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Hi friends! Happy April Fools Day! No pranks over here, but I always love reading April fools blog pranks. My friend Caitlin always does the best ones! :) Also, HOORAY for April! I feel like it’s seriously spring now, and the weather agrees. Such a gorgeous day already!

georgetown early morning

Anyway! I have all sorts of random stuff to share today, so let’s get to it!

1) I came up with an awesome and super quick but healthy dinner last night using only freezer and pantry items.


I was in the mood for something really fast and easy, so I dug three things out of the freezer: a frozen quinoa and vegetables mix (for carbs/veg – it’s plain, with nothing added to it but the quinoa and veggies), frozen peas (to amp up the veggie action), and frozen shrimp (for protein). I cooked the frozen shrimp in a pan with some oil until they were cooked, then added about half the package of frozen peas, sautéed them quickly until soft, and then dumped in the entire (already microwave steamed for 3 minutes) quinoa/veggie mix.


I added some soy sauce and a little chili garlic sauce, stirred, and dinner was ready. From freezer to plate in less than 10 minutes. Boom! Now that’s my kind of cooking. ;)


This was so surprisingly delicious, too. I love having easy meal ideas like this that don’t involve having a ton of fresh food around or following a real recipe. Great for empty fridge days when you haven’t been to the store in awhile, or when you don’t feel like cooking but still want something healthy, hot, and satisfying. I’m definitely going to buy more of the quinoa/veggie mix (I picked it up at Whole Foods) to have this again in the future!

Pretty close up pic:


And actual realistic how I really ate it pic. ;)


Matt was working super late so I ate in front of the TV – I’ve gotten completely addicted to “Hart of Dixie” on Netflix – it’s pretty silly but cute and really addictive. ;) Guilty pleasure!

2) I reactivated my ClassPass membership now that I’m actually in town again for awhile! I’m in the mood to mix it up in terms of workouts, and my buddy Chelsea has been approved for low impact exercise (she had foot surgery a few months ago), so we decided to hit up a 6:30 a.m. barre class this morning at Barre3 in Georgetown via ClassPass. Love how easy ClassPass makes it to do friend workout dates!

barre3 georgetown reviews

Barre isn’t my favorite form of studio workout (you guys know I love high energy boot camps the most), but it’s always good to mix it up, and I actually enjoyed this morning’s class more than I have barre in the past – maybe because I went in knowing there would be strength/burn but not to expect cardio? The studio was beautiful, too, and everyone was really friendly and welcoming but low key – not intimidating at all. Def recommend checking out Barre3 if you’re a barre fan!

barre3 georgetown review

I want to start doing barre more because it’s so good for strengthening muscles that help with running. In barre classes I always realize, oh, hi, apparently I never use ___ muscles because I’m dying right now. Burns so good!! Thanks for getting me out there this morning, Chelsea! :)

barre3 georgetown

Now that Chelsea is able to work out again (in a month she should be back to high impact stuff, too), we have all sorts of ideas for classes we’re going to try together – it will be good motivation for me to really mix it up! Happy to have my workout buddy back. :) Any recommendations for DC or Arlington studios/workouts we should absolutely try that are on ClassPass? (Also, FYI, if you’re in DC and want to try ClassPass, here is my affiliate link to get a $10 trial for your first week (be sure to use this link, not the link above). Insane deal, and a nice low risk way to give it a shot! Just be sure to email them to cancel if you don’t want to automatically continue the membership.)

3) Don’t feel bad about leaving food on your plate – I always tell my AnneTheRD clients that food is only wasted if you eat it and don’t want it/enjoy it. Clean Plate Club no longer!


The above picture is what I left on my plate this morning – just two bites, basically, and I know a lot of my clients struggle with just leaving a tiny bit on the plate – it’s so tempting to just finish it even if you’re full/done/don’t want any more. Again – just remind yourself that the only way it’s being wasted is if you eat it and don’t want it! Save it for later, even if it’s just a bite – it will make a good snack! Or, if you’re out/can’t save it, toss it with no regrets. (This was my fave Flour Free High Protein Breakfast Pancake, btw. Yum!)


4) One simple change I made lately that has improved my health/sanity: I no longer charge my cell phone right by the bed/on the nightstand.

I was getting into the bad habit of always checking my emails right before I went to bed, and right after I woke up. This did absolutely nothing but a) make it harder for me to fall asleep, and b) stress me out immediately after waking up. So, I finally took action and moved my cell phone into the hallway, so I can still hear the alarm, but can’t look at it while in bed. I’ve also been making a big effort to read books before bed again – such a nice way to wind down. Right now I’m reading “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” by comedian Mindy Kaling (of The Office fame). So far it’s funny and a nice light read!

Another cell phone-related sanity tip that I implemented years ago: turn off ALL your pop up notifications. It drove me INSANE to constantly get notified when I had a new email, or Instagram like, or whatever. Turning all of them off (the only ones I still get are obviously if I have an incoming phone call, or if I get a text message) was the best idea ever, and so helpful for not feeling like I always needed to be doing something/responding immediately/chained to my phone. It will be there when you get to it. It’s okay. Don’t allow your phone to constantly interrupt your life!

What’s one simple change you’ve made lately to improve your health/sanity?


  1. 1

    I struggle with not finishing my plate. I need to get smaller plates!

  2. 2

    It’s funny I can leave anything when I’m eating out but if I’m at home, not a chance! Which is weird as it should be the other way round I guess? I try to give myself smaller portions and reassess my hunger once I’ve finished which seems to work. Dinner looks delicious, did you eat everything? Just curious.

  3. 6

    I should turn off notifications…. some facebook groups I’m in people post multiple times a day and it doesnt even pertain to me half the time. I’m definitely checking out the quinoa veggie mix from whole foods next time- I love quick and effortless meals. Great suggestions, thanks!

  4. 7
    Shannon Varroney says

    Revolve, the cycling studio in Clarendon, is such a great workout. Spin class can be so dull but Revolve is anything but – instructors are high energy and the music selection is perfect! Time totally flies!

  5. 10

    I totally agree with keeping the phone off the nightstand….it’s too easy to waste time on it. Emails, notifications, social media can all wait!

  6. 11
    Margaret Wakelee says

    Hart of Dixie is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows. After watching the series finale, I went back to rewatch the ones on Netflix. Also, Mindy Kaling is awesome. I love that book.

  7. 12

    I have been thinking about moving my cell phone as well. I was reading an article about how picking up your cell phone when trying to sleep affects your melatonin production. I’m mostly guilty of getting on social media when I can’t sleep, especially instagram.

  8. 13
    Roadrunner says

    Great advice on leaving food on the plate — and on ditching the cell phone well before bed!

  9. 14

    A few months ago I set the goal for myself to break the habit of checking my email in bed. I physically moved my phone away from my bed to charge and turned to reading as well. It’s so much better!

  10. 15

    Great idea to move your phone! I think I need to start doing that. I loved our class this morning!! I’m going to check out next week’s classes now :)

  11. 16
    Grace Gillis says

    Love the phone idea! I started putting my phone on silent before bed and it has helped so much already, but I should really just put it away completely. I’m definitely guilty of checking social media before sleep. Also have you tried the frozen Superfood Pilaf from Trader Joe’s? Its quinoa, sweet potatoes, kale, carrots, peppers, and other great stuff and only takes a few minutes to heat up!

  12. 18

    I love Mindy’s book! I read it a while ago and I really liked her humor and writing style. I recently started drinking a glass of water every morning, and it’s helped me start the day in a healthy way! This week I also started adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. I don’t know if it’s changing anything yet, but I’m getting used to the taste very slowly! We’ll see what kind of benefits I get (if any) pretty soon :)

  13. 19

    I think my dogs would appreciate it if I left food on my plate because they’d get the last bites!
    I’ve made it a habit to not check email after about 7pm, and now I’m working on not checking first thing in the AM. I get side-tracked way too easily!

  14. 20

    I just did that with notifications on my phone a few weeks ago and it has been so much nicer not getting random notifications all the time! A few years ago I started sleeping with my phone downstairs in our kitchen as late night texts, etc. would wake me up. I sleep SO much better without it being in my room. My husband’s alarm wakes him up and him getting up/showering wakes me up so it’s a lot nicer way to wake up in the morning.

  15. 21

    I dont have a problem putting my phone away when I go to sleep bc Im usually ready to pass out anyway. I love looking at it first thing in the morning though bc it’s like Christmas to me and I can see what emails and notifications I have. So it’s not a problem for me yet, but if it ever becomes one I will just charge it further away from me.

  16. 22

    I have really become much better with my phone at night. The morning is a little bit tougher, but I have read so many studies that it improves your health to not do it first thing!

  17. 23

    I love this post, especially the insight on moving your phone away from your bed. I definitely have to start doing that!

    Something I’ve started doing recently to stay sane is meditating first thing in the morning. Likewise, I’m reading before bed lately–currently on Frankenstein!

  18. 24

    I struggled with the same thoughts about barre workouts originally too. If you are looking for the same barre techniques with a little bit of cardio to keep your heart rate up, try Xtend Barre. They try to incorporate cardio moves such as jumps and moving lunges into their routines. I know the one in Old Town Alexandria is on Class Pass and its a great studio. The downtown location might be as well.

  19. 27

    I have no problem with leaving a substantial amount on my plate, but I definitely struggle if it is just a few bites! It’s strange – you would think it would be the opposite, given the “waste not” mentality. I like the idea of using a tiny amount of leftovers as a snack – perfect morning run fuel!

  20. 30

    I love Heart of Dixie too! I used to record it during the week, then watch it on a Sunday morning while I had a lazy breakfast :) I need to get back into it actually!

    I’m becoming a big fan of only eating as much as you want from your plate. I still get some comments from people when I leave a bit (‘Don’t you like what I’ve cooked for you?’), but I’ve learnt what works for me.

    I’ve gone through a similar process of breaking my connection to my phone. When I get home, I leave my work phone in my handbag. Also, on both my phones, I have a setting in place where after 9pm I don’t get any notifications until 7am the next morning – except for phone calls from a custom list of people. Taking a break from technology is becoming more and more important to me … and my sanity!

  21. 34

    This kind of sounds silly, but I turned off my Pinterest notifications. Sigh of relief…

  22. 36

    I’d actually turned off most of my notifications a few years ago after talking about this with you but just turned off my FB ones too! I just have Twitter on now for work. Also my friend wrote an awesome piece about this the other day:

  23. 38

    One change I made recently was to stop watching Netflix while getting ready in the morning. I used to binge watch 20-min episodes of whatever while getting reading, and I noticed that not only was it leading me to take longer to get ready, but it also led to some mindless eating. Now I listen to the radio or music, and I find I’m much more in tune with how I’m feeling in the morning, and find myself more relaxed walking out the door (instead of scrambling to rush out on time).

  24. 40

    I love #3! My husband always feels the need to clear his plate, even if it causes him to be so full that he’s in pain. It drives me crazy :|

  25. 41

    BarreTech in Clarendon is on ClassPass and is great! They are smaller classes and a very no frills/down to earth studio. I just started there and love it!

  26. 43

    Great idea! I also turned off all my notifications except those and whatsapp. So annoying to get email and facebook notifications all the time- distracting! Excited to hear Mindy’s book is funny- I want to give it a try! Health/Sanity check things I try to do: 1 day per week with little or no coffee, and (unless it’s an emergency) no work at home, especially before bed. I try to keep before bed time for non-stressful things so that I end my day happy! :) Nearly finished Pillars of the Earth and I’m obsessed!! Can’t believe I didn’t read this earlier, it’s amazing!

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