Thanksgiving 2019 in Photos

I hope those of you who celebrate it had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday! We had a fun, social day with family and friends here in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. 

We kicked the day off with a 5k turkey trot right in town! 

Matt and I were joined by our friend Tom (who is actually the reason that we first met – he went to college with me and is one of Matt’s best friends from home), and Matt’s brother Drew and his wife Morgana. 

We grabbed our bibs the day before so we were able to show up basically 10 minutes before the race started – easy! 

sewickley pa 5k turkey trot

I decided my goal for the 5k was to push myself effort-wise. I’m nowhere near PR speed shape right now, but I wanted to challenge myself, so basing it on effort vs. pace was a great way to do that!

Matt and I ran together for the first 2 miles and then I told him to feel free to pick it up a bit because he was feeling strong. I was proud of myself for holding relatively steady effort-wise, and finished feeling like I really gave it my best for me right now effort!

Hadn’t seen that pace in a long time. :) 

5k success!

Our refuel once we got home was a delicious sausage and egg casserole with some cranberry and nut bread, fruit, and salad. Hit the spot!

post turkey trot brunch

We spent the rest of the day getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, with a quick interlude for a simple lunch:

thanksgiving lunch

Everyone came over for the festivities around 4; Matt’s parents hosted us and a bunch of friends for Thanksgiving, so we had a large crew with lots of delicious food to go around. 

Matt’s dad created this awesome menu showcasing all the food!

To start, we had a delicious spread of appetizers, and dueling sangrias – a white sangria, and my red Easy Fall Sangria! Both were hits but I liked mine better, of course. ;) 

thanksgiving sangria

More appetizers:

How cute is this turkey bread bowl?

thanksgiving appetizers

Dinner began with a butternut squash and pear bisque – delicious. 

roasted butternut squash and pear bisque

And then we had a buffet feast! 

thanksgiving dinner

I loaded up with:

  • Fried turkey (Matt used our infrared turkey fryer – delicious as always)
  • Green beans and cherry tomatoes
  • Mashed potatoes (a garlicky artichoke mash was mixed in and was delicious – just throw a can or two of artichokes into a blender with some garlic cloves and a little milk, blend, then add that into the mashed potatoes for great flavor!)
  • My Savory Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Honey Glazed Carrots

Everything was delicious! I skipped the stuffing because I’ve never been a stuffing fan… weird, I know. :) I was also kiiiind of full already from going too hard on the appetizers – whoops!

thanksgiving dinner 2019

Dessert! Pies, of course. I had what’s pictured plus a little of the pumpkin chiffon.

thanksgiving dessert

Such a lovely day with family and good friends. I went to bed full and feeling very grateful!

Photo credit to Matt’s brother Drew – he has a headshot/lifestyle photography business in NYC if any of you are interested!

Have a lovely day!

p.s. Need some recipe ideas for using up Thanksgiving leftovers? Try my Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes (great for breakfast with fried eggs), or my Leftover Turkey and Wheat Berry Salad with Cranberry Sauce Vinaigrette

For those looking to do some shopping today, I will leave you with a few Black Friday deals of interest from around the web (FYI – affiliate links):


  1. 1

    Mmm, delicious! Buffet style is the best!

  2. 3

    These pictures are wonderful! Congrats on the Turkey Trot time, and for starting the day right!
    And really impressive to see how Matt’s folks go all out with creative items and a great spread.
    Lovely picture of you and Matt and Riese, too! Looks like a great day!

  3. 5

    Your dinner looks delicious! I have never been a stuffing fan either, so I don’t think that’s weird. Soggy bread? No thanks! (But give me extra mashed potatoes, please! The garlicky artichoke mash sounds like a great addition. I’m going to have to try that.)

  4. 7

    Looks amazing and delicious! Hope you had a blast with the Mauneys! :)

  5. 8

    Wow!! Matt’s Dad has some impressive cooking skills. Does he have any culinary training or it’s just a passion?


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