15 Miles + Cinnamon Rolls of Deliciousness

Hello from a very snowy DC – it’s really coming down out there! GW is closed today for the weather so the Basic Nutrition class I’m teaching was cancelled this morning; more time to catch up on emails and other work are not a bad thing this week! Lots going on, both with blogging stuff (the Winter Shape Up starts next week – so excited!) and with lots of new AnneTheRD clients! How’s the weather where you are today?

As for Sunday, my college friend Sarah and I had lovely weather for our long run! Cold but not freezing, and nice and sunny, too.


Sarah is currently training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA half marathon here in DC in March(I’m doing it too! And by the way – if you’re thinking of signing up, use the code ANNERUNSUSA to get $10 off the full or half – prices go up at the end of this month!), so she was on board for up to 11 miles. I had 15 miles on the docket for my LA Marathon training, so I decided to get 4 solo miles in before I met up with Sarah.

My first 4 miles were pretty blah since I was alone but this plan was sooo much better than what I did last week, which was start AND end alone (ending alone on a hill = big fail).



Once I had a friend by my side, the miles flew by. :) We had a great time chatting and enjoying the lovely weather!


We’ve both been doing a lot of downtown runs lately so we decided to mix it up and instead ran west on the Custis Trail towards Falls Church, then headed towards south Arlington on what I think is the W&OD Trail.


I’d forgotten how much I love this route – it’s pretty hilly at the start on the Custis Trail but once you get out a little ways it’s nice and flat, and beautiful, too.


To keep things easy, we did a simple out and back. It flew by!


I was definitely feeling fatigued by the end but having a buddy with me, as always, made things so much more fun. We finished feeling strong and accomplished – 11 miles for Sarah, 15 miles for me! Bam. Great average pace for a long run, too!



    • Mile 1: 8:59
    • Mile 2: 9:07
    • Mile 3: 8:54
    • Mile 4: 8:46
    • Mile 5: 9:26
    • Mile 6: 9:21
    • Mile 7: 9:14
    • Mile 8: 8:56
    • Mile 9: 9:03
    • Mile 10: 9:03
    • Mile 11: 9:26
    • Mile 12: 9:28
    • Mile 13: 9:06
    • Mile 14: 8:49
    • Mile 15: 9:01

After our run, Sarah and I headed back to my place to shower and then raced back out the door because we had serious business to attend to: brunch! We hit up Farmers, Fishers, Bakers on the waterfront in Georgetown for their epic brunch buffet.


We had to wait a little while because we showed up a little late for our reservation (oops) but it was worth waiting for. I refueled with a made to order veggie omelette, some of their fun salads (I love their kale and bean salads), bacon, and, most importantly, these amazing cinnamon rolls they bring around to everyone’s tables. They were so. good. The only other time I’ve gone to brunch there they were all out, and we all nearly died of sadness. I’m not sure if they were the most amazing cinnamon rolls ever or if it was just because we’d run a lot of miles and were really hungry, but either way, they rocked our world.


And now, back to work all cozy under a blanket with a nice view of the snow coming down outside. I hope you’re all enjoying the snow day somewhere warm, too!

How was your weekend in running? Any good ones to report?

p.s. Speaking of running, I just threw my name into the hat this morning for an “inspirational running blogger” contest over on the ZOOMA Women’s Running Series Facebook page. I’d be honored to have your vote. :)


  1. 1

    Those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING!!!! Well done on the run, back in to full on training without a bother! :)

  2. 2

    I nearly die of sadness every time I see a picture of cinnamon rolls, and then don’t have one to eat immediately after… need to get my fix asap! :)

  3. 4

    i got in a nice 11 miler this weekend. and geez, I need to stop reading blog posts when I’m hungry ;)

  4. 6
    Christine says:

    Hi Anne, I am a loyal reader and local (I live in northern VA). This snow is crazy today!!! I have a bunch of runs planned for this week and wanted to see what kind of winter running jacket you use/recommend. I have a feeling we are going to have cold, snowy weather for a while and finally need to make the investment. Thanks!

  5. 8

    I’ve been looking into signing up for that half since it’s close to me! Also just voted for you – hope you win :)

  6. 13

    Your posts make me want to run so badly! lol that’s a good thing :)

  7. 14

    PS- I know you are an RD so I would love to get your opinion on eating low-carb while exercising. I know it’s not always recommended but I feel like it’s what works best for me, especially because I feel like the most extra weight I have is in my midsection. Thoughts? I would appreciate your input :)

    • 15

      I’m not a proponent of low carb diets in general, but especially if you’re doing a lot of running – you need to refuel! And as for my clients, I’ve seen that trying to go low carb just tends to lead to bingeing later because they feel deprived. Balance is better. :)

  8. 16

    If you’re ever in Hershey, go to The Filling Station & Bakery Cafe for their homemade grilled cinnamon bun. It might be the best one I’ve ever had!

  9. 18

    Awesome pace for your run! No running for me this weekend because of all the storms… and now my piriformis is all messed up so I may take a little time off- boo! This weather sure is messing up work and school for people every day here. I hope you enjoyed your day off!

  10. 20

    Great job on the 15! I also just voted for you!
    Are you wearing a new Nathan pack? I think if you are, we have the same one which I LOVE! It feels like nothing is their!
    Brunch sounds great!

    • 21

      Thank you!! :) And yes, I am! I somehow got a small leak in my old one and my friends at Nathan were kind enough to send me a new one, and it ended up being the women specific intensity pack vs. the unisex HPL 020 that I had before. I really loved that one, and this one is even better!

  11. 22

    Those are the most attractive buns I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of juicy buns! AHH HA HA HA! ;)

  12. 24

    Impressive pacing for 15 miles! Well done!

    Has the city come to a crashing halt? I couldn’t believe when I visited my brother a few years ago how a few inches of snow closed everything down. I know you guys don’t get as much snow as we do here in MA, but it was pretty comical. :-)

    • 25

      Haha yes, it totally did yesterday. DC really does freak out anytime we even get a flake! Although last night ended up being pretty legit snow. :)

  13. 26

    Love the brunch at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers!! I also really like that blue shirt with the thumb hole and extra long sleeve!! Where did you get it?

  14. 29
    christina says:

    Ohh I need to try that place. I’ve been savings Sundays for fresh made donuts from Lyon Hall (they had pomegranate last week!) but a cinnamon roll would be awesome!!

  15. 31

    Great long run! Those Cinnamon rolls look amazing. They are my downfall, I love them so much regardless of how bad they can be for you. They’re my treats once in a while though! (I’d eat them every day if I could!)

    I had a snowy cold 16 miler this past weekend, but a great friend with me for it so it made it much easier getting out in the less than fabulous weather!

  16. 32

    Love your blog! Have to say you were an inspiration for me to start running, and now I’m training for my first 10km!
    I can’t believe they shut the school down for weather. Up here in Canada we don’t shut schools down even for a blizzard. Doesn’t matter that there is 4 feet of snow. I’m quite jealous of people who get snow days!
    That looked like such a nice trail to run. You make me want to travel to Washington, D.C. Just to run it!

    • 33

      Aw, thank you so much for reading! :) That’s awesome about your first 10k – good luck and have fun!! And yes, DC is a super big wimp about snow. :)

  17. 34

    Yay! I am training for the LA Marathon with Team Nutribullet! It will be my first full marathon! Super excited!

    Nice job on the 15 miles! Your Richmond Marathon posts are such an inspiration for me as I train for this thing!

  18. 36
    Roadrunner says:

    Impressive! A long one — and a cold one! WEll done –

  19. 37

    Do you have an ultimate goal? Like, hit this time and I’ve arrived. Or health in general. I am always interested in a runner’s motivation.

    That looked like a beautiful run. I still need to sign up for some races.

    • 38

      Nah, no ultimate goal — I just run for health/happiness. :) It keeps me sane! But I love training for races – right now training for the LA Marathon.


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