Things I’m Loving Lately

Hi guys! Happy almost weekend. Let’s close out the week with some things I’m loving lately. What are you loving lately? Share in the comments! :)

1) Baby + Mommy Yoga

Riese and I made it to our first “baby and mommy” yoga class on Wednesday morning along with some of my mom friends! It was so much fun – I was able to time things so that she had just eaten when we got there and was in a relatively cheerful and playful mood for most of the class.

baby and mommy yoga northern virginia

We started with the babies on the mats like you see above and did some stretching in tabletop, plank, down dog, etc. while making fun faces at the babies. Then we did a bit of a standing series including some modified warrior 2 pose while holding the babes, and some seated stretching with the babies involved, too. So much fun! She got a little fussy at the end of class but overall I’d say our first try was a success. It was nice to not worry about her fussing or getting hungry or needing to be changed during class, though, since obviously all the other moms were in the same boat and it was no big deal to take a break to cheer up, change, or feed your babe! The stretch felt nice, too. :)

baby and mommy yoga nova

This class was at Sun and Moon yoga studio in Arlington; there’s another one nearby that I also want to try just to see which one I like better. It’s something fun to do together on our solo Wednesdays! :)

2) The fact that Wednesday was National Registered Dietitian Day! It took me 3.5 years of tough science-based coursework and unpaid internships to become a dietitian and the day back in February 2013 that I passed the national exam to officially become one is one of my proudest moments. I am so honored to have the opportunity to help others to improve their relationships with food through my AnneTheRD private practice and this blog! Here’s a throwback photo from that day in 2013 – and a link to the blog post I wrote after passing: “3.5 years in the making.”


Fellow intuitive eating RD Heather and I celebrated on Wednesday evening at my place with our babies and burgers, fries, and bubbly. Plus a little spinach and beet salad for good measure. ;) It was perfect!

national registered dietitian day cheers

3) (sponsored) These fun Run Virginia shirts from District Line Co., my good friend Lisa’s local t-shirt company. I thought those of you that are in the area would love these as much as I do – I can’t WAIT to get my hands on one! I’ve been helping her finalize the design/color choices over the past couple months so it’s exciting to see them in action and ready for the world now!

virginia dc running shirt

The shirts come in two colors and styles in both men and women’s sizing. There’s a tech tee version in teal for women and orange for men, and a soft and cozy casual tri-blend tee in orange for women and taupe for men.

Here’s a close up of the graphic – Lisa worked with some of the big northern Virginia running groups to help decide which local trails/races to include on the shirt; there are a bunch of Virginia trails and races as well as a few iconic DC trails/races since NoVA runners love those, too. :)


The shirts are currently on pre-sale right now through March 20, and Lisa is offering free shipping for pre-sale orders if you use the code FreeShipfANNEtastic. This is a limited edition release, so if you are interested, pre-order one today to make sure you get the size and color you want in time for spring races! :)

4) Poke bowls.

I grabbed lunch with a fellow new mom after the baby and mommy yoga class on Wednesday and had this AMAZING poke bowl at Maneki Neko Express on Lee Highway right by the yoga studio. It was sooooo good… definitely going back for another one soon! Made me miss Hawaii. :)

poke bowl

I’m off to meet an AnneTheRD nutrition client and then to wrap up the workweek. Have a nice weekend! I will leave you with some St. Patrick’s Day recipe inspiration from my blog and around the web. Enjoy!


  1. 1

    I need to see if I can get poke bowls anywhere around me. They’re SO good!

  2. 2

    What makes it safe to eat sushi / raw fish while breastfeeding but not pregnancy? I’ve always wondered this. Is it that somehow it doesn’t make it into the breast milk? Just curious 😀

    • 3

      Good question! :) When you are pregnant, the risk with raw fish is the potential for bacteria or parasites (which would be killed if the fish were cooked) – if there are any present they could potentially harm the fetus. When breastfeeding you don’t have to worry about the bacteria/parasite situation since it won’t be in the breast milk, but you do still want to be cautious of mercury content and limit fish like swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and tilefish.

  3. 4
    Roadrunner says

    Mother and baby yoga classes! What next? Well done! Getting Riese used to going to the gym!
    By the way, what do you think of the Impossible burger (a vegetarian burger that tastes just like beef!)?

  4. 6

    Love poke bowls too! So fresh and delicious. Have a great weekend!

  5. 7

    Ha! Van and i went to a mommy and me class on Thursday and he cried the entire time :) Glad you had a better experience!

  6. 9

    I loved mom and baby yoga. While on mat leave, a good friend of mine and I took our babes to Tranquil Space in Arlington – I assume that’s the other one you are going to try! It was great, although I definitely recommend getting there early as sometimes it can be crowded and there is limited parking if you drive (although you should be able to park on the street). It sounds like a similar format to Sun and Moon. I found it useful to learn new games to play and songs to sing to entertain them. Tranquil Space also has a class in their Dupont location, in case the schedule doesn’t work for you.

    Have you thought about “baby and me” swimming? There are tons of classes in the area!

    • 10

      Yes definitely want to check that place out, too! This one was nice because it wasn’t crowded and it’s easy to park there… so we’ll see which one sticks! But good to check out the options. :) I definitely want to try baby and mommy swimming too when Riese is a little bigger… any in particular you recommend?

      • 11

        We went to our local Fairfax County Rec Center (Oak Marr). I would imagine they have similar classes at Arlington rec centers as well. A friend of mine went to Kids First Swim School in Falls Church, which is a bit closer to you. We both had good experiences!

  7. 14

    That yoga class sounds so fun!! And I can’t get over Riese’s doll-like adorableness <3
    LOVE poke bowls too!

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