With Love for Boston.

My runner’s heart is breaking over what happened in Boston yesterday. As someone said on Twitter, as a runner, I felt like someone had just attacked my friends. As a person, I am just horrified.

I was not in Boston this year for the race, but I have had the pleasure of spectating it twice in the past and I know what a fun and exciting day it usually is for Bostonians and everyone else there to cheer friends and family on. My brother went to college in Boston and in 2008, my friend Kris and I cheered on our best friend Turner from the steps of my brother’s frat house as she ran the race. I didn’t take many photos back then but we did take a late night trip to the finish line area the night before the race just to see it in all its glory. The longest I’d ever run in 2008 was 5 miles, and I remember being so awed by how far everyone would have run by the time they crossed that finish line, victorious, the next day.



For someone to take the finish line of a marathon – and not just any marathon, but Boston, the holy grail of marathons – and change it from a place of power, pride, and happiness into that of fear and sadness is just devastating. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I heard the news yesterday. My heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

I encourage all of you to get out there and run today – for yourself, for Boston, and for those who can’t. If you can, wear a race shirt – either on your run or to work if your office allows. I’m sporting my Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon shirt and will be all day.


Let’s show the world how strong runners are. Boston – this one’s for you.

If you know of any ways that we can help from afar, please share in the comments.


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    Thank you for this nice post, Anne! I live just a few miles from part of the route and knew people running yesterday. My heart is just broken. Marathon Monday is a HUGE day here in Boston; the city comes together in happiness and support of many cultures being represented in the race. Marathon Monday will never be the same again and it saddens me terribly.

  2. 2

    I love that you posted about Boston, I think it would be insensitive to write about something else. I’ll wear a race shirt today! I know I can’t do much for those in Boston from California but I decided to order lunch for my local fire department today. It’s all about everyone paying it forward in any way they can.

  3. 4

    Wearing my race shirt proudly today after going for a run this morning. The events from yesterday motivated me to run a little faster this morning.

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    http://Paula%20Sparkle says

    Anne, here’s another thank you for your compassionate post on Boston. My whole family lives near Boston and some of my brother’s former high school students and their families have been very directly affected. Thanks also for encouraging runners to stay strong – it will help everyone.

  5. 6

    Wearing my race shirt in support today! We are a tough group, runners. We will band together after this and come out ever stronger than before.

  6. 7
    http://Jill says

    What a beautiful post, my first apartment in Boston was just blocks away from the site of the first blast. I was blessed to have lived in a dorm in college where I could see the marathon runners outside my window.

    I will be happy to wear purple for days.

  7. 8
    http://Amy%20Ramos says

    I ran this morning-2 miles and proudly wore my race t-shirt. I plan on dedicating my longer run this weekend to Boston. While I did not know anyone who was running the BM, I felt personally attacked as runner. Something as free as putting one foot in front of the other, was stripped. But do not fear, the races I will run this year will make me more determined to kick butt.

  8. 10
    http://Kris%20S says

    A wonderful post! I am completely devastated by what happened. I cheered at that marathon so many years (some with you!), and some at the finish line. I know how great and uplifting it can be to spectate, and that the cheers will be twice as loud next year! I <3 Boston!!! Thanks for giving my past home a worthy shout-out on the blog!

  9. 11

    Great post. I still can’t believe what happened yesterday. I can’t wear a race shirt to work, but am sporting blue and yellow for Boston!

  10. 12

    It seems like we all have a connection to Boston. Thanks for posting this.

  11. 13

    An absolutely horrific event, but the running community is strong and Boston will recover. All we need to do is hope, stay strong Boston.

  12. 14
    http://Kristel says

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  13. 16
    http://Shannon says

    THANK YOU! I was a runner (dropped due to injury at mile 12) and just got back on medical bus to finish as first bomb went off. I am forever grateful that my family and all my running club is accounted for safely and very heartbroken and emotional over whole situation but the outpouring of love and support has been AMAZING so thank you!

  14. 18

    I had friends who were running and they made it to mile 25 and mile 23 and I am so devastated for them. To train for months and months and be robbed of your chance to cross the finish line at the very end is heart breaking. I work not too far from the race, so I was getting texts non stop from friends and family far away. Such an awful, terrible thing to happy to our city, but we are strong and resilent and will survive, stronger than ever.

  15. 19
    http://Roadrunner says

    Thanks… Ran 6 with a buddy… Thought of the tragic losses and injuries in Boston…

  16. 20

    Absolutely devastated, thanks for showing support

  17. 21

    I hope you’ll join us virtually for the Chicago Running Bloggers Run for Boston 5k on 6/15. Check it out here:


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