Tofu, Walgreens Photo Center Fun, & VEGAS!


One of my favorite things about going out to eat is bringing home leftovers — I know some people hate leftovers, but I love them — especially when reinventing them into something new. When my friend Lu and I got pho on Monday, the bowls were so enormous that we both took half home. I decided last night to bust it back out, but I’d already eaten all the chicken out of it, so I wanted to add some protein back in. Perfect timing to try this new tofu!


The peeps at Nasoya sent me some coupons to try their new Extra Firm Sprouted Tofu so I picked it up the other day. This kind was packed in water, but apparently they also have a new version that’s pre-pressed and vacuum packed without water so no prep is necessary. I couldn’t find it — maybe next time!

I heated up my leftover soup while preparing the tofu. Since I knew the soup was already very flavorful, I prepared the tofu simply — no marinades or baking — just a simple pan searing in some fun garlic olive oil Matt’s parents brought us back from their trip to Italy.



I chopped the tofu up into smaller pieces as it cooked and waited until it was golden brown. I didn’t bother pressing it before cooking and it came out just fine.



Then I popped the tofu into my soup! I used about half of the package of tofu.




Leftover win!

In other news, I received a fun package from Walgreens earlier this week! A few weeks ago I received a gift card to Walgreens Photo Center as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program. I’ve been meaning to get prints made for ages (I have a photo frame collage thingy that’s been sad and empty way too long), so I got a bunch of pictures printed out:


And I used the rest of the gift card to make a canvas print photo collage using a bunch of my favorite UNC grad school girlfriend pictures! I didn’t have any photos of us all printed out and I loved the ones we nerdily took at our spring photo shoot. It was time for them to be properly displayed. :)

Didn’t this come out cute?


Yay! That will make me happy every time I look at it. :) I’m loving this photo wrapped canvas trend lately — so cute. The Walgreens site was super easy to use while creating this, too. I haven’t seen the collage option on other canvas print sites and I loved the idea. Now I just have to figure out where to hang it!


In other exciting news — I leave for Vegas tomorrow afternoon!!! As you guys know, I’m running the Vegas Half Marathon on Sunday. I’m SUPER excited — both because I’ve never been to Vegas AND because the race is a Rock and Roll series and I’ve never done one of those before! This is my third half marathon — check out my running page to see recaps from my other half marathons. :)


The other thing that’s new about this race for me is that it’s a night race! I’ve never done a night race before. It’s all along the Vegas strip — so cool! I did my last run before the race this morning (4.4 miles) and felt great. Bring it on, Vegas!

Oh, what’s that? Don’t I have final exams next week? Ummm… yes. Going to Vegas the weekend before final exams (classes end Wednesday and exams start on Friday) was probably not the brightest idea, but when one gets the opportunity to go to Vegas and run a race for free… they take it. Life waits for no one! :) A BIG thank you to Attune Foods for sponsoring myself and fellow brand ambassador and friend Meghann for the race, even though they ended up cancelling the running blogger conference we were originally going out there for! It’s a good thing I’ve gotten good at studying on planes and in airports. :) I’ll definitely be hitting the books hard on my flights! Stay tuned — I have a giveaway lined up for you guys tomorrow in my absence. It’s a good one!

Will any of you guys be in Vegas this year too? Also, for those of you that have been to Vegas before — any recommendations for things to do/places to eat in Vegas? We have zero clue!


  1. 1

    The frame looks great! I love how you reinvented your soup!

  2. 2

    I love pho! Good luck on your race this weekend! I hope you have Celine Dion on your playlist. So appropriate. :)

  3. 3

    Have fun in Vegas! I have always wanted to go!!

  4. 4

    have fun in Vegas! my fiance is going this weekend for his bachelor party and i would bet a decent amount of money he’s on your flight tomorrow… haha

  5. 8

    Good luck on your race. I don’t know how you do it with exams and spending most of the time in airports. Have fun.I have never eaten tofu, what on earth does it taste like.Looking forward to the Vegas Report.

    • 9

      It doesn’t really have a taste – it’s good in Asian dishes since it absorbs sauce/other flavors well! I prefer tempeh but it’s fun to mix it up. Try it sometime!

  6. 10

    Have fun in Vegas and good luck with the half marathon! I am traveling to Alabama and doing my first marathon the weekend before exams. Years later, we won’t remember our final exams (as long as we don’t fail!) but we will remember the awesome races we ran…right?! That’s what I keep telling myself :)

  7. 12

    I’ll be looking for you and Meghann in Vegas!! Hopefully there will be some dancing involved (ummm…. and running).

  8. 14

    Have a great time! Vegas is a lot of fun for all types of people. Stay away from the smoke in the casinos! We love to just walk around and see the hotels. Restaurants are great–favorites of ours are Spago, Mon Ami Gabi, Joe’s Stone Crab. Just prepare to open your wallet or win big!

  9. 16

    That soup looks so comforting!!

    And have fun in Vegas! :D

  10. 17

    Have funn :D

  11. 18

    This place is AMAZING!! Have fun in Vegas :)

  12. 20

    Ahhh that soup looks delicious! And have fun in Vegas and definitely take advantage of plane time for studying, that’s what I always do!

  13. 21
    Kristen @ livinlifeinlouie says:

    Have a blast in vegas!!! I have never been before, but it is defiantly on the list. And to run a race for free- jealous haha

  14. 22

    Kick some butt in Vegas!!! :)

  15. 23

    That sprouted tofu is literal magic. Also you will kick ass. My advice: SAVE YOUR DRINKING TO AFTER THE RACE :) <3

  16. 24

    Anne where did you find your magic time machine… how do you do it all?? I’m also working on my M.S. in nutrition and have 3 part-time jobs and it feels like I have no life. I rarely have time to do fun things I’m studying constantly, but you seem to balance it all.. travel, friends, fiance, job, and school…. HOW!?!?! Any tips/secrets, please share!

    • 25

      I’m not entirely sure, honestly. Good time management is probably the biggest thing – during the week I’m up by 6 to work out, then spend literally the entire rest of the day in class or studying/doing homework/doing blog-related work… by 10 I crash in bed. If I have something I want to do social-wise during the week, I fit it in and shift other things around. But for the most part I don’t do much during the week (unless I have a friend visiting or something like that) so that I can have time off on the weekends to play! I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful – different things work for everyone in terms of time management, but working like a madwoman during the week is what works for me – and this is easier since Matt is gone during the week for work. Another thing that helps me is to turn my workouts into social outings – two birds with one stone! I always run with friends or meet friends at yoga or whatever – that way I still get in some social time during the week even if I’m not going out at night! Also, turning homework/study time into something fun (like by studying with a friend and then making dinner together) is also nice.

  17. 26

    yum, that soup looks awesome! hit up all the restaurants you can in Vegas, they’re supposed to be great!

  18. 27

    Good luck in Vegas! I ran the Rock and Roll series country music half marathon in Nashville last April and it was awesome! They have bands set up along the route, which is fun, and they had a pretty good post-race concert too! (and I’m not even a big country music fan) Have fun and good luck!

  19. 28

    You are super smart and will do just fine on your finals, and running is part of your healthy life so I am glad you are going for it!!

  20. 29

    I miss you like crazy! That tofu looked insanely yummy~ jealous! Have a blast!

  21. 30

    You MUST eat breakfast/brunch at The Cosmopolitan!!!!!! So amazing! Have fun running the half!

  22. 31

    I’ll be at the race… I live in Vegas!

    If you want a burger, check out Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay… you can build your own burger from a wide variety of toppings and it’s really good. It’s a Hubert Keller restaurant.

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