Scenes from a Beach Morning Run

Hello from Bethany Beach in Delaware!

I’m having a wonderful time here with my friend Hilary, enjoying my week off from grad school internships. We’re heading back to DC later tonight so I’ll share more photos tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the scenes from my morning beach run! Pictures are courtesy of my camera phone. :)

There’s nothing quite like the beach (and boardwalk) in the morning. So beautiful!


3.5 miles done, plus a mini-bootcamp while at the beach — I did a bunch of lunges, squats, push ups, dips, and sit ups on the boardwalk. Great way to start the day! And now — off to the beach again, this time with my swimsuit on and towel in hand. :)



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    Looks like a great way to start the day! I used to travel to FL every few weeks to visit my (then) boyfriend, and he lived right on the beach.. I loved starting w a run along such beautiful scenery!

  2. 2

    Running on the beach was so amazing – the best way to start a vacation day!

  3. 3

    I do so miss living near a beach. Grew up near the Gulf Coast. I’m landlocked here in Topeka.

  4. 4

    Not liking this post at all- it’s making me way too jealous ;) You deserve a nice break!

  5. 5

    I wish I’d known you were in Delaware! I live just north of Lewes.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip. Bethany is by far my favorite beach here. Fenwick Island is also really cool, if you have time to check it out.

  6. 7

    wow…jaleous :D

  7. 8

    You’re such a good morning exerciser! I always feel great when I’m done but I have such a hard time getting out the door (and bed) in the morning. Glad you’re loving it!

  8. 9

    What a wonderful way to start your day! We were up in Maine a couple of weeks ago and running up there is so different from down here in Florida. Enjoy!

  9. 10

    I’ve seen all sorts of thing about Bethany Beach since moving to the East Coast, but I’ve still never been! Is it the best beach in near proximity to D.C.? :)

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      Maggie D. says:


      It’s not the best beach, but there are 4 main beaches that DCers usually frequent. Ocean City, MD. Bethany Beach, DE. Dewey Beach, DE. and Rehoboth Beach, DE. Well and Virginia Beach obviously. So 5.

      Here’s the break down of the beaches on Delmarva.

      Rehoboth – Good for everyone. Fairly crowded all the time. Outlet shopping (no sales tax in DE).

      Dewey – Delaware’s beach party scene. Most of the college kids hang out here. It’s pretty busy on the weekends and has the best concert venue in lower Delaware.

      Bethany – touted as the family beach. It’s usually not as crowded, offers similar boardwalk fair as Rehoboth, but on a smaller scale. As I mentioned previously, it’s my favorite beach between all the Delaware Beaches because it’s not as crowded.

      There is also Fenwick Island, which leads immediately into Ocean City. Ocean City has a HUGE boardwalk with amusement park, haunted house, a Ripley’s, and is your typical East coast beach town.

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    Adventurer says:

    Very nice; hope you were able to get some body surfing waves, too!

  11. 15

    LOVE Bethany! i was there a few weeks ago – Have fun! And definetley stop into Mangos for Happy hour and a Mango-Rita! YUM!

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