Soaking up the Sun

It has been pretty gray/rainy here lately, so getting a perfect running weather day yesterday was such a nice treat!

running with pretty views of washington dc

Perfect timing because I already had a run date planned with a few friends! 

It had been about a week and a half since I got in a solid run (due to being sick, and then Matt out of town), so I felt a bit sluggish, but thankfully everyone was on board with keeping pace casual and the conversations and views always keep me nice and distracted, too! 

We started at Roosevelt Island, ran over Key Bride, and then did a big, meandering loop around DC before heading back via the 14th street bridge and the GW Parkway trail. 

We ended up covering 7 miles – only the second time I’ve done this distance since Riese was born! (The other time was during a 10k-ish trail race I ran in June.) I was glad I didn’t know beforehand we’d be going that far, because I think I would have said “oh, can we do something shorter?” 

Sometimes we can limit ourselves mentally before we even give our body a chance – this was a good reminder that I can always do a little more than I think! I even had enough energy to sprint the last stretch – I love doing this because it mimics finishing a race, and then you end in a blaze of glory vs. petering out. ;)

Speaking of running, I am officially signed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC half marathon in March!!

I kept going back and forth on it, but they had a huge 60% off 24 hour sale last week so I just went for it. I’m nervous but excited. It has been so long since I ran that race and it’s one of my absolute favorites! 

When I got home from my run, I got cleaned up and then Matt, Riese, and I walked into town to do a few errands and to grab brunch at Evening Star Cafe – their brunch is my fave. I had the seasonal omelette, which had butternut squash, goat cheese, herbs, and roasted tomatoes. Plus a biscuit!

evening star cafe brunch

The rest of yesterday was spent crushing our home to do list, and eating some leftovers at home for dinner. 

The past few weeks have been exciting on the home front because things are really starting to come together! Some new furniture has arrived (we’ve been selling some old stuff on craigslist because it didn’t look right in the space, and we want to stay in this house a long time so we want to really furnish it right!), and our contractors are done with the kitchen backsplash, fireplace tile, paint in multiple rooms, some wallpaper, etc. 

We still need to hang pictures and are waiting for a couple more items of furniture that won’t arrive until late January, but it’s nice to have the place starting to feel way more finished!

Last night Riese helped us put up a new tree decal in her room – we had one in her nursery at our old house and wanted to do another one here, too.

We went for a slightly different smaller one and it came out so cute! It’s this one (affiliate link) from Wayfair – they have a ton of cute wall tree decals.

wayfair purple wall decal tree

This was the first weekend the house was presentable enough to have friends over, which was really fun! (Up until a week ago we had a ton of breakable stuff lying around because we didn’t have cabinets for it yet, plus random big old furniture, rugs the previous owners left, etc. we were trying to get rid of, no dining room table, no coffee table, etc etc)

On Saturday morning we had our friends Olivia and Chris and their toddler Charlotte over to hang out at our place for a bit before walking to brunch at Bon Vivante Cafe. They have a cute playroom so we ate in there.

I love their lentil soup I went for that and also snacked on Matt and Riese’s food a bit too.

bon vivante cafe lentil soup

All the excitement must have worn Riese out because she ended up taking an epically long nap, which was super nice except it meant we missed one of her little buddy’s birthday parties! Womp, womp.

We were in the process of figuring out what to do for dinner when my friend Heather texted to see what we were up to, so we invited her, her husband Mike, and their toddler Casey down to our place!

I threw together a simple cheese plate for the occasion:

super simple cheese plate

And then we kept it easy and ordered Thai food for all of us. 

thai food delivery del ray

Riese had a blast with her buddy – super fun night. 

It was good timing too because I had just picked up some apple cider and fun local hard cider at the farmer’s market earlier that day – plenty to go around! I’m excited to see what Riese thinks of that purple cauliflower later this really – she’s really into purple. :)

del ray farmers market

And that’s that! Fun and social weekend.

I don’t have any photos of Friday night because Riese and I had a cozy night in – I made us some sandwiches and then when I got her to bed I watched some TV and relaxed. Matt got home from his work trip around 10p.m. and I was so glad to have him back!

Have a nice day and I’ll see you guys back here on Wednesday! 


  1. 1

    Cute mural!

  2. 2

    7 miles is definitely a huge achievement! Good luck training for the race – sometimes you just need the right kick (like 60% off :) )to get you back in it!

    LOVE Evening Star – highly recommend their hummus – if I remember correctly they serve it with some crispy chickpeas on top, so good.

  3. 4

    My exciting running news is getting into the Cherry Blossom 10-miler! I never had a chance to run it when I lived in the DMV (I live in Colorado now), but it’s a good excuse to visit my siblings for the weekend and do some sightseeing!

  4. 6

    Congratulations on the progress — and on signing up for the half-marathon. Good for you!

  5. 7

    The tree in her nursery is adorable! I just ordered some reading-themed prints to hang in our son’s bedroom. We never decorated his old bedroom as we knew we were going to move so now I am putting a little bit of effort into decorating his room since he’ll be there for the long haul! Luckily his bedroom is one of the few spaces we don’t need to paint so my goal is to get things hung this winter.

    We also have bought a lot of new furniture since moving into our house. Our plan all along was to upgrade our furniture once we moved. It’s definitely a process, though, and we still need to find an arm chair for our living room as right now our only seating is our couch (our living room space is pretty small) but it’s going to take some time to pick something that coordinates with our couch… But I’m excited that the house is starting to come together!

    Nice work on your 7 mile run! I am envious of the clothes you were able to wear for a run. We are probably 6 months away from being able to dress like that on a run. Womp womp. Minneapolis winters are so brutal and we’ve had so much snow/cold weather already. I’m very glad we are going to FL in Feb so we can all thaw out and enjoy not wearing a bajillion layers. :)

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