Weekend Workouts + Bridal Hair

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my bridal shower post! I’m glad you all enjoyed the photos — it truly was a wonderful day. The whole weekend was awesome, actually — I loved getting to spend time with my BFFs! In addition to the shower festivities, we also went out to a fun dinner on Saturday night (at Me Jana in Courthouse, VA — a new favorite!) and got in some great workouts, too.


These girls always know to pack workout clothes when they come visit me. ;) On Saturday morning, Turner, Kris, and I all headed to my favorite trail (the C&O Canal) for a little running!


Turner and I set out with 5 miles in mind; Kris stayed back and created her own workout. Perfect!


Despite the crazy heat, we had a great run! My legs felt good and we had fun chatting away, as I usually do on my runs with friends. :)


Trail action shot:


5 miles done in 43:32. Yay! Our average pace was 8:42 minute miles.


I’ll never get tired of this view. :) I was jealous of that kayaker down there!


On Sunday morning, we got in another great workout! This time it was me, Turner, Kris, and Jessica. Jess recently got certified as a personal trainer and I’ve been to enough boot camps at this point that I have an arsenal of moves in my head, so the two of us led the workout session. Jess would come up with a workout, then I’d come up with something, and so forth!


It was fun! We did all sorts of squats, lunges, step ups, abs, push ups, planks, etc. Lots of compound moves, where you’re doing something with your arms and legs at the same time. We’re all about efficiency. ;) Here we are using the furniture as part of our workout — dips with leg raises at the top!


Jumping lunges!


Partner leg throw downs!


Plus lots more I didn’t photograph. We spent about an hour including a brief yoga cool down. Great workout! Turner emailed me yesterday that her abs are sore and said “I love how I always get in good workouts when visiting you!” Yay.

After our workout on Sunday, we said goodbye to Turner and the remaining three of us headed down to Old Town Alexandria, where we met up with Jenny, my MOH, for lunch!



We went to Le Pain Quotidien, one of my favorites. I ordered the got cheese and mushroom omelette, which came with a side salad:


Plus a side of quinoa, topped with avocado. I LOVE their quinoa salad.


I also had some black tea with milk. Mmmm. I must have been British in a former life because I love my tea with milk!

After lunch, the four of us headed to meet my mom at the bridal shop for my second wedding dress fitting! The girls were really excited to see the dress. I also tried on some fun hair pieces and decided on this one, which is much cuter in person than in the photo! I’ll put this in when I take off my veil after the ceremony. The girls and my mom all liked it and gave it the thumbs up.


I’m going for my hair and makeup trial this coming weekend so I wanted to have the hair piece to bring with me for that! I’m also going to go armed with a bunch of photos. I have a whole Pinterest board for wedding stuff (click here to see it) where I’ve been putting pictures of hairstyles I like over the past few months; I’m loving the sideswept, romantic curls/loose twists or braids look. Here are some looks I was a big fan of:


Photo credits: Source and Source

We’ll see what the hair people think next weekend. :)

Off to work — this is my last week at the hospital!


  1. 1

    Yay!! Nice post! Yes my abs are also sore…

  2. 2

    I got a quote on the blog! Yay! And I love the hair ideas! So sorry I missed the dress fitting, but at least I found an apartment!

    I also made a version of your sweet potato enchiladas last night, to see why Matt loves them so much ;) They were a hit!

  3. 4

    I love wedding hair! The top one is gorgeous but looks like it might fall out a bit if you’re dancing all around! Both look amazing!

  4. 5

    I really like both of those hairstyles. I even pin both of them :) I’m getting married in November and haven’t even thought about hair!

  5. 6

    The feather hairpin is sooooo cute. My favorite is the second hairstyle, but they are both really cute. Wedding planning is so fun!

  6. 7

    I love the hair in the left picture! Sooooo romantic. I love that your friends are always down for a fun workout.

  7. 8

    I love those bottom two hairstyles! The one with the flower is gorgeous!

  8. 9

    Love the hair! I’m getting married October 12, and have my hair trial coming up. I’ve pinned some of the same dos!!! I’ll have to check out your Pinterest page. What a fun time!!!

  9. 10

    LOVE the hair idea!! Very pretty! That quinoa with the avocado looks incredible btw!!!

  10. 11

    What ever you decide on the hair-do, Anne, it will be beautiful because you are beautiful. Inside and outside. OMG, I’m getting sappy. But I mean it.

  11. 15

    A Great weekend is always made better when u throw in a few good workouts! Love the hair piece!

  12. 16
    Adventurer says:

    Love the hair, too! Very nice… And all best for a great final week at the hospital!

  13. 17

    Oh my gosh – love the hairdo at the end!

    I’m so glad you mentioned Me Jana- I’ve been wondering if it was good bc I live in this area.. it’s always packed!

  14. 18

    I love how you had a fun weekend with friends and did a few good workouts–that’s the best of both worlds, right? When I played basketball in college, we used to do partner leg throw downs *all* the time. They’re super challenging! And I’m a fan of both hair ideas you posted. :)

  15. 19

    My hair inspiration for my own wedding was the picture on the left! :) I LOVED IT! If you get it done securely you can still have the loose, romantic look but not worry about it falling out.

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