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Hey guys! I’m so glad you liked the looks of my Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe! I’ve already heard from a few of you who made it and enjoyed it, which is awesome. Sticking with the Mexican-ish food theme, this week’s breakfast fave so far has been tacos. Mmmm…


We had some leftover tortillas in the fridge from our Superbowl fajita feast and I thought it would be fun to mix it up and use them for breakfast! Tortillas + a few scrambled eggs + cheese + avocado + salsa + arugula. Delicious! Next time I might add some crunch or chew, though… perhaps black beans or green pepper.

On the snacking front, I’ve been enjoying my old fave Oatmeal Banana Coconut Cookies (<- old photos that need an upgrade, but still a great recipe) this week. We had some overripe bananas on hand to use up so my mom whipped up a batch of those for me – they use banana (and a little pure maple syrup) as the sweetener. I had my mom add a couple tablespoons of brewer’s yeast to the dough, too, to amp up the lactation factor. ;) I forgot how good these are – packed with nutrition, too!

oatmeal banana coconut cookies

I’ve also been pulling some Red Lentil Granola Bars out of the freezer to snack on (SO HUNGRY lately… the nursing hunger everyone talks about really kicked in finally over the past few weeks for me). I froze these a couple months ago and have been enjoying snacking on them during the day (and the night when I’m up feeding Riese). Very satisfying with the plant protein from the lentils! I cut them up into different sized bars (so I could grab whatever size correlated with how hungry I was) and then wrapped them in tin foil and put them all in a ziplock.

red lentil granola bars

Yesterday was my solo day with Riese – we had our mom’s group meeting and then headed out to lunch with some of the other moms and babies afterward. We did Silver Diner again – lots of variety on the menu and enough space for all the strollers! I had the turkey burger with sweet potato fries – not the best burger I’ve ever had in my life but it was pretty good and what I was craving.

silver diner turkey burger

Riese does pretty well at restaurants during the day – I think Matt and I are going to attempt to go out to brunch with her this weekend (although it’s looking really rainy, so we may just end up being lazy… we’ll see). If we do, I’ll probably feed her right before we leave and hope I don’t have to feed her while we are out, but just in case, any tips from my mom readers on breastfeeding in a restaurant?! I have a nursing cover that I’ve used a bunch before, but how do you feed them without a huge nursing pillow when they can’t really sit up on their own yet? I always bring my big pillow to our mom’s group but I don’t exactly want to lug that into a restaurant! (I’ve been able to time the feeds on Wednesdays so that she eats right before the mom’s group ends and doesn’t need to eat while we are out at lunch.)

Speaking of Riese and mealtimes, I have an exciting update re: dinner – last night Matt and I put Riese to bed by herself and HAD DINNER ALONE (with the monitor nearby)! So exciting!! It was really nice to be able to just chat with each other and not worry about one of us holding a melting down baby with one hand and eating with the other.

Anyway – my mom is here babysitting today so I can work but she’s busy tomorrow so Riese and I will have another solo day. Our solo days make me so happy because I love having so much quality time with her, but they are also really tiring – mad props to stay at home moms. I am so impressed by you guys!

I’ll try to pop in tomorrow morning during her nap to say hello… although we will see if I can make that happen or not since her naptime isn’t especially reliable right now. ;) I also have another session with the lactation consultant tomorrow morning to see how her weight gain is going! Have a great day guys!

baby jungle mat

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve eaten so far this week?


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    Hi! I’ve had luck with small babies with either of these options: Sort of crossing one leg and using that as the “pillow” or bring some extra blankets to support your arm.
    If you can nurse in your carrier that’s an option or just wear her while out. Typically the white noise of the restaurant is pretty soothing!
    And this looks interesting:

  2. 3

    One thing i will do if i am going out to a restaurant or somewhere that i dont want to nurse my baby is pump a bottle and bring it with me to feed. Since freshly pumped milk is good for hours i will pump right before or on the way to where ever and just keep it with me so i dont need to take the time to warm it up. Its already ready to go and if i dont use it i just bring it home and put it in the fridge or freezer as long as its still good. Im all for nursing in public and but depending on the situation i just dont want to and it can be easier to give a bottle.

  3. 5

    Hi! Regarding nursing in a restaurant- you can ball up your coat or even use a diaper bag as a boppy-ish pillow for nursing, I’ve done both! One thing- sometimes it’s nearly impossible to nurse in a booth at a restaurant without totally hitting the baby’s head on the table (if the booth doesn’t move). Keep that in mind! I tended to lean towards the booth because I felt like it was more descreet and I wasn’t the most comfortable nursing in public, but soon realized my son’s head was getting in the way so a table with chairs was easier!

  4. 7

    Great suggestions above. Also, learning to nurse in a carrier is a huge step towards freedom while out and about! She can nurse while walking, in restaurants, while shopping,etc… All about your comfort level but nursing without a cover is soo much easier, especially as she gets a little easier and starts thinking it is a toy. A tip to really limit exposure is the two shirt method. Wear a shirt then tank top under. Lift up your shirt and leave the tank down, then pull your nursing bra snaps and once baby is latched there is really no exposure! This also keeps you warm without any bare skin. A year in and I still wear two shirts everyday, so more laundry but great for nursing out and about!

  5. 11

    Since it’s winter (brr…) you could use your jacket, as well as your husbands to prop her up for the feeding. I can use my husbands by itself and it be enough support. You might be surprised that she doesn’t need to feed at all while at the restaurant. The background noise and knowing you’re there can help soothe her enough to stay calm/sleepy for you to enjoy brunch. I had a baby just a few weeks before you, and we’ve successfully been able to go out to eat more than I thought we would before we had a baby. We just make sure to feed before we go, and bring back up in an insulated carrier just in case! :)

  6. 13

    Those sweet potato fries have me drooling! (Can you tell it’s lunch time?) I whipped up some eggs, sweet potatoes and carrots with avocado (I’m trying to use up random veggies, can you tell?) this morning to eat for lunch and I’m really excited for it. I hope it tastes as good as it smelled when I was cooking this morning!

  7. 14

    awww little cutie! Um, the most delicious thing is Somoa Brownies! I want some breakfast tacos!

  8. 16

    Anne, I know you are worrying a little about her weight, but the picture of her here shows that she is developing and thriving beautifully! What a doll!

  9. 18

    I can’t wait to try that soup. I would try to kind of cross my leg over and use it as a pillow when nursing a baby, it worked okay. Hope you have a great day!

  10. 19
    Kelly Griffith says

    This is totally random, but she looks much chunkier in that picture, so I think whatever you are doing with lactation consultant is definitely working! Keep it up!

  11. 20

    My kiddo is 7 months and still won’t take a bottle (ughhh don’t get me started) so we have nursed pretty much everywhere at this point… I still hate it but it’s not so bad when they are so little. I’ve actually found it harder the bigger (and more distractable) they get. What’s worked for me… First, I second the comment above about the double shirt. If you have a nursing tank under a sweater or long-sleeved shirt, practically nothing shows. It’s the best nursing in public outfit by far. Second, a winter coat is great as both a cushion and as sort of a cape/cover to keep your back warm. The wind draft can be really chilly! Third, try to get a seat with your back against the wall of the restaurant so you face everyone (rather than a table where you are nursing in the middle of everything). This is partly for privacy and partly so that waiters and other patrons, etc, don’t bump into you and the baby! Good luck… she’s so freaking adorable!!

  12. 22

    I agree with 1) wearing a nursing tank under your shirt and/or wearing a button down shirt; and 2) kind of crossing one leg, like put your foot over your other thigh, and use that plus a rolled up blanket for extra support. I use the breastfriend for feedings at home too but always hated being dependent on it. It’s best to just jump in and nurse in public so you get used to it and don’t have to worry about it. It will be fine!

  13. 24

    Have you seen these things? They look pretty cool and are smaller than a normal nursing pillow. They have some other options on amazon as well. Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss Infant Feeding Support Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Pillow, Platinum Helix

  14. 26

    What an awesome thing to get to eat dinner with just Matt! It’s those little things that I think (I’m not a mom, so I’m projecting ;) ) that can make all the difference. Some of my favorite meals this week have been a local lox pumpernickel bagel sandwich, frozen zucchini lentil pasta I whipped up one evening, and creamy blended avocado cottage cheese toast I made for breakfast!

  15. 28

    Fast forward a few years…last night my girls (3 & 7) actually played by themselves in the basement for almost an hour without fighting or requiring other intervention, and we actually got to enjoy dinner solo! So awesome! I’m told by folks with kids who are all above the age of +/-5 that this is standard practice, but for us it’s still new & exciting to get to do that again. ;-)

  16. 30

    Great to see Riese grow week by week!

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