Happy Belated 1st Birthday, fANNEtastic food!

OMG. I am so embarrassed.

I totally forgot my blog’s 1st birthday. Am I a horrible blog mom or what?!

It’s like in the amazing 80’s movie 16 Candles, when everyone forgets Sam’s birthday and she’s trying to give them hints all day long but nobody gets it.

All day on Saturday, my blog was clearly trying to tell me something, but I was too busy dreaming of Pacey and stalking the Leery’s house in Capeside to pay any attention.

I’m so sorry, little fANNEtastic food. Please accept this photo as compensation.

Oops, wrong guy.

Let’s try that again:

Ah. Much better.

Exactly 1 year and 3 days ago today, fANNEtastic food started with an introduction to my favorite tea mug. Little did I know what an adventure I was embarking on!

Tea Mug

Here are some of my very favorite posts to date:


Race Recaps:




Here’s to many more years of recipes, running, and adventures. :) Thanks for reading — I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride!


  1. 1

    Happy anniversary! Im sure your blog will forgive you :)

  2. 2

    happy 1 year to your blog! love it!

  3. 3

    I’ve never seen that movie, so the references are totally lost on me, but happy belated blogiversary!

  4. 4

    Aww happy blogiversary to the blog! I thought you’d been doing this much longer!
    Evan, you are so young!

  5. 5

    Happy anniversary! Milestones are best when doused in chocolate!

  6. 6

    Happy anniversary.

    BTW the one picture isn’t able to be seen on your blog. The one of I’m assuming Matt Dillon

  7. 7

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for putting up links to those posts, can’t wait to check em’ out. (And those pictures, more specifically, the third one lol).

  8. 8

    Happy Anniversary!

    Your snow posts were so fun to read! Seriously wish a foot of snow would drop down on us here in CA. I could use a few days of sledding and hot chocolate :)

  9. 9

    Happy Blog B-Day!!!! What an amazing year it has been!

  10. 10

    “Here’s looking at you kid”. Let’s all lift our glasses of wine and clink them together and through them in the fireplace. Happy Birthday fANNEtastic food blog.

  11. 11

    Haha, you were LEERING at the Leerys’ house! ;) Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    I, for one, am SO happy you started your blog. I love it!
    Happy Belated Birthday, fANNEtastic Food! May this year be filled with good luck, friendship, straight As, and of course fantastic food!

  12. 13

    Happy Birthday!! Love all the links to your posts since I haven’t known fanntastic anne for the whole year!

  13. 14

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love that movie!

  14. 15

    Happy Blogiversary!

  15. 16

    Happy Blogiversary! :)

  16. 17

    Happy to have found you this year. You are a fantastic read! :)

  17. 18

    Happy Blogiversary! :)

    I love reading your blog and can’t wait to hear more about your schooling.

  18. 19

    I love that you used sixteen candles as a reference, I love that movie so much! happy blog anniversary lady!

  19. 20

    What a great anniversary post!! Happy 1st! I’ll be just as cheesey next year i’m sure :-)

  20. 21

    Happy Birthday, FF! It’s an added delight to each of my days :)

  21. 22

    Happy blog anniversary/birthday Anne! Just wanted to say that I’ve been a reader for a while now, and you were one of many that inspired me to start my own blog! Keep on doin’ what you’re doing!! =)

  22. 24

    Happy Bloggiversary Anne!

  23. 25

    YAY! Happy Blog Birthday, love! This post is hilarious and adorable!

  24. 26

    Happy bday fANNEtastic food! Keep those stories and recipes coming!

  25. 27

    Happy Blogiversary! you just made me realize, I missed my one year! :( guess i’m a bad blog momma too! <3 you!

  26. 28

    Belated happy and fANNEtastic birthday! Your blog is truly creative and truly enjoyable. Thanks for all that you do to keep it that way!

  27. 29

    Happy birthday! :)

  28. 30

    Happy belated birthday to a rockin’ blog!!

  29. 31

    Yaaay! Happy birthday fANNEtastic food!! :)

  30. 32

    happy 1 year birthday fANNEtastic food!

  31. 33

    Happy blog birthday! Congrats on the beautiful blog that fANNEtastic food has become!

  32. 34

    Happy Blog anniversary! I love your blog and hope you keep writing fANNetastic posts! :)

  33. 35

    I love Molly Ringwald! Happy Blog Anniversary (Fannetastic ANNEiversary)!

  34. 36

    Have fun at your reunion and you are a young chic. Congrats on your grade. I just went to my 42nd reunion. Oh, I notice you are starting to talk like us, ya’ll.

  35. 37

    Happy blogiversary! I loved the “Sixteen Candles” references throughout! So glad to have met you this year!

  36. 38

    Happy blog birthday!!!

    A lot of people think my husband looks like Anthony Michael Hall! :)

  37. 39

    Awww! Happy Blogiversary! Yay!!!!!!!!!! Today marks my 4th month of blogging. :)

  38. 41

    Happy Blogiversary! Did you buy your blog a present??

  39. 43

    Congrats for moving up to round 4

  40. 44

    Happy Blogiversary! :-) Your blog is so successful – I wouldn’t have guessed that it was only a year old – WOW! :-)

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