Solo Weekend

Hi friends – first, thank you so much to those of you who left comments and shared similar stories on my 32 Week Pregnancy Update where I share some of the difficulties we’ve been having behind the scenes with our dogs. <3 I appreciate it! They will be off at their 2 week intensive board and train program this week and next, so we’ll see where we are when that’s over. Stay tuned.

Anyway – this was a good weekend for both dogs to be gone, because Matt was also gone! He was at a guy’s weekend trip in Nashville so I was flying solo with furry miss Zara. It ended up being a lovely weather weekend, so I spent most of it outside. :)

washington sailing marina

On Friday, I was tired from the week, feeling a bit pregnancy nauseous, and just wanted to relax, so I kept things classy and heated up chicken noodle soup and watched some Netflix. This soup actually hit the spot! I also think it’s probably one of the prettiest blog photos I’ve ever taken, just sayin. (Clearly, that is sarcasm.)


Zara was thrilled to have me all to herself and set up shop in my lap for the Netflix portion of the evening. :)

zara the cat

I think I got about 10 hours of sleep on Friday night – amazing! On Saturday, I had some microwave banana oatmeal with cottage cheese, blueberries, and sprouted pumpkin seeds to kick off the day.

microwave banana oatmeal

I had plans to take an 11:30 prenatal pilates class down in Del Ray area of Alexandria (a make-up class from the Arlington series I was doing – this was at the studio’s other location). I decided to take myself on a walk along my favorite trail, the Mt. Vernon Trail, beforehand since it was so nice out – it was on the way anyway!

I parked at Daingerfield Island by the Washington Sailing Marina and spent about an hour strolling along the trail.

washington sailing marina

The entire world was out on the trail enjoying the sunshine and cooler temps – lots of bikers and people obviously training for fall marathons – I saw a ton of hydration packs, fuel belts, compression sleeves, and groups of people that looked like they were in it for the long haul!

mt vernon trail

I can’t wait until I can run again – but for now, I enjoyed some spurts of jogging throughout the walk, and that felt good (except that it made me need to pee). :)


Speaking of running – Brooks just launched a brand new shoe over the weekend – the Levitate (affiliate link)! They sent me and my fellow Brooks run happy ambassadors the shoes to check out last week. They are a really springy and responsive but cushioned neutral shoe, and I loved how they felt both walking and jogging. Two thumbs up! They remind me a bit of the Launch (aff link), which I also love (so does Matt – those are his go-to shoes). Plus, aren’t they pretty? I love the blue/silver color they sent me (the women’s also comes in gray).

brooks levitate shoe

Anyway! After my walk, I headed on to Alexandria for the prenatal pilates class! This was the last class in the 6-series workshop I signed up for (I missed the last class on Thursday night in Arlington because I had a dietitian networking event). I don’t think I’ll do another because I don’t love working out at night and I prefer doing my usual fitness classes with modifications (plus, 6 more weeks would bring me almost to my due date – gah!), but it was nice to learn some new moves that are pregnancy-friendly!

mind the mat del ray

I liked the Del Ray Mind the Mat studio more than the Arlington one, actually – no awkward mirrors and more light/airy. More energetic instructor, too!

After the class I met my friend Koko for brunch at nearby Eveningstar Café. We were both interested in the biscuit egg sandwiches and the huevos rancheros, so we got both and split them – perfect! It worked out well since the egg sandwiches already came in two small sandwiches vs. one big one. Everything was delicious (the biscuits were on-par with those I had while living in NC, and the corn tortillas seemed homemade and were thick and flavorful)! Our only complaint was the restaurant doesn’t serve espresso drinks, so no lattes. Lame!!

eveningstar cafe brunch

After brunch, I headed into DC to meet my friend Kathleen at the Arboretum for a stroll with her, her son, and her dog! It was still so nice out – wanted to continue to take advantage, and I always love catching up with Kathleen. :)

dc arboretum

By the time I got back to Arlington it was almost 6 and I was ready for another cozy, casual evening. I did round 2 of chicken noodle soup for dinner + a carrot, an apple, and this yummy blueberry muffin.


Couch, take 2.


As for Sunday, I had another fun walking date on the agenda – I met up with my friend Karen in Woodley Park in northwest DC to check out the new-ish Klingle Valley Trail! This used to be a road, then it was abandoned/not used for many years, and then it just recently got refurbished and made into a lovely trail.

klingle valley trail

klingle valley trail

It was another really nice, cool but sunny morning – perfect for some outdoor fitness with a good friend. :)


We made our way back up to Woodley Park via Rock Creek Park trails and the zoo, which was also fun – I hadn’t been in there in ages!

dc zoo

The red panda is my fave – so excited he was out and about! :)

dc zoo red panda

Our final stop was brunch at Duke’s Counter right across from the Zoo. It was soooooooo good – the bread was really fresh and soft and the scrambled eggs were really pillow-y! Yum!!

duke's counter brunch

I spent the rest of Sunday set up on our deck at home writing thank you notes from our baby shower before heading out to dinner with my parents. I didn’t get any photos but we hit a yummy Italian place and I had a big salad and a pasta bolognese. Delish!

How was your weekend?

I’ll leave you with a couple things of interest from around the web:

  • I’m on fellow dietitian Heather Caplan’s podcast again today! We’re giving a sneak preview of the non-diet RD panel discussion event that I’m participating in later this week. In the podcast, we discuss some of the mistakes we made early on when getting going as a non-diet dietitian, among other things. (We also do some rambling, because when two pregnancy brains are together, and those two people also happen to be good friends, you get some rambling side conversations. Just go with it.) If you’re interested in the panel discussion, here is my affiliate link to reserve your spot to listen in. It will be recorded, so don’t worry about the timing. Click on “reserve your seat” and scroll down in the form to see all the pricing options (you can sign up for future sessions as well, or just purchase a pass to this week’s session).
  • I loved this blog post my ultra-runner/triathlete friend John wrote about publicity, sponsorships, and the social media quagmire. It’s an entertaining and honest look at some of the things that bloggers and athletes grapple with when accepting sponsored partnerships, and he discusses what he has learned through his experiences this year with starting a blog, getting more active on social media, and becoming a much more highly visible sponsored athlete.


  1. 1

    I didn’t comment on the 32 week update but we had to rehome our dog when I was pregnant with our 1st. It was truly terrible, we’d adopted B* when he was 2 years old and had him with us for 5 yrs. I SOBBED when we dropped him off and for a while after. But we knew his aggression issues would be a major problem with a child in the house. B* would growl when he was upset (for any random reason) and if you didn’t back off right then, he would bite. Very scary to think about with any children around. We just could not take the chance with our daughter. Best decision and probably 1st parenting decision we ever made. You must consider first and foremost the safety of your child. You cannot watch them at every second forever. Its just not possible. Good luck with your decision, its very difficult.

    • 2

      I’m so sorry to hear you had to make such a hard decision, too, but it definitely sounds like you made the one that was best for you and your family. Thank you for your support!

  2. 3

    i really love the links you shared today! I will listen to the podcast sometime this week :)
    also, weekends alone are the best! i actually live alone at college right now & am super busy in general, but there are definitely times when friends as me to hang out when i’m “free” and i’m just like, no, i need a “me” day this weekend :) :)

  3. 5

    Have you been to Stomping Ground in Del Ray? It’a across the street from the Dairy Godmother and they do lattes and biscuit sandwiches.

    • 6

      Ooo no I haven’t! Will have to check it out – lattes + biscuits = YES. Also, Del Ray is so cute – I haven’t spent much time there previously and I really love it!

  4. 7

    Fun! I always loved the DC zoo. So nice that it’s free so you can just stop by for a bit instead of feeling like you have to see everything.

  5. 9
    Janell Pfoertner says

    Regarding your request for ideas about handling your fearful dog(s), I recommend you go to Cesar Milan’s website: He has books and videos and is regularly on The National Geographic Channel. I have watched all his shows over recent years and have learned so much from him.

  6. 11

    Love that your watch band matches Zara’s fur!

  7. 13

    I actually love my solo weekends! Solo time means I get to watch whatever I want on Netflix, have cereal for dinner and stay in my pjs ALL DAY! Of course, I always miss him when he’s gone, but I definitely know how to have a good time all by myself. ;) Looks like you had a great time!

  8. 14

    I was in your city on Saturday! I was visiting a friend in Baltimore for the wkd and we went into DC on saturday— almost went to the arboretum so maybe I would’ve run into you!! Did think of you when we were walking around DuPont circle tho :) just out of curiosity — do you live in downtown dc or a little outside the city?

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