Snow Day

Hi guys! Apparently mother nature didn’t get the memo that it’s spring now… we got what is hopefully one last hurrah from winter yesterday – snow!

snow day arlington va

I miss snow days before the internet – Matt was home, but he was teleworking. Snow days aren’t quite like they used to be back in the day, right?!

Since Matt was working and Wednesdays are my day off, Riese and I did our own thing most of the day. We played, watched the snow fall for awhile…

baby watching the snow

And took some naps. Holding her when she sleeps is one of my favorite things (well, during the day – not at night. So thankful she will sleep in her bassinet now at night). Although inevitably she always falls asleep when either a) my water glass is empty and I’m really thirsty, or b) I’m starved, or c) I really need to go to the bathroom. This time it was the water glass, and I didn’t want to call out to Matt downstairs and wake her up. Oh well! I survived.

sleepy baby

By the time Matt was done with work I was ready for a little fresh air, so he got some daddy time in and I took Freyja out for a snowy adventure.

arlington va snow day

It was fun but I’m officially 100% ready for spring.

As for food yesterday, I made myself a random leftover salad bowl for lunch using shredded rotisserie chicken, chopped romaine, brown rice, green pepper, and a fun hummus vinaigrette that was hummus + lots of lemon juice + a little olive oil. It was really good – try it!


For dinner, we had a Blue Apron – meatloaf! I loooove meatloaf. It was supposed to be with mashed potatoes but I like roasted potatoes better (because of the crispy vs. mushy texture… and ketchup!) and Matt didn’t care either way so roasted it was! Plus some simple sauteed cabbage. Great winter-y meal.


Off to tackle more of my to do list, plus a couple AnneTheRD nutrition client calls. Have a nice day guys – see you back here tomorrow for some Friday faves.

Who else had a snow day yesterday?


  1. 1

    I only started reading your blog a short time ago but am finding the page repeatedly crashes/reloads quite often. I only read on my iPhone so I don’t know if it would happen on a computer. I don’t have this problem with other blogs so I thought I’d let you know- curious if any one else has this problem!

  2. 6

    Enjoy those snuggles! I always held my napping babies, and now that they are big kids I am so glad I did rather than always feeling compelled to use the time for chores.

  3. 8

    We had flurries, and I was disgusted, ha! C’mon, spring! Your food looks and sounds amazing! I love roasted potatoes over mashed too. Or roasted and then mashed for more flavor. I love using hummus as a dressing!

  4. 9

    Meatloaf makes it’s way around my house, too, at least once every couple of months. How fun to see the recipe for Blue Apron! It doesn’t seem like something they would have. It snowed here in Ky, as well, yesterday. It was beautiful, but I think I’m also ready for Spring. It’s bright and sunny here today, so yay!

  5. 11

    Love the Riese photos :). I’m also obsessed with cabbage.. why did I never know about this? benefits of dating a German..

  6. 13

    That leftover salad looks amazing.

  7. 14
    Roadrunner says

    Just flew in to DC and all the snow seems to have melted! Amazing. Let’s hope that was it for this winter!

  8. 16

    Hehe you should keep your phone by you when with Riese so you can call Matt or text him to bring you stuff ;)

  9. 17

    How do you sauté your cabbage?

    • 18

      We heated some olive oil over medium high heat, then sauteed some chopped ginger and scallions for a minute before adding in the sliced cabbage and stirring it around for about 5 minutes. You could do garlic instead of the ginger/scallions and I bet that would be good too! Just add a little salt and pepper to taste when it’s done.

  10. 19
    Cassie Tomlinson says

    Hi! I just started reading your blog… it’s great! I’m wondering how you got Riese to sleep in her bassinet? I have a 3.5 week old who, like Riese, loves to be held and usually sleeps on me at night. Also wondering what bassinet you are using with Riese.

    • 20

      Give the Dock a Tot a try! We did that for months with Riese – we had it in between us in the bed and just made sure blankets weren’t anywhere near her. We also swaddled her for bedtime which helped some so she didn’t startle herself awake. It took a little while for her to warm up to the Dock a Tot, but once she did it was nice because that way we could have a hand on her and/or put the pacifier back in her mouth as necessary without getting out of bed every time she woke up and fussed. After doing that for quite awhile we moved the Dock a Tot into her bassinet and she seems okay with that now. Every baby is different, but you will get there! <3

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