Sweaty Summer Weekend Highlights

Hi friends! I’m coming to you a day late because of the Memorial Day holiday yesterday. I hope those of you who got it enjoyed the long weekend, and that you remembered the reason for the holiday, too. <3

Here are a few highlights from our long weekend. 

  1. BBQ feasting (at Texas Jack’s in Arlington – delicious):

texas jacks bbq arlington va

2) Pool time with the little one

This pool hot dog lunch was not a highlight, though – super subpar, but it did the job. I love hot dogs in the summertime and was excited about it but we had to wait like 30 minutes (even though it wasn’t crowded – weird), and they didn’t have any interesting toppings (not even relish) – oh well! 

Not every food experience has to be the best ever. Riese at least loved her quesadilla. :)

Pool take 2 – Riese with her little buddy Casey (Heather‘s babe):

Heather and her husband Mike had us over for baby playing and appetizers – the kids had a blast running around together/with the dog while we snacked, sipped, and supervised – it was really fun!

3) Two runs – the first one with my friend Grace on Saturday morning, which was gorgeous:

We did our usual – part on the Mt. Vernon Trail, and part on Roosevelt Island.

We ended on Roosevelt and the shade felt great – we started early but it was still getting hot and the Mt. Vernon Trail is lovely but not shaded at all.

A new postpartum distance record – 6.5+ miles! Exciting! 

We were feeling all ready to rock for our 7 mile (“10k-ish”) trail race this coming weekend, but I found out later in the weekend that Grace unfortunately has to attend a last minute family event on this coming Sunday during the same time as the trail race we were going to do together. Big bummer, but hopefully we can do another race together sometime soon!

In the meantime, we are trying to figure out hopefully transferring her bib to one of my running buddies… we’ll see! Matt would love to do it but he’s not trained up for a 7 miler… and his back has been bothering him lately anyway. Plus there’s the whole childcare situation. We are thinking Matt and Riese will come to the finish area and we can all hang out on the trails for a bit when we are done though!

Matt and I did get out for a short jog together later in the weekend, though – probably 2.5 miles total with one of our signature stops for a little strength mini-workout. :)

It had been ages since we ran together – nice treat!

4) Enjoying my Saucy Tomato Artichoke Chicken (<- great 15 minute dinner recipe) for the first time in awhile – yum!

And that’s that! 

The weekend wasn’t all fun, though – we got ourselves all moved back to our place on Sunday only to learn we needed to get out of the way again for a little while longer to deal with a few more house things – argh!

So, back to my parent’s house we went. Well, Riese and I went (and the dog and cat stayed, too) – Matt is staying at our place to supervise things and to work on some stuff in the evenings, but it made more sense for Riese and I and the animals to be out of the way during the day. We’re hoping we can finally fully move back in by the end of the week. We’ll see! I’m super grateful we’ve been able to stay with my family while all these moving parts with the house were going down – made things MUCH logistically easier! But it will be really nice to hopefully get back to our routine and our own space soon. 

Zara is loving it here, though – lots of cozy furniture and big windows for her to enjoy. ;) Freyja is having a blast as well because sometimes foxes come into the yard – BIG excitement!

zara the cat

What did you do over the long weekend? Any great meals or especially fun workouts? 


  1. 1

    Bummer about having to stay away from the house for a bit longer! Hopefully you can all move back in soon! So nice to have family close by to stay with, though!

    We had a really nice memorial day weekend, too. I went for 2 short 3-mile runs – 1 was solo while our son was napping, my husband pushed the stroller during the 2nd one. We spent lots of time outdoors as the weather was perfect on Saturday and Sunday. We went out for pizza and ice cream on Sunday to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. Our son was kind of ‘meh’ about pizza (never know what he is going to like) but he sure loved the ice cream. He kept reaching for it and saying ‘ma ma ma’ for more. It was so cute!

    • 2

      Meh on pizza?!? It really is random what kids like and don’t like! :) Glad you had a fun weekend and lots of outdoor time!

  2. 3

    Hey Anne, what race are you doing? I would be into taking your friend’s bib (is that weird??) :) or getting my own if registration is still open! I live in the DMV and looking for more summer races!

    • 4

      Hey Anna! That’s not weird at all! The race is sold out, but it sounds like the friend who was going to take my friend’s bib can’t do it after all, so the bib is yours if you want it! It’s this race – the 10k (which is actually 6.9 miles, because, trails!). If we are around the same pace maybe we can run together for a bit! :) Send me an email and I’ll share the info!

  3. 5
    Roadrunner says

    Well done on the 6+ mile run. Bravo! And neat to see all that you squeezed in to the weekend! Interesting to see that the temperature is already more than warm and we are not even in June just yet.
    Good luck with the trail race!

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