Long Weekend Adventures

Hi friends! It was a whirlwind of a day yesterday trying to catch up on work from the long weekend, but it was worth it for 3 nice and relaxing days off. Here are some highlights from the long Memorial Day holiday weekend! I hope you all enjoyed it, too, and also took some time on Monday to remember and honor those who are the real reason for the holiday.

The weekend was gorgeous, weather-wise, so I took advantage big time. On Friday, I cut out of work a little early and went for a late afternoon bike ride with my friend Karen. We met up at the start of the Capital Crescent trail in Georgetown (by Key Bridge Boathouse) and biked all the way up to Bethesda and back.


Once we reached Bethesda, we stopped for an icy treat – frozen yogurt at Sweetgreen, my favorite! Theirs is so tart and refreshing. Plus berries and coconut!


On the way back, I had a little biking fail and totally wiped out – one of those dumb things where you see it coming and just can’t do anything to stop it. I was reaching for my water bottle, hit my handlebar weird and it tipped me a little, which would have been fine, but then my front tire hit Karen’s back tire and BAM. Pavement to body. Oops! I was a little bloody and looked hardcore/deranged for the rest of the ride… this photo doesn’t really do it justice, lol. I banged up my right knee and left hip quite a bit when I landed but thankfully they seem to just be bruised, not actually injured. Whew! My bike was okay, too – one of the handlebars is bent a bit but everything works just fine. I got lucky!



On Saturday, Matt and I went to a wedding out in Leesburg, VA – gorgeous day for it. The reception was at Raspberry Plain and it was SO stunning – a big estate home out in the countryside. Reminded me of our wedding venue, Rosemont Manor, a little bit! Thanks to all of your advice I decided to wear my new Stitch Fix dress and it worked out quite well. Comfy, too!


Sunday morning’s adventure was tennis fun with Matt and our friend Shane. Excited to play more again now that the weather is nice and warm! I played tennis in high school and while I’m definitely not anywhere near as good now as I was then, I still love getting out there. :)


Sunday afternoon involved lots of pool time! Love that our apartment pool is open again for the season. I heart summer! Matt and I also got our little apartment railing herb boxes all planted. We hit up the farmer’s market on Saturday morning and picked up some basil, cilantro, dill, and parsley (already grown) and replanted it in our boxes. Hoping they thrive! We tried to do it from seed last year and with the exception of parsley and dill it didn’t go so well, so we’ll see how this approach does. :)


On Monday, we spent most of the day hanging out up in Bethesda, MD with our friends Tom and Janice, who just bought a house up there. Tom wanted to show me and Matt the cool trails near their place so we headed up for a late morning run to explore.


We ended up covering 6 miles on the Capital Crescent trail north of Bethesda (isn’t it gorgeous?) and a little bit of Rock Creek Park, which connects to it.


It was hot out there but we had a great time – the scenery was gorgeous! And it was nice and flat for the most part, too.



So fun! We showered at their place and had lunch in town afterward at Café Deluxe. I used to work in Bethesda so it’s always fun to come back! I had a big salmon salad for lunch and then we all went for gelato afterward, but one of the big food highlights was these crab deviled eggs I got as an appetizer. I’m obsessed with deviled eggs – anyone else? Love that they are “trendy” right now and popping up on menus in creative ways. The crab was a really nice twist and that’s black sea salt on top! YUM! (p.s. I have a healthy deviled eggs (<– link) recipe here on the blog!)


How did you enjoy the great outdoors over the weekend?


  1. 1

    OMG. I went to Cafe Deluxe on Monday as well – just the one in Tysons! ;) Got the meatloaf! The weather was definitely spectacular and glad you’re okay! :) Cute dress!!!

  2. 4

    The weather was so perfect this past weekend! I spent as much time outside as I could and enjoyed a run and the farmer’s market in Colonial Williamsburg. Your running scenery is so pretty!

  3. 5

    Oh no bummer about falling!!! Hope you’re bike is ok…and your elbows!!! I’ve never tried deviled eggs!!! I must!

  4. 6

    Hello,Anne welcome back with news,You look great(nice dress) and do a lot of activities,,nice to read about here.By the way,i am watching you from Europe,,haha,,
    Have a nice day every day!

  5. 7

    Glad you didn’t hurt yourself too badly! I went on a bike ride over the weekend as well and I saw a girl on her bike get hit by a car. She was conscious, but they took her away in an ambulance. :(

  6. 9

    Bethesda looks beautiful, I’ve only been there once before and it was more in the city area. Sorry about your fall, glad you and your bike is okay (I love your mint greenish handle bars). I enjoyed being back home in Pittsburgh for the weekend and was outside all day Saturday (it was for a tailgate- I think that still counts, haha).Have a good rest of the week!

  7. 11
    karin carmack says:

    Congrats on being one of Lifehacks blogs to follow. Quite an honor. I love that site :-)

  8. 15

    Ouch, sorry to hear about the bike fall. At least it wasn’t anything major. I’ve done worse (and it involved stitches)

    I spent most of the weekend outdoors! Went on a hike, visited a vineyard, and went on a long bike ride with a friend.

  9. 16

    It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love summer for this very reason-getting to be outside a lot! I’ve spent a few hours going on walks this weekend, along with a run and a bike ride. Your fall sounds painful- OUCH! Glad you’re ok though. I also planted a few pots this weekend, and I can’t wait for my plants and herbs to grow!

  10. 17

    I love when I look back at weekends and see that I spend the majority of it outside! :) Its the best feeling… I ran a half marathon this weekend, it was a great race atmosphere for a great cause. You have the Hearbreak hill half coming up soon right?

    Sara :)

  11. 19

    Looks like you had quite the active weekend! Glad you weren’t hurt too bad on your fall – ouch. Love your dress from the wedding, really cute!

  12. 20

    I hope the hip is okay today! I have done a stumble before in the bike and you always feel so hardcore! This weekend we got in some great outdoor runs and some biking!

  13. 21

    Could you give any more details about the stitch fix dress like name style, number etc. we love the dress thanks

  14. 23

    Tennis is awesome!! I too played through high school (and about 2 days in college) Your racquet looks a lot like my old one – it’s not a Hammer is it?

    • 24

      Ha I played for like 2 days in college, too! And then decided that socializing was more appealing than lots of tennis practices… ;) And YES, my racquet is a Hammer! It’s my old one from high school and I still love it.

  15. 25
    Roadrunner says:

    Looks like you made the most of the great weather, Anne. Well done, as always!

  16. 26

    I work in Leesburg! It was certainly beautiful weather for an outdoor wedding. We went to Berryville to spend time on a friend’s farm for Memorial Day. Awesome :)

    Sorry to hear about your fall but good job at truckin through :)

  17. 28

    I had a similar fall last year. Love the trail pictures. I was in DC this last weekend for the first time and I loved the area!

  18. 29

    that sweetgreen treat looks amaazing! sounds like a super fun & active weekend!

  19. 30

    OMG I am obsessed with deviled eggs. If I even see them at a party I have to keep myself away from the table after I have 1 or 2 or I’ll eat the entire tray. nom nom nom…

  20. 31

    I am take it or leave it with deviled eggs but crab deviled eggs sound fantastic! I spent the whole weekend on the beach…it was perfect :)

  21. 33

    Sounds like you had a lovely fun weekend apart from your fall. I am so worried about failing that i need to get it over and done with!! I hope you are ok and sure you can get your handle bar straighened. Wish we had also had the same lovely weather hear in England but it rained all weekend.

  22. 34

    So glad that you are okay! Hope you are healing well. Yes, summer has arrived for us. Looks like you had a great weekend!!!

  23. 35

    Those trails looked so pretty! I’m trying to get back into a running groove, so I started up again this past weekend. I need to find cool trails to explore in my area so I’m not stuck doing the same boring neighborhood route every day!

    P.S. New commenter, but I’ve been reading for a while. I love your blog! You show how living a healthy, active lifestyle can be fun, and every time I read I feel inspired! :)

  24. 37
    Lauren B. says:

    Hey Anne! Have you ever done a post where you review your bike? Is that the Trek Alexa, and if you don’t mind me asking, which model? I am debating purchasing a road bike this year, since I’ve been using my mountain bike for everything and would like to be able to ride more efficiently. Do you have any recommendations for selecting a bike?! Thanks!

    • 38

      It is the trek alexa! I got it a few years ago and really love it – I don’t remember which model it is unfortunately! I’d recommend going to talk to the people at a bike store – we got a lot of great advice on picking bikes, and actually trying out the bikes at the store was helpful, too, to make sure it was comfy! Good luck!


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