Winter-y Weekend

Hey friends! 

It has been feeling quite winter-y lately, but I’m enjoying it – the fresh, cold air feels so good when running!

running on the mt vernon trail

My friend Kathleen and I got in another nice run this weekend – 5 miles, check!

I felt a little sluggish so I was especially glad to have a buddy to chat with to make the miles go by more easily. :)

Post-run breakfast courtesy of Chef Matt: cheese toast with bacon, eggs, avocado:

cheese toast with bacon eggs avocado

The bread was a delicious sprouted grain bread from local Honey Brook Farms I’ve been buying at the farmer’s market lately – love it!

The Del Ray farmer’s market is a little smaller now that winter is approaching, but there’s still a lot of great stuff there! I picked up a few other things (pictured above) while there on Saturday morning. 

del ray farmers market

Other food highlights from the weekend included a trip to Aslin Brewery with some friends where Riese, Matt, and I shared some tacos and beans:

aslin brewery

A yummy seared salmon with a yogurt sauce (just plain yogurt mixed with lemon juice and a tiny bit of grated garlic), plus some farro, canned chickpeas, and veggies:

salmon with yogurt and farro veggies

Oatmeal is solidly back in the rotation – I use my microwave banana oatmeal recipe but double it and make it on the stovetop since I’m making it for 3 of us!

This variation had some frozen wild blueberries and ground flaxseed in the mix, too, plus some nut butter stirred in right before serving.

banana oatmeal

We also made a yummy cheesy lime chicken last night – this was a Blue Apron recipe and sooo good. I loved the caramelized red onion and peppers, too. Delicious!

cheesy chicken

My mom found some of my brother’s old block/large Lego type toys and Riese has been loving them (and the fireplace, which we just had re-tiled last week when they were doing the kitchen backsplash)… the fireplace it makes the house feel so cozy and the animals agree:

And lastly, I bought a new 2020 planner this weekend and I’m super nerdily excited about it. Anyone else get really pumped for new planners? (It’s this one on Amazon – affiliate link – if you’re interested!) 

cute 2020 planner monthly weekly

Have a great Monday and I’ll see you guys back here with a fun fall cocktail recipe!

And don’t forget that if you’re planning your Thanksgiving dinner menu, I have a whole blog post with easy recipe options for you to peruse: Best Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes


  1. 1

    I’m trying to get outside as much as possible for running. The Blue Apron chicken looks delicious, I’ll have to make it soon.

  2. 2

    Lots of good eats, especially those tacos! Tacos are my love language! ;) I went to a taco place close to our new house yesterday with a couple of girlfriends. It will be nice to be walking distance from this place. They make their own tortillas and they are so good! We move in on Friday so this week is going to be hectic!

    Love your fireplace! The tile is so pretty!

  3. 4

    The new tile on the fireplace looks great – and it appears that your dog and cat approve, too!

  4. 5

    Kudos to the Del Ray Farmer’s Market Sprouted Bread Guy! Huzzah!

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