Farewell 2016!

Good morning, my friends, and happy 2017! Matt and I had a really fun weekend saying farewell to 2016, and I hope you guys did too!

We spent Friday and Saturday nights at different locations. Our first stop, on Friday, was the gorgeous Inn at Little Washington.

inn at little washington

The Inn at Little Washington boasts one of the best restaurants in the greater DC area – and the Inn itself is one of the most lovely. We’re extremely fortunate that my parents love going there and also love bringing us with them when they do. It’s one of our favorite treats to spend a night there with them, especially when the gorgeous Christmas decorations are still up!

inn at little washington champagne

inn at little washington christmas

view of the kitchen inn at little washington

christmas inn at little washington

As always, the food was absolutely phenomenal. There are a ton of courses but everything is small tastes, which I love – I’d way rather have a bunch of tastes of different things than one large dish. My favorite was probably the seared tuna – it was so tender and flavorful – but everything was amazing. Here are just a few of the eats!


inn at little washington dinner

The bottom right photo in the collage above was Matt’s dessert, a sorbet sampler – how cool is the presentation? Just like a paint palette!

I tried to eat really slowly and savor every bite – such a treat to be there again.

On Saturday morning, my dad and I got out for some fresh air in the form of a run! It was really cold (in the 20’s) but not windy at all, and the sun was out so it felt quite refreshing.

inn at little washington running

We ran about 3 miles on some VERY hilly country roads. Great way to start the last day of 2016! Also, check out this frozen water fountain back at the Inn!

frozen water fountain inn at little washington

We enjoyed a post-run breakfast before hitting the road! The Inn makes amazing yogurt – thick and creamy. It’s regular yogurt mixed with a little mascarpone and honey… mmmm. Plus granola and berries, and some scrambled eggs with salmon. And some black tea, which I drank a cup of and then changed my mind and got a cappuccino!

inn at little washington breakfast

A huge thank you to my parents for treating us to such a lovely night – we had the best time!

inn at little washington christmas

After breakfast Matt and I hit the road back to DC for a quick pit stop at home (for lunch – I had some leftover salad and bread – and to give Zara some love), and then headed back out on the road! This time our destination was the eastern shore of Maryland – St. Michael’s, MD, to be exact! Sunset from one of the bridges on the way:


Our friend Steve’s family has a place in St. Michael’s and he invited us out for NYE with another couple we’re friends with. Sounded good to us! We’ve been there a couple times before – once over the summer for a fun water sport filled adventure, and once for another NYE many years ago. Both were pre-blogging days – weird! :)

The six of us hung out at the house for a bit enjoying some bubbly before heading out to a late dinner in town at a cute spot called Bistro St. Michael’s.

bistro st michaels review

They had a price fix multiple course menu for NYE where you selected among a couple options for each course. We ordered some wine for all of us to share and enjoyed all the deliciousness that came after! Matt and I shared a bunch of the courses, so that’s why there’s so much in the collage. ;)

bistro st michaels dinner

For my main course I had the pork with squash and greens. It was delicious, but I was pretty full by this point so I ended up getting a to go box and saving it for later. Definitely ate more of it around 2 a.m. before going to bed. ;)

bistro st michael's dinner

Dessert = bread pudding. This was sooooo good – a few bites were perfect to cap off the night.

bistro st michaels dessert

The whole gang!

bistro st michaels new years eve

After dinner we headed back to the house for sweatpants, more bubbly, ball drop watching, and game playing. We played an amazing “would you rather” game where each person came up with a would you rather x or x scenario (as you can imagine, they got more ridiculous as the night went on) and everyone in the group had to choose one, then drink if they chose a different option from the person who came up with the question. It was so fun – I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard at some points!

When Matt and I woke up on Sunday around 10 a.m. (I know, amazing), we were the first ones up and the weather outside was amazing – clearly that called for a run! Short sleeve weather in January? So awesome.

running in st michaels

I didn’t bring my watch, but we probably did about 2 miles, doing some running and some walking, which was perfect. We weren’t looking for anything intense – just wanted to enjoy the weather and each other’s company and to stretch our legs!


When we got back from the run the others were stirring and we all threw a football around for awhile in the yard. The weather was too nice to not take advantage!

Before we hit the road, the six of us headed back to Bistro St. Michael’s for brunch! Yep, we went to the same place again – no shame. Steve and his girlfriend Clare said it was the best brunch spot – don’t mind if we do!

bistro st michaels brunch

I had the veggie frittata (with added avocado) plus a side salad and side of bacon (shared with Matt – unpictured) and one of their amazing biscuits with jam. Some of the others ordered side biscuits and when I tried one I knew it was worth getting one, too – I hadn’t had a biscuit that good since our North Carolina days! Yummmm.

Such a great farewell to 2016. Cheers to a new year and new adventures! Thanks for being here to live them with me. :)

How did you say farewell to 2016?


  1. 1

    Looks like you had a great time! That jacket in the Bistro pic is adorable!

  2. 3

    I have been dying to go to the Inn at Little Washington! So fun to see the pictures of some of their dishes!

  3. 5

    Love smaller bites too, to try it all! That sorbet arrangement is so neat. Sounds like the perfect NY’s to be able to ring it in in sweatpants :)

  4. 7
    Roadrunner says:

    Great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve weekend!

  5. 8

    My husband and I went to St. Michaels for a few very chill/quiet days after our wedding last February. It was PERFECT and we, too, went to the Bistro! Those oysters were amazing, right out of the bay.

  6. 10

    Such a nice weekend with the family! The running with dad part touches me as I used to do that a lot with my dad many years ago until he left the country. Happy new year!

  7. 11

    Looks like such a fabulous way to end 2016 and start 2017! I love all the delicious food pictures. Small plates are the way to go! I am just curious–you share so much of your life–and always have group pictures of your friends, but I’ve noticed you never share pictures with your parents. Why no group shot after your fancy dinner? Cheers to the New Year!

    • 12

      They prefer to remain anonymous so I respect their wishes!

      • 13

        Makes sense!! I trust they know about the blog though. I always wondered how that worked with family. I really want to start a blog, but I’D like to be the one that remained anonymous… hahaha :) Not sure how that would work, though!!

        • 14

          Haha yes they read every day! Def not anonymous on my side. :) Some people do anonymous blogs – you’d just not want to share anywhere they’d see it, of course!

  8. 15

    So many beautiful photos … and that sorbet sampler!!! I die! Wishing you an amazing 2017! xo

  9. 17
    christina says:

    We went to the Inn last year around Dec 29 and it was fabulous – food and decor. We ended up staying at the White Moose Inn down the road. It was tres chic and my stylistic dream (definitely more modern and less colonial). I hope to go back in the summer sometime, as they have a beautiful porch and outdoor space! Happy New Year

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