UGA Gymnastics & A 10 Mile Training Run!

What a fun weekend I had in Athens, GA with the grad school girls!


Lauren was an amazing host and our weekend was action-packed but relaxing, too.

On Friday night, we met up with Lauren’s boss, Jen, for dinner at a fun Mexican place.


We had a quick dinner and then headed off to the UGA women’s gymnastics meet!



Gymnastics is HUGE at UGA and we were so excited to see the team in action. The stadium was packed!


They opened the competition with indoor fireworks as the gymnastics team walked in! Amazing.




It was pretty epic.

The meet itself was really fun to watch, too! The girls are seriously good.





Check this out — insane, right?



I love watching gymnastics — especially since I was a gymnast when I was a kid. UGA won by 1 point — exciting!

After the gymnastics extravaganza, we got to check out Lauren’s new office in the sports nutrition department.


They have this awesome thing there called a “Bod Pod” that measures your body composition. We didn’t measure ours, but obviously took pictures in it. ;) It’s kind of like a mini space ship!



On Saturday morning, the girls and I all got ready for a long run! With the exception of Libby, who is doing yoga teacher training, we’re all runners and training for a race at the moment. I love traveling with other active people. :)


As you know, I’m currently training for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon, and we covered 10 miles on Saturday morning (a couple of the girls went on to do more since they are training for full marathons).

It was cold and very windy, but we made the most of it and it was nice to have a change of scenery for a long run! We ran all around UGA’s campus, through Athens, and even on some trails.



Total distance: 10 miles. Total time: 1:36:02. Average pace: 9:36.


  • Mile 1: 9:48
  • Mile 2: 10:04
  • Mile 3: 9:20
  • Mile 4: 9:29
  • Mile 5: 9:24
  • Mile 6: 9:31
  • Mile 7: 9:39
  • Mile 8: 9:42
  • Mile 9: 9:30
  • Mile 10: 9:33

Great run! It was SUPER hilly (and massively windy) the whole way so our pace wasn’t exactly the fastest (for us), but it’s all good. :) Hilly and windy training runs make less hilly and windy races feel that much better, right?


We’re on the road back to Chapel Hill now — I’ll be back tomorrow to share the rest of our weekend adventures — this post is getting to be a biiiiit too long. :)


Happy Sunday! :)

Did you guys get in a run this weekend? How’d it go?


  1. 1

    I was a gymnast too! UGA is SERIOUSLY amazing :) On a different note, your hair looks super cute in the pics from the meet!

    • 2

      Thanks! :) We had some time before dinner and all the other girls were doing their hair (I never usually do anything to mine… it’s so thick anything takes forever!), so I borrowed my friend’s straightener!

    • 3

      I was a gymnast as well! I did it up through high school (yep, quite a few high schools in my home state have gymnastics teams)… the only sport I’ve ever been decent at, haha. We live within a day’s drive of UGA and I’m determined to go to a meet down there someday. I miss gymnastics SOOOO much! Glad you all had a good trip, Anne!

  2. 4

    Your post made me home sick!! I miss Georgia! But one good think about Florida… It is warm. No excuse not to get out and get some exercise!

  3. 5

    Athens is such a cute little town, isn’t it? I live in Atlanta, about an hour and a half away and don’t make it over there as much as I should.

  4. 7

    I did a 10 mile training run in hilly, super windy conditions in 1:35. I feel like I was practically on your run with you.

    Except that I didn’t get to see amazing women’s collegiate gymnastics yesterday. Lucky!

  5. 9

    What fun. We are a family divided. Half of us UGA fans, the other GA.Tech fans.
    Athens is lovely town.

  6. 10

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your weekend in Athens! This makes me even more excited for my sister in law’s graduation this May! I just wish it was still gymnastics season!

  7. 11

    Wow! Really awesome. Great to see the support for the team there. And well done on the run! Good to see the serious training! Great work –

  8. 12

    That looks so cool! I used to do gymnastics when I was younger too :)

  9. 13

    Love girls weekends! Congrats on a great double digit run!

  10. 14

    Love this and you! In retrospect, we really should have gotten more pictures of our secret crush, the Arkansas gymnastics coach. FAIL!

  11. 16

    Fun weekend! I did 12 awesome miles this morning! Our pace was also 9:36 – perfect to enjoy the chilly weather and chit chat.

    I wish I was coordinated enough to do gymnastics (ok – and I was WAAAY too tall). Love watching gymnasts though – they amaze me!

  12. 18

    Ooo in one of my nutrition classes in grad school I got to be the “test subject” to use the bod pod! It was really neat. I had to be in a bathsuit and hair cap and be completely still — very neat experience if you ever have the opportunity. It’s the most accurate way to measure body composition!

    • 19

      No way – how cool! That’s funny you had to be in a bathing suit and a cap! I wish we could have tried it out but apparently it takes awhile to get warmed up/calibrated and such.

  13. 20

    I always wished I did gymnastics and loved to watch it on TV. Seeing it live sometime would be wicked!

  14. 22

    What a fun weekend! :) Looks like you guys had a great time!

  15. 23

    Ahh, what a fun girls weekend!! Your friends are all so adorable & stylish :)

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