Running Progress! + Recent Eats

Hi guys! Exciting news… I ran a whole mile yesterday morning! First time running that far in a reeeeeally long time. :) It was gorgeous out yesterday and the fresh air and moving my body felt so good… I’ve missed those sweet, sweet running endorphins so much! They are really key to my mental health/stress relief… running is definitely my favorite form of “me time.”

postpartum run!

I’ll keep you guys updated as I continue to slowly add back in running (on days when I feel well rested enough to do so)… I’m thinking I’ll continue to try a run once or twice a week, whenever I feel up for it, and slowly build up each time. Stay tuned!

As for today, I got in a fun workout with my girls Kathleen and Chelsea this morning – love our boot camp dates. It’s supposed to snow later today/tomorrow so I was glad to get out and get some more movement in before being potentially homebound for awhile!

workout date with friends georgetown dc

In food news, yesterday I squeezed in a lunch date with a friend in between work and Riese feeding! We hit up Lebanese Taverna and shared a ton of different appetizers (grape leaves, pickled veggies, and hummus and pita):

lebanese taverna lunch sampler

I had the salmon and kale salad for my entrée, which I brought home most of because I filled up on the apps. Leftovers FTW!

lebanese taverna lunch salmon salad

Matt got home on the earlier side last night (around 6:30), which was awesome because it was still light out and nice weather! We took a little family walk before dinner… it will be nice to be able to do this more often come spring/summer if Matt can get home before it’s dark out! When we got home, I fed Riese while Matt got creative with the Lebanese leftovers and some leftover rotisserie chicken we had on hand. He sauteed the chicken in some spices (I think he used a McCormick Moroccan spice blend), then stuffed it into the leftover pitas with leftover hummus,  leftover kale salad, and chopped up leftover pickled veggies. We saved the rest of the salmon for another day since it didn’t really go with the theme. It ended up being a delicious combination – very creative!


We still have a bit left over so I’ll be enjoying it today for lunch. But for now, time to focus… I have a whole bunch of stuff on the to do list today and may need to call it early if the snow really picks up and our nanny needs to get home before the roads are unsafe, so I better get to it!

How’s the weather where you are? If you’re also expecting snow, are you excited about it or over it? I’m kind of excited since we didn’t get much this winter… but I just want one big snow day and then for it to all melt by the next day and for it to be spring weather moving forward. :)


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    I absolutely love when I go out to eat and there are leftovers for the next day! Feels like you’re getting a special treat twice for the price of one. Also, yay for running! I had taken a year or so off from running and have been mostly walking, while working on my relationship with exercise. I’ve slowly been adding back in some running, but I think I have definitely decided that no more than 2-3 miles at a time is best for me. I’ll be excited to see your updates!

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      Good for you for doing what feels best for you and your body! So important to make sure that exercise is reducing rather than adding stress. <3

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    I am ready for spring, snow should have come in during February :). They keep raising our forecast so we are over a foot if no rain comes in to dampen it down. Thankfully I hit the gym in the mornings so it won’t be too bad then plus extra cardio for my walk home in the snow. Got to find some bright side to it.

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    I’m so over the snow! I feel like a grumpy, old lady complaining about the weather! We are expecting anywhere from 6-12 inches in NY and this is the 3rd storm this month. Spring is going to feel so good. I grew up in VA so I’m not used to this!
    PS- I’m really impressed with the left overs for dinner. I love chicken and hummus in a pita, but I have never had it with pickled veggies. Must try soon.

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      Yikes, that’s a LOT of snow!! Stay warm!! And yeah, the pickled veggies were an especially awesome touch – but I LOVE pickled veggies!

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    TrackBuddy says

    YAY!!! Can’t wait to run with you – soon!!!

  5. 9

    I just got cleared by my pelvic floor physio to run. I am so excited! My husband suggested I take the baby in our running stroller, but I can’t wait to get out by myself first.

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      Congrats – that’s exciting! Check with your pediatrician on when you can take the baby in the running stroller… I have heard it’s best to wait until they can fully sit up on their own, but I’m not 100% sure! Have fun!!

  6. 11

    His dinner creation looks great! It is always so nice when everyone is home a little earlier than normal so you can enjoy more evening time.

  7. 12

    Snow day over here in north NJ… best part about working at a university ;) Working from home like a pro ;)

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