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Hey friends! In case you missed it: fANNEtastic food is hiring!

Check out my 2020 intentions post for details, and see the link to the full job description near the end of the post. Please spread the word – thanks in advance!

Also, I just realized the Super Bowl is on Sunday! :) If you need some recipe ideas, check out this blog post: Healthy Super Bowl Sunday Snack recipes.

One more thing – I know I mentioned sharing a new recipe on Wednesday… but then I got excited about the intentions post and didn’t, so stay tuned for the recipe next Wednesday instead! Here’s a sneak preview… hello, tender and flavorful baked salmon!

baked orange ginger salmon recipe

Anyway – for now, let’s kick off the almost weekend with a round up of a whole slew of Things I’m Loving Lately. Feel free to play along in the comments – what are you loving lately?

(Please note this post contains affiliate links.)

1) Stainless steel cups. 

Over the past year or so (#toddlerlife) we’ve slowly been breaking all our glass cups, so I finally decided it was time we stock up on some new ones that were safer for us to leave around and for Riese to carry/drop.

We had one small stainless steel cup for Riese that was always on repeat, so I decided rather than doing plastic we should stock up on a ton more stainless steel cups because they are super durable and nice and lightweight which I love.

We got a big assortment – the 20 ounce large cups for us to drink from, the 12 ounce smaller ones with the cute colored grippers on the sides for Riese, and some even smaller 8 ounce ones also for Riese and for friends that come over with kids, too. I figure it was good to have options!

best stainless steel cups for toddlers

2) This comfy long sleeved shirt

I originally bought this last fall and have since bought 3 more colors because I love it so much – it’s just the perfect soft and cozy loose fitting but not too tent-ish shirt to wear over leggings for adventures out and about with Riese. I love the length of the shirt, too – it’s slightly longer in the back – and how it’s slightly thicker than a normal shirt so it keeps me warm.

And you can’t beat the price – $19.99!

(Please excuse the messy laundry behind me…)

comfy long sleeved shirt great with leggings

Another cheap Amazon shirt I love and now own in a couple colors is this one – also very cozy but flattering!

3) Make-ahead burritos (<- recipe and prep ahead>

Having these on hand after my meal prep extravaganza with my friend Jackie on Sunday has been so nice! 

Riese and I have been enjoying them for lunch at playgrounds, and as a fast and easy breakfast option, too.

4) These leggings

I’ve tried a bunch of different brands of the cheap Lululemon knock-off Amazon leggings now and these are my absolute faves. They feel very similar to the Lulu Align leggings but are only $29.99. :)

5) Running sunrises.

Here are the latest sunrise pics from my weekly run date with my buddy Sokphal!

My stomach wasn’t super excited about this run (womp, womp – you fellow runners know how this feels) yesterday but the sunrise was pretty amazing – extra colorful this week.

6) These adorable toddler slippers

Riese loves them and wears them at home all the time as her “house shoes”! They have been perfect for keeping her feet warm after we take off our shoes when we come inside, and the bottoms are rubbery/super grippy.

7) This natural deodorant

I’ve been using this natural deodorant for a year or so now and really love it – one of the best that I’ve found!

8) Coffee shop work life. 

I mentioned over the summer when we first moved to Del Ray that I wanted to join a new co-working space. I toured a couple, but I ended up deciding that with just 2 childcare days to work with with AND a bunch of awesome coffee shops within walking distance, it made more sense to keep things flexible (and free!) and pop around to different coffee shops on my workdays instead!

This has been really nice, especially since sometimes I’m in Del Ray and sometimes I’m up in Arlington meeting clients. I’ve been really loving all the coffee shop time – I’m a lot more focused than when I’m at home. Plus it’s always nice to buy a little treat while there. (That’s a kombucha, not a beer – ha!)

9) These plastic toddler knives

Riese really loves helping us in the kitchen, and a friend in one of my mom groups recommended these plastic knives so toddlers can help cut food in the kitchen with you safely. Riese has been loving them!

They aren’t sharp enough to cut anything super hard, but that’s good. ;) Nice way to start practicing!

10) This one-handed open/close umbrella

Okay so this one is random, but I was finding trying to open and close an umbrella while also holding Riese and the diaper bag, etc. was kind of a hot mess. So I found this umbrella that has a button that both opens AND closes the umbrella – only one hand needed and such a game changer!

11) Epsom salt baths. 

These have been helping a ton with keeping the soreness levels down as I start ramping up my running mileage for half marathon training! So has foam rolling with my little assistant. :)

Matt, Riese, and I are off to North Carolina this weekend to visit my brother-in-law Chris, his wife Jess, and their 3 boys!

Their third child arrived in September and we still haven’t met him yet – time to change that! Matt’s younger brother Drew and his wife Morgana are coming, too, so it will be a fun sibling weekend.

Have a good one and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday with a recap! 


  1. 1

    I just switched to Native deoderant in the last few weeks as well. I got the coconut and vanilla sensitive (no baking soda) and am really happy with it!

  2. 3

    Those toddler slippers are the cutest!

  3. 4

    Great fun, Anne, thanks for sharing! Safe and enjoyable travels!

  4. 5

    Love this post! Even though I have plenty of clothes and just got some from Amazon thanks to my dad’s sweet gift card for Christmas, those tops and leggings look so cute!!

    I have tried several natural deodorants, but sadly, I tend to break thru and sweat really bad. It’s more of anxiety sweat, so hello awful smell. I finally went back to an antiperspirant for my sanity. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to wear one. I wonder how many others have my similar experience.

    I hope you all have safe travels and a lovely visit!

  5. 7

    I am loving everything on this site except the fact that I have to wait a little while longer before I lay my hands on that salmon recipe.

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