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I think that may be my best blog post title yet – what do you think? ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Have you checked out my Easy + Healthy Valentine’s Day recipes for inspiration if you are planning to cook at home tonight?

Riese and I had a little lunch date out today – it was a fun Valentine’s treat for both of us! Plus, that meant I didn’t have to drive home a HANGRY toddler (while also hangry myself) and then try to throw together something at home with said hangry situation… win/win all around. 

We shared a chicken greek salad (she liked the chicken and the “crunchy lettuce”, and tried a beet but then dramatically spit it out even though she likes beets in other meals, like chopped up small in oatmeal…) and hummus and pita.

I was smart and asked them to bring us the hummus and pita right away so we could start snacking… worked well because the chicken salad took awhile!

Here are a bunch of other extremely random photos from the week… I felt really scattered and rushed all week with a lot of balls in the air and my pictures are similarly all over the place, so… enjoy and hopefully there’s something useful in here. ;)

First, Riese made you guys breakfast, which is toast with butter, cereal on top, a fried egg, and avocado that has been pushed off the plate and smushed into the counter. I hear it’s all the rage in Paris.

I made Riese my flour free breakfast pancake this week and we were going to have it as a mid-morning snack, but instead between the two of us we took down the whole thing immediately after first breakfast.

She loves these things and I guess we were both having an extra hungry morning!

flour free breakfast pancake

Here’s a picture from a coffee shop on Monday, one of my work days – my afternoon snack was a piece of biscotti (yummy, but I think my pumpkin goji biscotti and is more awesome, just sayin’) + some kombucha and you can see a sneak preview of my new blog design in the background… we are getting so close to launch (a few weeks, I hope) and I CAN’T WAIT!

My new favorite thing is ricotta on toast – this was just ricotta mixed with a drizzle of olive oil, and a pinch of salt and pepper, spread on toasted baguette. It was SO good. Riese was super into it too.

ricotta on toast

It was a Blue Apron meal we had with this:

baked chicken cheese zucchini dish

A cheesy chicken and zucchini dish that was really good.

Sidenote – Riese won’t eat cooked zucchini, but she loves it raw. A good reminder to try different textures/variations of veggies! I always offer her a ton of raw veggies (peppers, zucchini, cucumber, carrot, celery, etc. – and sometimes cooked green beans or whatever we have around) to snack on while cooking dinner and it’s a great way to keep her occupied and also to increase her veggie intake because she’s hungry!

I don’t force any of it, just offer it if she wants it, but usually she does want some. She’s much more into raw veggies than cooked, except for broccoli. :)

An easy lunch Riese and I had a couple times this week was a tortilla with hummus, tabouleh, rotisserie chicken, and greens (minus the greens for her, they are still a little hard for her to chew unless they are super crunchy like romaine).

hummus chicken tabouli wrap

Here’s the last SUPER random meal of the week – this 90 second microwave barley + green lentils mixed with tzatziki (store-bought).

It was a surprisingly yummy combo, and so easy! I added some greens to it after taking this pic too. 

barley and green lentils with tzatziki

And there you have it! Most random post ever. No pretty sunrise running pics for you this week because it was rainy and my running buddy Sokphal is out of town… hopefully I’ll get more for you next week. ;) 

I hit a couple yoga classes this week and also went to my usual pilates boot camp. My last workout of the week was a session with Paul of Capital Energy Training during Riese’s naptime today! He was here working out with Matt, and we had a session afterwards. We hadn’t worked out together in ages due to scheduling conflicts (mostly on my part… I usually need naptime for work, and he’s booked up in the mornings/evenings) so it was great to catch up with him and to work on my lateral and core strength – I can always use help!

Here’s a little gallery image of a move we did today to work on core strength – just secure a band in a door frame around chest height, then follow the steps below! 

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday. 

What’s the most random thing you ate this week/recently?


  1. 1
    Kimberly St. Hilaire says

    We had the same Blue Apron meal! It was so good! The bread was the best part! I’d never thought to rub raw garlic on it prior to the ricotta/oil/salt and pepper. Will be making that again. Question, I just found out I have an olive oil allergy (yeah that’s been fun, it’s in everything since it’s the healthy oil du jour)….what would be a good alternative? I use coconut and canola but I keep seeing people just ripping canola oil online. Sometimes you can taste coconut so I was wondering if there’s a good alternative. Long time lurker, really enjoy all your recipes that I’ve made so far!

    • 2

      Thanks for saying hi, and for reading! :) Re: the olive oil, I’d say just mix it up! Different oils bring different things to the table in terms of flavor, nutrition, smoke point, etc., so variety based on what you are using it for (salads, baking, sauteing, etc.) is helpful. There are some tips in this blog post of mine from ages ago: What Oils to Use When.

  2. 3

    A slice of toasted artisanal chocolate cherry bread with a shmear of plain goat cheese on top – for breakfast! It was tasty 😋.
    I do like Riese’s breakfast presentation, though, especially the thoughtfully curated bits of cereal, haha!

  3. 5

    I love this post b/c it’s how real people eat . What you have + the time you have to make it = real world meals. My most random recent meal was leftover steak and mushroom stir fry from Chinese takeout that wasn’t quite enough for a meal so I put it all into a tortilla and ate it like a taco. Riese’s presentation is spot on.

  4. 7

    Most random snack consumed this week was hard pretzels with cheese slices dipped into tomato sauce. Fixed a pizza craving at 2:30pm when both babies were sleeping :)

    Thanks for the ricotta reminder, haven’t had it in ages but LOVE it. Especially with honey but excited to try your savory recommendation.

    Happy Valentines Day <3

  5. 9

    The microwave green lentils/barley from Whole Foods is my LIFE! I feel so lazy for relying on it so much instead of taking the time to cook grains, but it’s just so easy and good. :)

  6. 11

    Love the title and all the random meals and activities. Variety is good, from time to time! But hope the weather allows you to get back outside for your prep for the upcoming half-marathon!

  7. 12

    Lunch tip — make yours and Reise’s meals ahead if you can! I make everyone’s lunches (even mine) in the morning during breakfast cleanup/playtime. That way when the girls and I are on the verge of lunchtime choas I have everything ready to go — just need to pop it in the microwave. Sometimes if I’m super ambitious I’ll make the girls’ dinners during their afternoon naps, too :)

    • 13

      That’s smart! Thankfully our lunches are always super easy throw together things, or leftovers, so they are really fast to prepare… but sometimes it doesn’t even matter because that 2 minute microwave situation it too much for Riese, ha. It definitely helps a TON to be prepared ahead of time, though, you’re right!

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