The Hottest 10 Miler

I was originally planning to bag my long run for the week; I didn’t end up doing it while we were in the Outer Banks because, to be honest, I didn’t feel like it! Running for me is a happy, positive thing, and getting up crazy early on my vacation to run 10 miles by myself sounded like the opposite of fun. It was also insanely humid there. So instead, I slept in every day, enjoyed two shorter runs with Matt, did a lot of swimming and some yoga, and was fine with it. But when Matt and I got back to DC at 11am on Sunday and I had the whole day, I thought – why not do my long run now?

arlington va trail running

As you guys know I’m a very social runner – I almost never run alone – but I was actually in the mood for a solo run to have some time to decompress after a long car ride. It was blazing hot outside, but I figured I’d just go as slow as I wanted and not worry about pace.

So I grabbed my phone and some headphones (these headphones are my fave – cheap and they actually stay put – they claim they are “ideal for women” but Matt absolutely loves them too – they are the only ones that don’t fall out of his ears!) and a ton of water (via my hydration vest) and I was on my way. It was hot – SO hot – and the tomato face was in action pretty quickly! This is my “it’s so hot out” face.

running in DC in summer

Despite the crazy heat and the fact that this run was certainly not easy, I actually enjoyed it. It was nice to have some time to myself and I kept it suuuuper casual on pace and took walking breaks when I needed to. While I ran, I listened to Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly” on my phone via Audible. It’s so good – highly recommend – and it kept me distracted from the running too. I love listening to books or podcasts while walking or running – way more entertaining than music!

falls church running trail

I was gone for ages thanks to the slower pace and a couple walking breaks (and one bathroom break), but I did it! I was really proud of myself – running on my own is not easy, especially when it’s 10 miles on a hilly route and with 95 degree heat.


Even better? When I got back Matt had made banana bread! We had some overripe bananas left over from the beach that needed a good home so Matt made my old fave Banana Spelt Muffins (<—recipe), but in bread form instead of muffin form.

banana spelt bread

I forgot how delicious that recipe was! Matt deemed it “even better than Starbucks banana nut bread” – quite the compliment since he loves their bread. ;) It was especially awesome post-run! Loved the crunchy walnuts and the juicy banana combo.

banana spelt walnut bread

I ended up having some more yesterday morning for breakfast, crumbled atop plain full fat Greek yogurt with some blackberries and additional walnuts. Delish and filling!

how to make muffins more satisfying

It fueled me up well for a late morning yoga class via ClassPass (<—affiliate link for $30 off your first month if you sign up by July 29)! I hit up Blue Nectar Yoga in Falls Church with my high school friend Dinah, who is in town visiting.

blue nectar yoga class

Post-yoga we headed over to Pita Pouch for lunch. I always love seeing Dinah – nothing like an old friend who knows you well! We really enjoyed catching up. Fun fact: Dinah and I backpacked around Europe together for a couple weeks back in 2004, shortly after graduating from college! We had a blast. :) Also – Pita Pouch is delicious if you are ever in Falls Church at lunch time!

pita pouch falls church

As for dinner last night, Matt and I are back on the Blue Apron train after skipping a couple weeks due to all our travels.


I made us a yummy Lemon Chicken & Green Beans with Roasted Summer Squash and Potatoes. Loved all the veggie power in this one! The squash was topped with some minced garlic and a little parmesan before roasting 20 minutes at 450 degrees F – try it! It was delicious.

parmesan roasted squash

I whipped up side salads for us to use up some of the leftover greens and veggies from the beach – we brought a lot of stuff from the group house fridge back with us! Didn’t want it to go to waste. :)

lemon chicken

Delish dinner! The pan sauce was really good – very lemony.

As for this morning, I was back at the track! It was fun to see my track buddies again after missing last week. We did five 1200’s today (3 laps) – at threshold pace with 1 to 2 minutes rest in between each.


Tough! This is how I feel about summer track workouts:

summer track workouts are hard

I kid, I kid. I actually felt pretty decent out there today, even though it was hot. Definitely looking forward to that fall running weather though… :)

Have a lovely day my friends!

What’s the hottest run you’ve ever done?

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  1. 1

    I can’t think of the hottest run I ever did, but the coldest will always stick out. Windchill was -10 and it was snowing / icing for the entire, hilly 13 miles. Thank goodness it was an organized group run or I would have never made it out. I feel like the hot ones never stick out to me (maybe I zonk out during them due to heat exhaustion??)

  2. 4

    That is so sweet for your husband to have a freshly baked banana nut loaf ready when you returned home! And a huge congrats on killing your long run, especially in the heat! Your meal from Pita Pouch looks delicious as does all of your food. Have a great day!

  3. 5

    Nice job making it through a hot run! I love crumbling the banana bread on top of a breakfast bowl, yum. I’ve done a few long runs at 3:30 pm in the afternoon and that is always an EPIC mistake! Haha. I also ran a bit when I was on vacation in Cayman Islands, and that was very short-lived.

  4. 7

    It has been SO hot around here over the last week! I’m dying to try that Pita Pouch place! It’s lunchtime and now that’s all I want. It looks amazing. Too bad I’m on the opposite side of DC… :'(

  5. 9

    Good for you for running on Sunday. It was so hot in the sun. I went for a walk with a neighbor and we were walking so slowly! It is still nice to get out.

    • 10

      It’s always nice to get out, even with the heat! At least the humidity has been a bit lower the past few days – that helped!

  6. 11

    I live in Toronto and have trained for spring and fall half-marathons, so I know the pain of inclement weather running. I do really love running in super hot weather, maybe because I’m a little easier on myself than I might normally be. Plus, you gotta have a cold treat after that kind of run.

  7. 12

    So glad to hear about these headphones. I have been needing new ones for the gym that actually stay in my ears and I love the cute colors.

  8. 14
    Jennifer says

    Haha you’re super casual pace is my race pace!! I hope to have that feel easy someday :)

  9. 16
    Roadrunner says

    Impressive 10 miler! And good workouts and track work! Hottest ever for me was in SW Florida — 95 degrees, not so bad, but 100% humidity!

    • 17

      The humidity is what makes it really rough! Luckily while Sunday was crazy hot it wasn’t QUITE as humid, so that helped!

  10. 18

    Great job on your run! I live in Australia so our summer running is always hot, hot, hot unless you get up at 5am to do it, which I rarely do. Afternoon runs are often in 35C (95F) and high humidity but I actually kind of love it! All that sweaty goodness, and the reward of a big drink of water and something tasty for dinner afterwards :)
    That Blue Apron recipe sounds fantastic too! I’ll have to make it for my fiance soon!

    • 19

      Having ice water after a super hot run is the BEST – so refreshing! I studied abroad in Brisbane and used to run around campus some – it was sooo hot!

  11. 20

    I would never, ever go running in Brisbane during the day. I had heat stroke once even though I started running at 4.30am, this is a regular occurrence in summer.

  12. 22

    Good food! These dishes are great for runners. I like…^^

  13. 23

    geez, i don’t know how you people do it! i think over 80*F and i’m out, haha

  14. 24

    I feel like every run nowadays is too hot. Although I run at 6:30am, I’m always so heated when I finish it.
    Congrats on running at 95F, sounds crazy to me! :)


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