Weekend Recap: Brunching & Relaxing

Good morning, my friends! I hope you all had nice weekends! Mine was a great mix of socializing, relaxing, and outdoorsy fun. On Saturday, Matt and I had our friends Tom and Janice over for brunch at our place!


None of us had any big plans on the agenda this weekend and we’d been meaning to have Tom and Janice over for awhile now, so it was perfect – brunch it was!


Matt took charge of the cooking and whipped up quite a feast for all of us. The main event was a veggie/egg/sausage scramble:



Plus some really good roasted fingerling potatoes with onion, shallots, garlic, rosemary, and salt and pepper:



We all enjoyed some coffee while he cooked. I’d never tried Gevalia brand before – it was good! We’re definitely going to add it to our standard rotation. :)


We also enjoyed some delicious strawberries. So big and juicy!


When we were done with coffee, we busted out the champagne. :) Tom and Janice brought a bottle of Prosecco – my favorite!


Champagne + brunch = win.


Shortly after busting open the champagne it was time to feast. Also on our plates was some bacon and delicious farmers market bread!


Ready to eat. :)


Thanks again for joining us, Tom and Janice! And thanks to Gevalia and Safeway for the coffee & supplies. :)

Other weekend highlights included going to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden on Friday night with some of the girls:

jazz in the sculpture garden

Jazz in the sculpture garden is, exactly as it sounds, live music in the sculpture garden down on the mall every Friday night in summer. The jazz is really just background music – everyone brings picnics and hangs out eating and drinking (no booze is allowed in, but they sell sangria that’s actually really yummy)! It gets REALLY crowded but we got there early and got a good spot in the shade. It was the perfect weather for it on Friday!

downtown dc

Other highlights included a great workout at CrossFit Arlington on Saturday morning, brunch with family on Sunday morning, and relaxing with Matt at our apartment pool. I capped off the weekend yesterday evening with a nice run down on the mall with my friend Karen. We made it 3.5 miles at exactly an 8 minute/mile pace. Felt great to get out there! :)

running on the mall

I’m hopping on the metro in a few minutes – off to an office fitness center where I’m providing some nutrition consultations to their members through my AnneTheRD business. Have a great day, everyone!

How was your weekend? Any good adventures or great workouts? I’m getting excited to start training for my first full marathon soon – July 1 is my training start date! More on that soon. :)

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  1. 1

    A fun filled friend packed weekend! I work weekends so tend not to get up to too much but I make up for it during the week! Great little number seeing clients in the fitness centre! Good luck!

  2. 2

    *I’m* getting excited for you to start training! Have I mentioned I’m really excited you’re finally running a full!??! :) I LOVE your dress in the sculpture garden pic.

  3. 4

    Brunch looked great! Love prosecco too!!

  4. 5

    Very nice. Food looks great. I love my Keurig

  5. 6

    Looks like you had a great weekend filled with food, friends, and workouts! I love my Keurig machine, I use it every morning.

  6. 7

    My marathon training plan starts today! WOOHOO! I am so excited!

  7. 8

    I bet that was a hot run on the Mall. There is not a lot of shade! I did a trail run in Central Park, LOVED IT!

  8. 10

    I had a great 5 mile run through Capitol Hill down to the mall on Saturday right when it started to get cooler. It was awesome. Your brunch pics have me craving bacon!

  9. 11

    What a great weekend! Champagne and brunch is definitely a win-win situation!!

  10. 12

    Great weekend! I had a lovely brunch with my friend Elizabeth on Saturday morning and competed in the Bozeman Triathlon on Sunday!

  11. 14

    I LOVE Gevalia-brand coffee!

  12. 15

    It’s so awesome that you’re going to run a full. I’ve always thought I would never do one, but I have a feeling following your training is going to make me want to do one too. Also, you brunch looks amazing!!

  13. 16

    Hi Anne, I want you to know that as someone who is struggling to gain weight after battling an eating disorder, your website has helped me a lot. As I tried to find a healthy role-model, and consistently found myself surrounded by people dissatisfied with their bodies, I found you and saw your pictures. You have showed me that a healthy body does not always mean looking like stick-like models, and I am not as fearful of gaining weight! :) Thanks!!

    • 17

      This makes me so happy, Astha! I’m honored to hear I’ve had a small part in being a role model for you in your health journey. Strong and healthy is beautiful :)

  14. 18

    Any weekend that involves brunch is a good weekend! I get so jealous every time I see your monument pics. DC would be the perfect city to run in regularly!

  15. 19

    Hey! I was thinking about getting those brooks you sport on the last picture, how do you like em? I’m looking for a rather neutral shoe. I read your blog everyday and enjoying it!! Thank you :))

    • 20

      Thanks for reading! My Brooks are more of a support style – I love them but I would go get fitted at a running store to make sure what you get works for you!

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