Visitors + Gloves

This weekend I had a special treat: my friend Kris was here visiting!

She was speaking at a conference in DC on Friday and stuck around to hang out with us. :) It’s so nice having a guest room again so people can stay with us! 

She arrived at our place in time for a late dinner on Friday – we hung out with Matt and Riese for a bit and then walked into town just the two of us for some food. Girls’ night! Woo!

Since it was pretty late we were able to walk right into The Reserve (I feel like usually you need reservations) above Del Ray Pizzeria – I love this place! So cozy and great food. 

Drinks + house-made chips to start:

the reserve del ray

I had the salmon stuffed with shrimp and spinach + the cauliflower/potato mash. Delicious!

the reserve del ray

The Reserve was all decked out for Halloween still – they had so many spooky decorations! Check out the hallway leading upstairs:

the reserve del ray halloween

On Saturday morning, we had oatmeal at home with Riese and Matt, and then Kris and I walked over to Mind the Mat for a nice restorative yoga class.

We grabbed lattes after and walked around the farmer’s market before heading home!

del ray virginia farmers market

Farmer’s market haul – especially excited about that fresh sprouted wheat berry bread! And we love those mini cucumbers – super crunchy and great for snacking. 

del ray virginia farmers market

We all took Freyja for a walk and then headed to brunch at Eveningstar – their pork hash with roasted potatoes and fried eggs was legit. 

eveningstar cafe brunch del ray

I was sad to say goodbye to Kris after brunch! We spent some of the rest of the afternoon like this:

And once Riese was up we “helped” Matt put together this awesome outdoor playhouse Riese got from my parents + grandmother for her birthday + Christmas – it’s quite the project but Matt is determined!

awesome backyard playhouse for toddlers

Riese and I also made more muffins – this time pumpkin muffins, again using a Simple Mills mix (affiliate link). We added chia seeds and used whole milk instead of water. 

Her technique is improving. ;) She loves doing this – she was so focused!

Dinner was low key and cozy – leftovers from various meals from the week. And once Riese was in bed Matt and I made popcorn and watched TV!

On Sunday morning, I had run date plans! I met up with my friends Diane and Paul for one of our favorites – a bridge loop of VA + DC. 

bridge loop in dc

We did our usual route from Roosevelt Island south along the Mt. Vernon Trail…

running in dc

Over the 14th street bridge, then down along the waterfront towards Georgetown – I always forget how gorgeous it is here! Hadn’t been in awhile. 

running georgetown waterfront

georgetown waterfront run

And from Georgetown, up and over the Key Bridge and back down to Roosevelt. The loop is right around 6 miles – we were just a bit short so kept running until we hit 6, obviously. ;) 

Here’s Paul’s watch because I forgot to wear mine – I kept forgetting I wasn’t wearing it and trying to press my wrist! 

Such a great run, and it was my perfect running weather – I think in the 40’s but super sunny. My friends were bundled up but I was comfortable in capris, a t-shirt, and gloves. :) 

I love that I am at the place with my running where I can run 6 miles again now relatively comfortably. Took me so long to get to this point! 

When I got home, I ate leftover pork hash from the day before while Riese and I watched Matt do more playhouse work.

We spent most of the afternoon hanging outside while Matt worked, and while Riese napped I rested a bit too – I felt a bit guilty that I wasn’t being productive but I was tired! 

We took Freyja for a long walk before dinner (trying to distract Riese and push the dinner timing back… stupid daylight savings is hard with kids in the mix!), and then for dinner I roasted us a ton of veggies (here’s my go to recipe: garlic herb roasted veggies) to eat on for the week:

And then had it with some chicken with a yummy buttery pan sauce. 

We turned on our fireplace for the first time last night – glorious. Freyja was super into it – both of us were lying down by it for ages!

And that’s that! Solid low key but fun weekend. 

Our sitter called in sick this morning (she’s been gone on vacation for 2 weeks, too, so I was really ready to have a day to dedicate to catching up on work… but such is life!) so I’m rushing to publish this post before Matt leaves for work and about to start shifting around some meetings and such I have this afternoon…

While I wrote the post I’ve been eating a yummy breakfast of leftover roasted veggies with some fried eggs. Plus unpictured ketchup!

Have a great day and I’ll see you guys back here on Wednesday for an awesome new recipe. :) 

How was your weekend?


  1. 1

    I love cooler temps! Definitely energizing. And your fireplace looks wonderful- I’m with Freyja!

  2. 2

    Yay! Was so fun visiting!! :D Thanks for a great visit and looks like Matt made insane progress on the playhouse after I left, well done! It was really fun hanging with your sweet and energetic little Riese!

  3. 3
    Roadrunner says

    What a nice weekend! Friend, family, food, workouts, cool temps, and a fire with a dog lying in front of it! Idyllic! Please keep us posted on the playhouse!

  4. 4

    How do you always make wise food choices when eating out? I see you eat a lot of salmon and eggs😋I always go for pancakes or French toast cuz it’s so tempting not to or some other high-calorie dish. Wish I could make more sensible choices. On another note, your food photos are always appealing to the eyes. You don’t even have to say, “Eat your veggies.” The pics say it all!

    • 5

      I’m just choosing what I want in the moment – I have a savory palette so can take or leave sweet stuff, but love burgers, fries, savory egg brunch food (like that awesome pork hash), etc. – and salmon! I would just ask yourself: “what is it I really want in this moment?” And if it’s the pancakes or french toast or whatever, get it, but think about what you can add to it to help round it out into a balanced, satisfying meal. So for example, add some scrambled or fried eggs, or yogurt, on the side of french toast/pancakes so you have some protein as well as your carbs!

  5. 6
    TrackBuddy says

    Bridge loop was lovely! Such a great day – so fun to catch up. :-)

  6. 8

    We’re giving our kids a swingset/playhouse for Christmas and the first thing my husband confirm when I brought it up to him was making sure he wouldn’t have to build it and we’d hire someone haha

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