Thanksgiving 2018 in Pictures

Hi friends! I hope those of you celebrating it had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday! As I wrote on Instagram, what a difference a year makes! Last year on Thanksgiving day I was 40 weeks pregnant and we were one day away from meeting our little lady for the first time… crazy. (I just re-read my “first 2 weeks” post from right after Riese was born – man that seems like forever ago!) So very thankful for these two. <3

Here’s a little snapshot of our Thanksgiving day yesterday in pictures.

First up: our favorite local turkey trot (the Del Ray 5 Miler – we’ve done it many years now!) with my brother and his fiance Roxanne.

We wanted to bring Riese with us and originally signed up for the stroller division, but the temperature was in the low 20’s with the windchill so we decided to take advantage of my mom’s offer to babysit instead. Hopefully she can join us in the future – would be so fun to do a race with her!

del ray turkey trot review

I heard that apparently Thanksgiving Day is now the biggest running day of the year – I believe it! Lots of people out there yesterday!

We made it!

Post-run lattes + bagel sandwiches in the car on the way back:

The rest of the day was spent with family – cooking, relaxing, and baby playing! I had some cheese, crackers, and smoked salmon + a big salad snack to tide me over until the main event.

I made my usual homemade cranberry sauce:

And Matt made his famous fried turkey!

So good.

My mom made a roasted turkey as well – both were delicious! We wanted to have Riese join us for dinner but she was hungry before everything was ready, so she ate some turkey in the kitchen while everyone was prepping, and then Matt and I took turns baby wrangling and eating when it was time for the main event. :)

Pie for dessert, of course. My fave!

Such a lovely day with family. Matt, Riese, and I are staying at my parent’s house because we figured it would be fun to be more in the mix since my brother and his fiance are here as well – plus this way we’ve been able to put Riese down for bed and still hang out with everyone!

We are excited because tomorrow is Riese’s first birthday – ahh! Matt’s parent’s are coming into town later today to join us for the festivities; we are doing a low key family party and looking forward to it. :)

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday!


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    Looks like a great Thanksgiving!! :D Hope you are all enjoying the family time :) Saw hi to everyone from me, especially little Riese the big birthday girl!!!
    PS can’t believe Stephen ran in shorts in that weather!

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