Run Dates are the Best Dates

Run dates are my favorite dates – especially when it’s 50 and sunny!

Riese spent some time adventuring with her grandparents yesterday morning while Matt and I enjoyed a nice run date!

We did one of my absolute favorite routes that takes us on a lot of beautiful wooded roads. Love listening to the sounds of the creek as we run. 

I’m signed up for the Jingle All the Way 15k (eek) in DC and it kind of crept up on me… I just realized it’s in 2 weeks?! Yikes.

I’m not really feeling ready to run 9 miles, to be honest… but getting in a solid 6 miles yesterday felt good and the weather could not have been better – cold but sunny.

Matt and I are looking forward to a 5k turkey trot on Thursday, too! Who else is running a turkey trot this year?

Matt and I grabbed lattes when we were done, then met Riese and Matt’s parents in town for lunch at a spot called Cafe des Amis.

We’ve been there before and I really like their salads, so I got a nice big one. I was craving some greens! 

cafe des amis sewickley

I had some leftover Banana Zucchini Bread when we got home, too, because I needed more carbs in my life. ;) 

Matt’s dad made this for us the day before because we had a lot of super ripe bananas around! He used this recipe, but halved the sugar (so 1 cup instead of 2 cups), used walnuts instead of pecans, and added an extra banana (3 instead of 2).

It came out perfect – not too sweet! Riese loves it too. 

banana zucchini bread

Dinner on Monday night was taco night – always a favorite all around. 

taco night

The meat was ground turkey, but instead of cooking it in water + Mexican spices, Matt’s dad used beef broth + Mexican spices – it added some nice extra meaty flavor!

This really hit the spot – I went back for one more. 

taco night

We had two other yummy meals out this week – on Monday morning, Matt and I took Riese to the playground:

And then swung by a cafe called Mediterra for lunch – their goat cheese quiche was sooo good, as was the chickpea soup! 

mediterra sewickley

Last night we had a night out in town with a big group of friends! 

It’s so fun that when we visit Matt’s family we also get to see a ton of friends now that so many have moved back to the area (or are also in town for the holidays).

Here I am with my friend Sarah – she’s one of my best friends from college, and we were also roommates in DC for a few years in our early 20’s, which is when she met and started dating one of Matt’s best friends from high school. They got married and left DC many years ago, but just recently moved to Pittsburgh – love getting to see her when we visit now!

Anyway – we had a really fun dinner at a spot called Vivo in Sewickley. 

Sarah and I shared the truffled burrata to start, and Matt and I shared the oysters:

vivo sewickley

And then for my entree I had the lamb chops. Everything was delicious!

vivo sewickley

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow, my friends, and I’ll see you back here on Friday with a recap!

And in the meantime, here’s a blog post you may find helpful: How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday Eating Experience… plus an article from NYTimes Parenting I thought was great: Navigating Thanksgiving with Your Picky Eater.


  1. 1

    Team Turkey Trot here! My last 5k was 6 months ago and I’ve run 3 half marathons since then and to be honest I am long overdue for a shorter race. We’re not having our Thanksgiving meal until Friday, so I’m looking forward to running my heart out and then having the rest of the day to do nothing;-)

    Your eats look yummy!

  2. 3

    I’m not running in an official turkey trot tomorrow,but I’ll be hitting the treadmill in my Mom’s basement once I get the turkey in the oven ;)

  3. 5

    What a wonderful time! Running, food, fun, family, and friends! Very nice.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. 6

    Yess, Dickinson reunion! Love it :) Wish I could have joined you guys!

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