Cape May Weekend

Hi guys! I had a big treat this weekend: a girls’ trip to Cape May, NJ, one of my favorite places ever. :) 

cape may, nj running

I was there with two of my best friends from college, Turner and Kris. Turner’s family owns a house in Cape May and they very kindly let us use it for the weekend. :) 

We’ve been crashing their place in Cape May for many years now and I always love spending time there! Last September the ladies and I did a girls only weekend trip there as well (2018 recap part 1 + part 2). This weekend was even more awesome because we didn’t have to worry about coming back to the house to pump multiple times a day. ;)

We all arrived on Friday around 8p.m., just in time for a later dinner. After 5+ hours in the car (lots of traffic) I was ready to have a drink and some food!

We headed right over to Mayers, a yummy spot we went to last year, too, and all loved. We started with drinks (I had a yummy sour beer), the kale salad, and the broiled oysters to start. All delicious!

mayer's dinner cape may

Then we got two order of the fried scallops and fries to share – plus some sauteed spinach for good measure. ;) Everything was delish! 

mayer's dinner cape may

On Saturday morning, we slept in and then Turner and I headed out for a short jog!

We ran along the pretty seawall with views of the water!

running in cape may NJ

running in cape may NJ

We ended up doing 2 miles which was fine with me – my right knee was bothering me a bit near the end so I was glad we weren’t doing more. Not sure what’s going on with that – it was hurting a little in the car so maybe it was from all the driving? 

We met Kris at a coffee shop, Out There Coffee, afterward, and I was adventurous and got the “Cashew Later Latte” which was a blended latte with coffee, cashews, and coconut oil. Sounded interesting! It was tasty and also a bit filling which was good because I was hungry. :)

out there coffee cape may nj

We walked around a bit with our coffee exploring – I love all the cute neighborhoods and Victorian houses in Cape May!

Eventually, we hopped in the car and headed to The Pier House for breakfast. I had a scrambled egg, veggie, and potato bowl that hit the spot. Plus a side of bacon. :)

the pier house breakfast cape may

The rest of the afternoon was spent like this:

And also playing in the waves, which were kind of intense on Saturday! It was a perfect beach day – not too hot, not too cold. I love going to the beach in September – not so hot, but the water is still warm, and the crowds are a lot smaller too. 

We eventually headed back to the house and got cleaned up, then biked back into town and stopped at The Virginia Hotel, which has the cutest front porch and great drinks and appetizers. Prosecco, please!

the virginia hotel cape may

We shared the deviled eggs and the broiled oysters (soooooo good – and beautiful presentation too) for a snack. 

virginia hotel cape may appetizers

Plus the fried squash blossom, which was also awesome.

virginia hotel cape may

After our drinks + snacks, we walked around and did a little shopping, killing time until our 8:15 dinner reservation at an adorable spot called Louisa’s.

louisa's cafe cape may

It was tiny inside and sooo cute. Check out the bathroom with the blow up whale in the bathtub – so fun!

louisa's cafe cape may

To start, Kris and I shared a beet salad, which was delicious.

louisa's cafe cape may

And for my entree, I had the Lemon BBQ Salmon. All the entrees come with short grain brown rice and slaw, and everything was soooo good. I was obsessed with my salmon – the sauce was awesome. 

louisa's cafe cape may

For dessert, we shared the bread pudding. The vanilla one was hot and pretty good, but not the best ever:

louisa's cafe cape may

The chocolate one was just so-so – it was cold which was weird for bread pudding, we thought!

louisa's cafe cape may

Such a fun night!

On Sunday morning, Kris and I took a walk to the coffee shop while Turner relaxed, then the 3 of us biked the few miles over to Beach Plum Farm, an adorable spot we hit up last year, too. 

beach plum farm cape may

It’s so pretty there – we ordered at the counter and then strolled around a bit enjoying the grounds.

beach plum farm cape may

beach plum farm cape may

I had the bacon and cheddar frittata, which came with some yummy salad, for my brunch. 

beach plum farm cape may brunch

I was still a little hungry afterwards so I got a croissant and a juice (carrot + ginger + pear = yum), too.

beach plum farm cape may 

We biked back to the house, said farewell to Turner who had to get home, and then Kris and I went down to the beach for one last hurrah in the waves. It was much calmer out there on Sunday!

I was sad to say goodbye to the girls, but grateful for such a treat of a weekend! And don’t worry – Matt and Riese had a total blast together, as always. He went out and bought a bike trailer with his friend Shane and they took her on her first bike ride – what fun! 

I’m off to catch up on emails and other work – enjoy the day, friends, and I’ll catch you back here on Wednesday! 


  1. 1

    I love Cape May – such a cute Victorian downtown! Lucky you that your friend’s family has a house there. It looks like a great weekend with the company of longtime friends plus a lot of good food. What could be better?!

  2. 2

    Sounds like a super fun getaway! Time spent with girlfriends is always so much fun, especially if you don’t get to see them very often!! So nice that your friend’s family had a home you can stay in – makes for a really inexpensive getaway!

  3. 4

    Such a lovely weekend! All of your food sounds amazing, but I’m with you on it being odd to eat bread pudding cold. Bread pudding makes me think of warmth and coziness. Your bike and the turquoise basket are so cute! The grounds look beautiful and the weather just perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  4. 6

    Sounds like a wonderful getaway! Great that you could do it with your longtime friends.

  5. 7
    Carol Morton says

    This reminded me of why NJ is called “ The Garden State!” Plus, what is sour beer?

    • 8

      Very true! As for sour beer… google it! :) It’s basically intentionally acidic/tart beer — very popular right now… I love the tartness!

  6. 9

    Thank you for sharing! Glad you all had a great time there, it’s such a beautiful place. My son and I just came back from another trip to Cape May, which we enjoyed of course and I took my boyfriend there for the first time earlier this summer. He and I made our promise while at Sunset Beach to get married someday and I’m hoping he proposes to me there real soon!!! It’s again such a wonderful place for anyone! ;)

  7. 11
    Melissa Dawn says

    I am from West Cape May, and oddly was just there also! Thursday to Sunday this trip, hit up Lucky Bones, Coffee Time, WaWa to get an iced Cinn bunn to take to my Grandma for her 89th birthday etc. I hope you have experienced C-View, Tony’s pizza, Washington Inn etc, etc… (let me know if you want the insider scoop for your next trip).
    Cold Spring over the West Cape May Bridge is amazing, the Cape May Lewis Ferry Terminal has free concerts & mini golf…so much to do.
    A tourist cut in front of 3 cars (I was the 4th vehicle, 8 cars lengths back & caught the whole mess as my own…ugh!) back in mid July, in light rain… so my husband and I were headed up from NC to retrieve my SUV, and happened to dip on a hurricane & the same time…whew!!

    September is always the BEST time of the year aka ‘local summer’. My family has homes in Cape May Cape May Point (hopefully you have caught the sunset & visited the state park, found some Cape May ‘Diamonds’ & seen the bunkers), N Cape May, Rio Grande, The Villas… and all the rest of NJ we represent.
    It is just SO beautiful, I love hearing stories of peoples experiences in my home town!! I’ve been a lot of breathtaking places, but no other place compares.

  8. 13
    Stacey Duke-Middleton says

    I love this post! Such a wonderful weekend in Cape May. I had never heard of Louisa”s. I will have to try it! We have a house on the bay, which is 15 minutes from downtown. You should come our way next time and visit the bay! Lots to do and see here at our free beach. Also, you should come by and visit our free tiny library! Enjoy your winter! Stacey from @Wintersovercottage

  9. 15

    The oysters look totally delicious and the rest of the food looks incredible for that matter! There’s nothing better than sharing good food with good friends, especially in such a beautiful place. I spent the weekend away and also had some lower leg pain that came out of nowhere. Long journeys can do weird things to our bodies. Looking forward to your next article!

  10. 17

    Yay! Great recap of a fun weekend!! :D
    PS how come in every food photo I’m sitting across from you already eating… You’d think I’d know better by now than to wait until you take the photos first! Lol!

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