Sweet Summertime

Hi friends! After a week of crazy heat, humidity, and summer storms, we seem to be on the up and up – it’s a bit cooler and much less humid today! 

Good timing because early this morning I had a run date with my friend Sokphal.

best places to run in washington dc

Sokphal has been on vacation so we hadn’t seen each other in awhile – fun to catch up via our running shoes, as usual! 

We did our standard fave loop from Iwo Jima over Memorial Bridge, around the WWII Memorial and back. 

It was crazy windy out – we didn’t notice it until we were running back over the bridge and practically got blown off!

Roughly 3.5 miles – check! That’s about my max on a weekday so I’m not exhausted chasing Riese around for the rest of the day…

Speaking of Riese, she helped me eat this burrito once I got home. She LOVES burritos and sandwiches lately and always wants to help us eat them!

Other food highlights from the week included finishing up the leftover Sesame Shrimp and Watermelon Salad, which was a hit among everyone except Riese… ;) 

Plus this yummy salmon quinoa salad I got yesterday at Duke’s Counter in Woodley Park with a friend. Riese ate a little of the salmon but mostly just had bread, milk, and a fruit/veg pouch – whatever works. 

dukes counter dc

On Wednesday night I had a fun treat and went out on the town with some mom friends! 

I am grateful to have a solid mom friend group now that I met through one of the local mom listservs – it started as a few of us hanging out last summer when the kids were really little, and it has grown into a bigger group now as friends have added their friends, etc. 

We usually meet up with the kids during the week for playdates, but every once in awhile someone will organize a mom’s night out. We had a big turnout for this one – fun to see everyone all dolled up. :)

We went to a new-ish Mexican spot in Clarendon called Buena Vida. It was hot but we sat on the roof for awhile anyway – pretty views up there!

For dinner we shared some guac, queso, and chips, and then everyone had the tacos. I got one pork, one steak, and one fish! Service was super slow but we weren’t in a hurry and the food (and drinks) were good, so it all worked out. :) 

Time to try to speed through some more work and to hop on a nutrition client call (fingers crossed Riese continues to nap…) – our twice a week nanny was out of town this week and most of last week so I’m behind on work but loved the extra time to play with my little one. :)

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday!


  1. 1

    It’s amazing what a difference a drop in humidity makes! I have so much more energy.
    I’m glad to see all you moms got a night off!

  2. 2

    The humidity can be so bad in DC so I am glad you have some less humid air to enjoy! It’s been a sort of cooler start to summer for us in Minnesota but we should get some hot weather in time for the 4th. We are going to my parents lake home for a couple of days over the 4th so I’m hoping for 80-90 degree temps as that feels perfect when you are in the water!

    Your mom’s night out sounds super fun! I did a new mama class that is put on by a local group. It was an 6-week class led by a NP/lactation consultant. It was so awesome and I love the ladies I met. So far we’ve only gotten together with the kiddos in toe but we should plan a mama’s night out. Although 2 of the moms are expecting their 2nd next month (Ahhhh! I can’t imagine being 4 weeks out from having a 2nd right now!!) so I don’t see us getting together sans kids for awhile! Maybe by winter that will be possible!

  3. 4

    Such a random question, but I’ve always wondered when you post about her how you pronounce Sokphal’s name…!

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