Weekend Highlights

Hey guys! It was a nice weekend here – gave us a little taste of spring, although apparently it’s going to snow mid-week, so it was just a tease. Oh well – we enjoyed it while it was here! One of the big highlights of the weekend was lots of walking! Riese and I (and Matt!) love the fresh air, so it was nice to get out and about a ton, especially yesterday since we had gorgeous sunny weather.

baby walking roosevelt island

Yesterday morning we met friends Kathleen and Zach and their 18 month old for a walk on Roosevelt Island. Perfect morning for it, and fun to catch up with our friends!

roosevelt island walk

I love Riese’s little hooded sweaters – so cute!

baby walk

I also got in a nice walk on Friday afternoon after finishing out work for the week – I met up with a couple friends and their babes and we walked the Mt. Vernon Trail. We parked at Daingerfield Island which is a great spot to park because there’s lots of space and you can enter the parking area going either southbound or northbound on the GW Parkway!

hiking virginia

Walking south on the trail from Daingerfield Island brings you to this cool boardwalk area:

mt vernon trail

And going north has pretty views of the marina.

trail walk virginia with baby

We had some good food this weekend too! Friday night was low key – Matt was at a work happy hour so Riese and I had a solo dinner. I bought a rotisserie chicken earlier in the week and paired it with black beans, brown rice, string beans, and a huge dollop of guac. Plus hot sauce. Great combo! And easy to eat one-handed, which was a good thing because Riese still doesn’t love being put down, especially in the evenings… she was pretty fussy on Friday night.


I had a similar variation the next day for lunch, but with microwave-wilted spinach instead of string beans.


Saturday night’s dinner was at my parent’s place – our standard fave steaks with taco salad. Yum!

taco salad and steak

Riese was the life of the party. ;)

sleepy baby

For lunch yesterday my aunt and uncle came over to see Riese (and us!) and kindly brought food with them! Big salads (greens + walnuts + dried cranberries + cherry tomatoes) with roasted salmon on top. I made a simple apple cider vinaigrette (apple cider vinegar + lemon juice + olive oil + dijon mustard) to go with the salads. Yummy!


As for dinner last night, Matt and I took advantage of the warm weather and had a little date night with Riese in tow! We hit up Rockland’s BBQ – they have a big outdoor seating area which was nice because I feel way less bad if Riese is noisy if we are outside vs. inside. ;)

cheers baby


al fresco bbq arlington va

Riese only likes the car seat/stroller if it’s moving, but luckily she was content to be held and looking around. :)

one handed bbq dinner with baby

She made it about an hour before melting down and we quickly departed. So nice having light in the evenings again – makes it much more appealing to get out and about! 

How was your weekend?


  1. 1

    Aww looks like a fun weekend, so many pretty places to go on a walk!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Donath says

    I love how she’s eyeing that beer! Funny!

  3. 4

    She is just the cutest! Looks like a fun weekend!

  4. 5

    Random story about your taco salad… I have a daughter Riese’s age and when I was newly pregnant last spring with major aversions to vegetables I saw your taco salad recipe and thought “I think I could eat that!” Pretty sure I ate it for a week straight!

  5. 7

    Lots of beans this weekend, hah! Ain’t complaining. I love that hoodie on Riese– what a cutie!

  6. 9

    My husband and I might be moving to the Dc area… what are your thoughts on Arlington and Alexandria?

    • 10

      We live in Arlington and love it, but it’s not cheap! Alexandria is also really nice (especially Old Town and Del Ray – although again, not cheap, but nothing in this area is). Honestly you can’t go wrong either way.

      • 11

        Thanks so much! We should find out soon if we are moving there. We will definitely rent something…. hopefully a townhouse or condo!

  7. 12
    Roadrunner says

    Love the “life of the party” photo — and the various Riese hats! Very nice!

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