Hi guys! Like my punny title? ;) 

It’s in honor of the fact that this week the eats were all about wraps! I always love throwing leftovers into wraps – such a fast and easy lunch. 

Riese and I had two similar wrap variations for lunch this week. First was leftover grilled chicken and hummus, with some greens added to mine. I ended up chopping Riese’s chicken up a little smaller so it was more bite sized after taking this photo!

chicken hummus wraps easy

Ready to eat!

toddler lunch idea healthy wrap

She ate all the blackberries, a few of the peas, and a few bites of the wrap, which I consider a success, especially since she ate a whole string cheese right before this because it was the only way I could get lunch ready without her clinging to me or melting down… #reallife

Don’t worry, I finished off her wrap for her. ;)

Yesterday we had another variation – chicken and hummus again, but with guac added this time too, and some leftover veggies, corn, and rice in mine as well as some greens.

easy chicken wrap for toddler

The veggies/corn/rice were leftover from a Mexican feast Matt made us the night before:

leftover mexican feast

And the chicken, steak, and corn we were eating this week were originally leftover from Monday, when we had some friends over for a Labor Day BBQ.

Pre-grilling snacks right before we relocated outside. The caprese salad could have used some peaches a la my Heirloom Tomato + Peach Caprese Salad recipe but it was still good. ;)

It unfortunately started pouring during dinner, and we were sitting outside (although our table umbrella did pretty well), but Riese ended up loving the rain and having a blast, so it all worked out. ;) 

As for fitness this week, I’ve enjoyed a couple yoga classes and also some stroller jogs.

I still haven’t quite found my fitness groove here in Alexandria… one of the yoga classes this week was actually back at my old fave studio in Arlington, which I’m finding myself really missing! It was just such a perfect fit time-wise (6:45 a.m. classes, vs. all the places down here are 6 a.m. and that 45 minute difference has felt hugeeeee), and I loved the instructors, too. Blah. Need to get into a solid new routine! 

Anyway – re: the stroller jogs, Riese likes when we run – when I stop for a walking break she says “fast? fast?” over and over. ;) My little adrenaline junkie!

And now, I’m really excited because I have a special treat awaiting me later today: a girl’s beach weekend! I’m headed up to Cape May, NJ this evening with college besties Turner and Kris for one last summer hurrah. We are pumped. And I’m sure Riese will be too, because she gets to spend the whole weekend with Daddy – she is SUCH a Daddy’s girl and always wants to be with Matt vs. me. It hurts my feelings a little bit but it’s mostly cute. ;) 

Catch you guys back here on Monday with a weekend recap! 


  1. 1
    Emily McDougall says

    Are you taking the ferry from Lewes, DE to Cape May?

    • 2

      I’ll probably drive around – seems like it’s usually a little faster vs. the ferry! But let me know if you think otherwise… never tried the ferry before. Is it easy?

  2. 3

    Riese in the rain😄Sooo Cute! Wanted to comment on a previous post that Riese looks like she’s gonna have a gorgeous head of hair like her momma’s😍 naturally curls up- she’s such a beauty. Y’all have a great weekend- planning on making that tomato/ peach salad😄

  3. 8

    Eats look yummy! Have a great time in Cape May!

  4. 9

    Hope Cape May was wonderful! Nice time of year to be there, i would think!

  5. 11

    Hey there! I have always enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for posting each week! Question… Which kind of wraps do you use? They look yummy and always looking for new brands to try.:)
    Thanks so much!

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