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I did my marathon training long run of the week this morning (16 miles!), but more on that tomorrow!

For now, I wanted to share some photos from a fun 6 miler I did with Matt on Monday night, since I’ve gotten some requests to share more about my non-long run training for the marathon, too. :)


As you guys know, I’m running 3 times per week (and mixing it up the other 3 days, plus 1 rest day – more on that in my marathon training post). This week, per my running coach Mary, I had two 6 milers and one 16 miler on the docket. Nothing special for the 6 milers – sometimes she has me doing pace/tempo runs for my shorter runs, but these were just regular runs. Sounded good to me! I’ll get in the other one this weekend.

I was originally planning to run on Tuesday morning with a friend, but she had to cancel, and Matt expressed interest in going for a run on Monday night, so it worked out perfectly! I haven’t run in the evening in forever, but it was a beautiful night and fun to mix it up. Since the sun was still bright even at 7 p.m., I rocked a new visor – the “Run Happy” visor – gifted to me from Brooks as part of my Run Happy Ambassadorship with them. I’m a huge visor fan for summer running and my old one was getting really worn out, so I’m happy to have a new one. I love this one – comfy and cute. They have it in a pretty blue and purple, too!



Matt mapped us out a nice 6 mile route along some of the trails and into nearby neighborhoods. My legs felt a little worn out from the day, but by mile 3 or 4 I got into the groove. :)


By the time we finished, it was dark! I love summer nights – Matt and I were saying how it made us feel like kids again to be out in the fireflies with the chirping crickets.

I’m still borrowing my friend Karen’s GPS watch (the new one I ordered FINALLY arrived today – apparently Amazon was having some issues and my original order from a couple weeks ago got lost) – she has the Garmin Forerunner 110. This watch is growing on me but I still prefer having more data all on one screen when I’m actually running (the photo below is from the summary page once you finish). I do love the small size, though!


We finished out the 6 miles in 54:28 for an average pace of 9:04. Pretty good since we did a really hilly route!

I’m off to catch up on work for a little while longer before calling it a night and putting my feet up. That 16 miler this morning wore me out! More on it tomorrow – stay tuned. :)

Have a great night!

How’s your running going so far this week?


  1. 1

    When I run my first marathon, I want a “less is more” running plan (a.k.a. 3 days of running per week). Seems like a great way to stay injury free. Nice job on the new 16 miler PR!

  2. 3

    Congratulations on 16!! I like reading about you and Matt running together… My husband and I have been together for 10 years (in a few weeks) and we have both been runners the whole time (well, I just started when I met him) … But we have NEVER gone on a run together! We will run at the same time frequently, run the same races, and always talk about running, but because we are at such different levels (he’s a 2:31 marathoner!) we have never wanted it to get competitive. It totally works for us this way, but sometimes I think we should just give a run a shot!

  3. 5

    Super jealous your husband runs with you, mine has no interest! I’ve only had treadmill runs so far this week (it’s super dark out when I work out), but I have a run planned for Sunday!

  4. 6

    Hi there! Do you use the Forerunner 110? Do you like it?

  5. 10

    16 miles! That’s amazing, I can’t wait to read the recap. I just got my forerunner 310XT in the mail today! I bought it from Costco actually.. which was really random, but they had a pretty good deal! This is my first GPS watch, I’ve been using iphone apps. I’m excited to use it tomorrow :)!

  6. 11

    My running’s been okay this week. I had a relatively high mileage week last week, so I am easing off a bit on running and crosstraining more.

  7. 12

    I love night runs, so relaxing and makes the run go by so fast :)

  8. 13

    hooray for 16!!

  9. 14

    how fun! you did really good.. my goal is to be able to do 9 minutes and some seconds at a consent pace :). My runs have been good this week…. my boyfriend has been “injured” (just a bruise) so I have been on my own. I don’t like to run alone so I have been on the treadmill but last night I was meeting up a friend to watch the Patriots game and I ran 3 miles to the bar… that was fun! :)

  10. 15

    So far so good this week! Gearing up for 10 this weekend (eek!)

  11. 17

    So I’m not a runner, but I have been using my Cellerciser and Bellicon rebounders to jog/get in some awesome workouts if that counts ;) Oh, and some people just seem to naturally carry off the visor look – you’re definitely one of those people! Have a great weekend!

  12. 18

    Running has been good this week. I did a 15km this morning and an 8km on Thursday. For the 8km I did a personal best pace the whole run which felt great.

    Well done on your run! Sounds like it was a good 6 mile one :)

  13. 19

    I’m pretty attached to my “clunky” Garmin too. When I first started wearing it, I almost wanted to hide my honking watch because I felt like Zack Morris (but then I eventually embraced it). :) Have been dabbling with running with my iphone lately though, after one too many times waiting for my GPS to load in the winter. Have you ever run with your iphone?

    • 20

      I have a Samsung s3 (a droid), so it’s a pretty big phone – I’m not a fan of running with it. I don’t usually have problems with my watches finding GPS though. I hear you on the Zack Morris thing, lol!

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