, as per usual.


On Monday night when I got home from Vegas, my stomach was hurting and not very happy with me after the weekend of indulgence, travel, weird sleep patterns, and a half marathon. All I wanted was something super simple and healthy, so I threw together a meal from the slim pickings in the pantry and freezer. I took some 90 second brown/wild rice, cannellini beans, and frozen peas, topped them with marinara sauce, and called it dinner. It was surprisingly good! I had one serving left over, so I saved it for lunch yesterday.


I added some spinach in, too — I had a bag that was on its last legs. I microwaved it for a minute and it was ready to go! I love microwaving spinach — it gets so tiny you can pack in a TON of nutrition for not much volume.


This was literally half a bag of spinach.


To enjoy with my random rice/bean mess, I packed a Chobani lemon yogurt:


Plus some clementines… the only fruit I currently have in the house. Must go grocery shopping!


All together now!


I also snacked on some unpictured almonds that live in my backpack “in case of emergency.” :)

In other news, official Vegas half marathon race photos have been posted! They are… subpar. Here are the only two decent ones:


The one on the left would have been super cute if Meghann were paying attention! We’re bummed they didn’t get a shot of us all finishing together, either. The pic below is as close as they got — see us right under the clock? :) Oh, well — I guess that’s what happens in crowded races!


I wore my race shirt to school yesterday. It’s a nice tech material — love it! I love that races are doing women’s sizes now, too. No more massive race t-shirts!


Excuse the awkward smile. That was about my 10th attempt to actually get myself in the frame of the picture.

I’m off for another busy day — class from 9 until 2, then studying biochem with a classmate, and then heading briefly to our nutrition department holiday party at 5!

Hope your weeks are going well!


  1. 1

    Good luck on exams!

  2. 2

    Tis the season for exams…..! All the best on yours :D

  3. 4

    Best of luck with the exams!

    And I’m still waiting for a race to offer female sized race shirts! I have two very large ones (which fit my dad, but I hold on to them anyways for sentimental sake!) and one very tiny one (which was supposed to be female sized, but is more kid sized…haha.)

    Your packed lunch looks wonderful!! :D

  4. 5

    Good luck with the exams! Love the race photos! I also love random messes, that turn out amazingly tasty!

  5. 6

    I’ve got a Lemon Chobani in my lunch for today as well. :) Definitely my favorite flavor.

    Good luck with your upcoming whirlwind!

  6. 8

    Good luck with exams! What airline had $5 wifi? I do a lot of cross country flying, but never seem to end up on a flight with wifi.

    • 9

      Southwest! Only some of the flights have it, though – we didn’t have it on my flight home :( I hope someday soon ALL airplanes will have wi-fi!

  7. 10

    Great picture of you with your hair pulled back!!!! Good luck with exams.

  8. 11

    I love spinach too! It goes so well in so many different things like pastas, salads, meat loafs, casseroles.
    Good luck with your last day of class. It’ll be nice to get some time off for the holidays!

  9. 12

    I found you three in the upper right corner finishing together. And Ohhh, you look adorable with short hair, I know you have it pulled back, but you would look like a little pixie with it short. I likeeeee it.

  10. 16

    Great Marathon photos :-)
    Good luck on your Exams!

  11. 17

    Good luck on exams! I feel u on needin fresh and healthy foods oh my!! Check out nancy by the way I think u would love her

  12. 18

    Literally cannot wait to try the lemon flavor. All I can think about.

  13. 20

    I love it when I get good race photos, but it’s rare for me, I need to work on my skills!

  14. 21

    Does that clock say 2:00? You girls did great or should I say, FANNEtastic!! I was back behind you an hour or so, but finished!!

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