Weekend Food + Fitness Adventures

Hello my friends!

I had the nicest weekend – full of relaxation, hanging with Matt, tasty food, and lots of good outdoor time. It’s so nice to be home! As of now, I don’t have any more trips planned until May, and I’m really looking forward to being in town again for awhile!

On Saturday morning, Matt and I were up and out the door early-ish to get in a run before he had to head off to grad school class for the day.


I had 10 miles on the docket for my spring training (you can see what races I have coming up on my blog sidebar – two 10 milers and a half marathon), and Matt wanted to get in a quick 5 before sitting most of the day. I was happy to have his company!


His cute outfit is a gift from my friends at Brooks! Last month, Brooks emailed their Run Happy Blogger Ambassadors that they wanted to send a top and bottom to the running buddy of their choice. I chose Matt, and he was excited to pick out an outfit! The pants are the Essential Wind Pant – kind of like slightly heavier windbreaker material. Matt loves them and has been wearing them a ton over the past month, for both runs and soccer! They were perfect for Saturday, too, since it was windy out.

The shirt is the PureProject Henley LS. We both love this, too! Flattering fit, comfortable, and with some nice style details, like the different color snaps on one side on the front left shoulder and the stylish pocket in the back. I’m sure you’ll see him sporting this a ton in the future!

brooks pureproject henley LS

Matt says a big thank you to Brooks for the gift. :)

Anyway, back to the run! After 5 miles, I said farewell to Matt and carried on on my own. I was feeling reeeeeally sluggish after all the nonstop travel last week, so I took walking breaks when I needed to and didn’t pressure myself at all on pace.

Around mile 6, I stopped for a snack. On the Canadian Maple Syrup press trip last week their sports dietitian gave us some of these snacks to try – sesame bagels sliced up and baked with a little oil and drizzle of pure maple syrup. Really good, and definitely helped energize me!


I stopped again around mile 8 for more before forging on again.

It was quite cold and windy out but the sky was such a pretty color. Carolina Blue! ;)



Finally! 10 miles, done. The route had some massive hills (including my old friend the Hill of Death from Rosslyn –> Courthouse), and I took it nice and easy on pace since I was tired. I was proud of myself for pushing through even though I really wanted to call it quits!


After the run, I showered quickly, had some food, and headed over to Georgetown to speak on a conference panel! The students organize an annual conference called Own It to inspire college-aged women to take charge and follow their business passions. This was the second year and 800 people attended! I was speaking on the “Women in Health and Wellness” breakout panel, and the discussion was great – a lot about how to work on positive body image and intuitive eating/exercise when surrounded by/bombarded with a lot of extremes. Great discussion!

On Saturday night, Matt and I went out to dinner with his mom, who was in town for a conference that started on Thursday. We introduced her to Il Raddichio, our old fave. I had the salmon dish, which I love. About to enjoy some of the leftovers for lunch today!

salmon il raddichio dinner arlington

Matt’s mom stayed over with us on Saturday night, so on Sunday morning I introduced her to my favorite yoga studio! She came with me to the 9 a.m. Yoga 1 class at Edge Yoga. It was a great class, as always – a nice mix of challenging and restorative. We both enjoyed it!


As for the rest of Sunday, we hit up brunch with my family, and then after Matt’s mom headed out we took advantage of the beautiful sunny day and played tennis! Matt and I hadn’t played together since last fall – it was so fun to get back out there. :)

quincy st arlington tennis

As for last night’s dinner, we decided the warm weather called for tacos.


Ground turkey cooked in Mexican seasoning + Whole Foods guac + black beans + sautéed peppers and onions + cilantro + salsa + some microgreens on small corn tortillas. Oh tacos, I heart thee.


And now, time to catch up on emails and work. Don’t forget you have until tonight to enter my Canadian Maple Syrup swag bag giveaway! :)

How was your weekend? Any great workouts/eats?


  1. 1

    That was so nice of Brooks to send an outfit for your husband. I have noticed some really cute pieces from them recently. There is a sheer grey tank they have that says “run happy” all over it and I think it may be perfect for hot weather.

  2. 3

    Warm weather totally means tacos!!! I just posted spicy nut coated fish ones day…and then it lashed rain but summer has to be only around the corner :)

  3. 4

    Those tacos look yummy! I’m glad you had a good weekend!

  4. 5

    I miss running in VA! I had always wanted to head out to the C&O Canal Towpath, but never made it around to it. Luckily there was a trail that stretched across most of VA and that was always a great time. Now that I am in Chicago it is a little harder to get to nature obviously, but I am learning to appreciate a new kind of running :)

  5. 6

    Thanks for sharing your weekend! It sounds like you had a wonderful time enjoying the weather.

  6. 7

    it’s funny you had tacos for dinner – i feel like a lot of blogs i’m reading are having tacos/mexican for dinner! we had enchilada soup over here from skinnytaste’s cookbook haha!

  7. 9
    Roadrunner says

    Great work on the run. 10 miles, on a hilly course, well done! And nice to see tacos coming out again, too!

  8. 10

    what is on top of that salmon?! It looks SO good! and I just had a nice yoga workshop and posted it under food/fitness adventures! haha. i just had spring break though. the weather down there looks mmuch better!


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