Reebok CrossFit Games 2013 Weekend: Our Workouts!

Now that I’ve recapped what all the professional athletes were doing during the Reebok CrossFit Games (check out that recap if you missed it: Reebok CrossFit Games 2013), I wanted to share the workout adventures that we were lucky enough to enjoy while out in California!

yumi lee workout

On Saturday morning before heading to the Games, Reebok treated all of their media attendees to a WOD courtesy of Yumi Lee (in the middle below in purple), a celebrity trainer and co-owner of Reebok CrossFit LAB in Los Angeles.

yumi lee group shot

Sharing some love for the CrossFit Nano 3.0s courtesy of Reebok:

reebok crossfit nano 3.0

Yumi has trained Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Pink, Hugh Jackman, and more, and believes that there is no greater investment than the investment in one’s self – mind, body and soul. I would agree! :) Here I am with Yumi & Tina:

with yumi leeTina & I are wearing the Gradient Tank & Performance Capri courtesy of Reebok – loved them!

The workout was awesome and took place in the beautiful courtyard at the hotel where Reebok put us up for the weekend: The Belamar in Manhattan Beach. It was a great morning to be outside working out – I love southern California weather!

yumi lee workout 2

We started with a warm up of some stretches followed by step ups, squats, and pushups.

yumi lee workout pushup

yumi lee workout step up

yumi lee squat

And then moved on to our main workout, which was a Tabata-style workout with 3 stations: abs, kettle bell swings, and thrusters!


yumi lee workout stations

For each station, we did 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. That 10 seconds went by FAST, let me tell you! I started with abs, which was hard but nothing compared to the other two stations. :)

yumi lee abs

Next up was kettle bell swings! I was challenged to use a heavier kettle bell than I normally would because that was all they had on hand, and it was obviously really hard but I surprised myself by being able to do it! It’s so easy to get stuck in your routine at the gym and not try for anything harder – guess it’s time to challenge myself more!

yumi lee kettle bell swing

Last on my circuit was thrusters! Man these were rough. Again, I challenged myself – I had a 15 lb. weight in each hand, when I normally would have chosen 10 lb. weights. I was proud of myself for pushing through! If you’re not sure what a thruster is, it’s a deep squat with weights in your hands, and then when you stand back up you push the weights overhead. It’s an amazing total body workout move – try it!

yumi lee thrusters

After our workout, I asked Yumi if she would share a quick workout video for you guys – something that could be done in just 5 or 10 minutes but would still get your heart racing and body working. I love what she came up with – this would be so perfect for days when you really think you don’t have time to fit in a workout. You do – 5 or 10 minutes is way better than nothing, right? :) Check it out!

Yumi Lee 5 minute workout video

I took the video on my phone and realized next time that I should have taken it horizontally instead of vertically. Oh, well. You can still see her just fine. :)

The other cool opportunity for Reebok’s media guests was a workout experience on Sunday morning with Christmas Abbott, an avid CrossFitter and, most recently, a NASCAR pit crew member who changes tires during NASCAR races! How hardcore is that for a girl?!

christmas abbott

Christmas taught us all how to change a tire ourselves. I can’t imagine how hard this would be to do with the pressure of a competition – Christmas says she can change two tires in 14 seconds! Wow.

christmas abbott 2

christmas abbott changing tires

Once we had practiced the tire change, we got suited up and ready for a fun competition. The challenge, for time: 10 burpees, 5 tire flips (and after each tire flip, we hopped back through the tire), and then removing a tire! I was pitted against my friend Gina – bring it on, girl!

christmas abbott burpee

Do as I say, not as I do – my back should be flatter in the photo below – bad form! ;)

christmas abbott tire flip

Attempting to get the tire off!

nascar tire change

And finally, success! Gina totally kicked my butt – she is a seriously fast burpee-er! But to be fair, I had an equipment malfunction when trying to get the tire off – the spring that takes the bolts off the tire totally flew out of my gun. Oops! Christmas said that happens sometimes during a race and you just have to act fast to fix it!

nascar tire change success

If you want to see the competition in action, check out my Instagram page – I uploaded a video of us doing the competition over there! Click here to see it. :) You also get to hear just how loud the gun we used to remove the tires is – we all had earplugs in!

Here’s the whole gang with Christmas, post workout.

christmas abbott nascar

And with just the Reebok blogger ladies (I’m wearing the Reebok Strength is Beautiful Tank – love it and the message it sends!):

christmas abbott with bloggers

Christmas was SO sweet and all of us had the opportunity to interview her after the workout. I had read in her bio that she wasn’t always fit and healthy – apparently a couple years ago she made the decision to turn her life around. I asked her to talk more about her motivation for change – and what she would say to someone who thinks it’s too late. It’s a great interview – check it out for some inspiration!

Christmas Abbott Talks Getting Healthy & Fit


For the final workout of the weekend, Gina, Ericka, and I finished out our time in California with a nice run by the beach on Monday morning before heading off to the airport.




I’d never been to the Manhattan/Hermosa Beach area before – it was beautiful! Really cute (and I’m sure insanely expensive) houses lined a nice paved pedestrian only walking/running trail right next to the beach.

manhattan beach




We had fun checking out the scenery and chatting and the miles flew by. 5 miles – done and done! Great end to a great trip.


I want to say one more big thank you to Reebok for covering my CrossFit Games trip costs and outfitting me in their gear for the weekend. It was an honor to be out there representing them!

I’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone!


  1. 1

    wow, what fun!! it must have been a blast to hang out with a bunch of fit friends for a weekend.

  2. 2

    That looks so fun! I love kettlebell swings, but I know I could definitely increase the weight. I have this fear of letting go and it flying into someone!

  3. 3

    I love the video you posted from Yumi Lee. I will definitely be trying to do this each day during my short break at work.

  4. 4

    Random question..does the ab mat make it more challenging to do the sit ups ? Also are the green shorts you wore running Reebok? Love the style of them!

    • 5

      Yes, it does! The shorts are I think the only thing (besides my running shoes) in this post that are not Reebok – they are Oakley!

  5. 6

    i LOVE crossfit and NASCAR, i would’ve loved to learn how to change a tire! & the beach looks beautiful – reminds me that i should take more advantage of the beaches since i live in california, after all!

  6. 7

    These workouts sound like so much fun! I love outdoor workouts. I wish our midwestern weather cooperated more.

  7. 8

    That looks so fun! Haha I liked the NASCAR competition. I can’t imagine changing two tires in less than 20 seconds! Christmas looks so cool, and she has an awesome name

  8. 10

    This sounds like so much fun!

  9. 11

    wow, that top looks so much better on you that it does on Tina…is hers too small or something?

  10. 13

    This looks like such a fun weekend! I would love to spend every weekend working out with pros on a pretty beach :)

  11. 14
    Roadrunner says

    Wonderful weekend and great workouts! Well done –

  12. 15

    i watched the crossfit games on tv .. so inspiring seeing all the hard work and dedication all these athletes put in!

  13. 16

    Seriously, love that you had the opportunity to change a tire with Christmas! Who does that?! So awesome.

  14. 17

    I am a huge fan of kettlebell conditioning classes, and def want to try out CrossFit soon! Thanks for the awesome post, super inspiring :)

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