Weekend Recap

Hi guys! Does anyone else feel like this weekend went by WAY too quickly?! Not sure how it’s Monday again already but here we are!

We had a low key weekend. On Friday, I ate some leftovers and went to bed early with Riese while Matt stayed up and ordered food with a friend who was over. Saturday morning, my friend Jackie came over with brunch! Yay – thanks Jackie!


She brought over food from South Block Juice Co. – I had the breakfast burrito, which was delicious except I wish they used whole eggs instead of egg whites. Get with the times, South Block! (There’s more on why eating the whole egg is not only more delicious but also more nutritious in my 7 Common Nutrition Myths blog post.) We shared a couple juices between the three of us, too – mmmm.


The rest of Saturday was really low key – Matt got in a workout in the basement and it was too cold outside to go on a family walk all together, so after his workout he stayed home with Riese and I took Freyja on a nice long walk. Felt good to get some fresh air! The rest of the afternoon involved baby snuggles and also some reading – still working my way through The Fifth Trimester and really enjoying it/finding it helpful. Getting back to work after having a baby is… a lot. This book helps.

cozy afternoon

Matt made us a yummy spaghetti bolognese for dinner that night. He brought me some veggies to snack on while he cooked and I fed Riese. I love snacking on raw veggies before dinner – nice crunchy and refreshing appetizer and gets in some extra veggie volume so you don’t go into dinner starved, too.

pre dinner snack on veggies

Dinner is served! The sauce was a mix of ground beef and pork, plus spinach, green pepper, minced garlic, olives, and a jar of tomato sauce. YUM.


On Sunday, we had my parents and grandmother (Riese’s great-grandmother – whoa!) over for brunch! Riese was a big hit and so was Chef Matt’s breakfast. :)


I was hoping to make it to a yoga class yesterday and when our brunch guests headed out and I finished feeding Riese it was 1, and I saw that there was a class at 1:30 – perfect timing! I raced upstairs to change and get out the door while I had the chance. It felt amazing to stretch – yoga always feels great but right now the opportunity to slow down and zen out is also so appreciated. Post-class tomato face:

core power yoga

Matt and I invited our friend Shane over last night to watch the Superbowl with us, which was fun. I cuddled with Riese while the guys made us dinner. :)

superbowl baby snuggles

The guys whipped up chicken fajitas! We hadn’t had fajitas in ages so it was fun to mix it up. Soft flour tortillas + chicken cooked in Mexican spices + sauteed onions, pepper, and mushrooms + guac. Hit the spot! Plus a beer. :) Weirdly I have not been into wine (except for sparkling wine) at all since Riese was born – I think it’s because I’m SO THIRSTY from breastfeeding maybe? – but beer has been really refreshing lately.


Exciting game last night! I only made it through half the game (and halftime – although I wasn’t super impressed, even though I love JT), but I hear the ending was pretty action packed. What were your favorite commercials? I loved the Tide commercial – so funny! Plus I love that the Stranger Things sheriff was in it!

Anyway! I have another busy week ahead and my mom is here again being our nanny – our actual nanny tentatively starts next week. Fingers crossed it works out this time – I’m not counting on it until she arrives on day 1 given our last experience, but I get a good vibe from this one. :) It will be nice once she is here – I feel bad having to ask my mom to come over so much but I have to get work done, so… gotta do it!

I decided I’m not going to do an early morning workout date this week with the girls – I’m bummed because I love seeing them and the social time, but I was soooo exhausted after Friday morning’s. Not physically – physically it felt great to move, and wasn’t too much in terms of intensity – but just sleep-wise since it means I get even less sleep. Boo. So, I’m going to try to squeeze in another yoga class in the afternoon one day this week if I can, and if not, that’s okay too, I’ll go next weekend and instead hopefully get in some walks in the meantime!

I will leave you with a photo of our baby bottle drying rack (we have one of those fun fake grass looking ones)… we had it on the counter but Zara (our cat) apparently thought that the baby bottle parts were her new toys. She kept jumping up and knocking pieces down and batting them around – not cool. I can hardly handle making time to wash the parts once, let alone twice! We tried putting a box over the drying rack and she thought it was a game and would bat the entire thing around until she could reach into it – ugh! So, now the drying rack is in a cupboard instead. Oh well – at least it’s not taking up valuable counter space anymore!

cat playing with baby bottle parts

Have a good one, guys! And stay tuned – I have the Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe I promised coming at you tomorrow… it’s so good!


  1. 1

    I liked the Chris Hemsworth visit Austrailia ad (heart – eye emoji). Haha!

  2. 3

    Looks like a fun weekend! I have not had fajitas in ages but am thinking we need to do that for dinner soon.

  3. 4

    I’m wondering how you manage breastfeeding and drinking beer. I’ve had such mixed messages that I’ve simply not had a drink in 4 years! Do you use test strips or pump-and-dump? I’d love to know your routine if you don’t mind sharing!

    • 5

      I just stick to one drink, and I drink it while breastfeeding or immediately after so by the time I feed her again it should have worked itself out. In what I’ve read one drink is fine, though – but I think it’s one of those “do what makes you feel comfortable” type things. I’ve read pumping and dumping is actually pointless though – it’s better to just wait a little longer and let the milk filter itself – it will filter out just like it filters out of you. (Although of course if your boobs are about to explode, I would pump and dump.)

      • 6

        This is such a controversial topic but I wanted to share this piece from Dr. Jack Newman who is a huge deal in the world of breastfeeding (he has a clinic in Toronto where I live). He has lots of great resources on his website and is the originator of a paste you may have been prescribed for sore nipples. Anyways, he says that basically the issue is more about being able to safely care for the baby rather than passing the alcohol through to them. Everyone has to do what is most comfortable for them, but I found it hugely reassuring. I’m too old and sleep deprived to want to have more than a drink or two…

      • 10

        With alcohol your blood alcohol level is equal to the alcohol level in your milk. So, one drink shouldn’t hurt momma or baby. That being said, if you were a partier – you can give your child fetal alcohol syndrome after birth. Scary. Not that you’re doing that!

  4. 11
    Roadrunner says

    Nice to see you able to be out and about again, even as you sort out the nanny situation!

  5. 12

    That’s too funny about Zara and the bottle parts! Our dog loves pacifiers so we have to be careful not to leave them in the swing or anywhere else she can get to. Otherwise we catch her running around the house with them!

  6. 14
    TrackBuddy says

    So glad everything is going well! Lots of ups and downs with this whole parenting roller coaster thing for sure – I read somewhere that compared to life pre-baby, which is often much more steady-state, once you become a parent the highs are really high, and the lows are really low. I think that’s spot on. ;-)

  7. 16

    Those breakfast burritos look really tasty, but yes, whole eggs are far better than egg whites! Our youngest cat knows that if he starts knocking things off our night table, then it’ll wake me up really quick. I’ve had to keep my phone (used as our alarm) in the drawer so he can’t knock it off in the mornings. Cats can be so mischevious but adorable!

  8. 17

    Hi Anne! Not sure if you’ve ever been to the Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington (off Glebe / Rt. 50), but I went for the first time this weekend and I highly recommend! They have an indoor track for walking and/or running when it’s just too cold to get outside, and SO many activities (pickup basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, pickleball, weights, gym equipment etc.) that make for great people watching.

  9. 19

    Crazy cat lady here. How is Zara doing with one less dog and one more human? :)

    • 20

      She’s adjusting well – she is officially not at all scared of Freyja anymore and they often hang out in the same area together doing their own thing. She’s intrigued by the baby but mostly keeps her distance, although she recently has started trying to climb up onto the nursing pillow to get pet while I’m feeding Riese. Lol!

  10. 21

    Looks like a great weekend! I loved the Super Bowl commercial with the football (I don’t know their names) doing the Dirty Dancing bit. Hilarious! I laughed out loud about your cat batting around the dishes. Cats can be so goofy sometimes!

  11. 23

    Such yummy eats! I also love snacking on raw veggies before dinner! Especially in college, it’s a great way to make sure that I get in my veggies even if the dining hall options are less than ideal.

  12. 25

    Looks like a fun weekend and now I wnat a giant breakfast burrito for every meal in all the time!

  13. 26

    Awe-you are doing great! Great husband you have that even cuts up vegetables! Remember how tough that “5th trimester” was! Our youngest turns 25 this week!

  14. 28

    They say dark beer can help boost your milk supply. I have always wanted a beer over wine when I was able to have a drink again. You could always come to the Stroller Stong Moms Class at 10am! Haha no pressure 😉

    • 29

      I have been wanting to come to the stroller group! I think I’ll give it a shot once my PACE mom group on Wednesdays is over (it’s at 10:30)… since Wednesday is my day that I’m not working and home with Riese so 10 a.m. would be doable! :)

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