Active Travel Tips + A Brooks Giveaway!

Hello, hello! Matt and I are continuing to enjoy our vacation here in the Outer Banks, NC with family. Wednesday’s storms cut the heat and humidity quite a bit so yesterday, we kicked off the day with a morning run!


We ended up having a great run – after a few days of yoga and shorter workouts I was feeling ready for a good, solid jaunt. We headed off north through Duck.


And ran along the path by the road with some lovely views.


During the run, I had the pleasure of testing out some new gear that Brooks sent me this month as part of my Run Happy Ambassadorship – the PureProject Reflective Skort and the Versatile Support Tank.

brooks running

I loved both – isn’t the uneven hemline of the skort fun? It has really fine mesh spandex shorts underneath that are extremely comfy, too. As for the tank, I absolutely loved the back, and loved that it was flowy at the bottom so it was really comfortable to run in. The bottom was actually two fine layers of mesh – this was nice and breezy and kept me cool, and also meant I could wipe my (extremely sweaty) face off with the top layer without showing off my stomach to passerbys. Win!

We ended up running 3 miles out and back to make it an even 6.


Matt is super fast from all his soccer playing so he encouraged me to pick up the pace in the last mile. Oof! :)


  • Mile 1: 8:42
  • Mile 2: 8:59
  • Mile 3: 9:07
  • Mile 4: 8:55
  • Mile 5: 8:56
  • Mile 6: 8:01


It was a great run – felt so good to sweat! Do you guys exercise while on vacation? I love staying active while on vacation – not because I feel like I have fit in exercise, but because I want to! Running is one of my favorite ways to sightsee, no matter where I am, and starting my day with a run always leaves me feeling like a million bucks.

When I was out in Seattle with Brooks last month for the half marathon, I had the pleasure of seeing Kira Harrison, a footwear merchandising associate at Brooks Running, for the second time (I first met her last year in NYC – blurry but fun action shot of her below!).


Kira is a lifelong runner who travels the world to gather insight, build award-winning shoes, and help people everywhere run happy, so she has mastered the art of traveling as her job requires her to pack up and go quite frequently. With so many people taking trips and weekend getaways this summer, she’s sharing with us some of her best tips for squeezing in exercise in a fun and realistic way. I love her tips – I follow all of these myself, too! Do you guys have any good ones to add to the list?

Tips for Staying Active on Vacation

Get out the door in the morning before your day starts. When you are on the road, your schedule can often be unpredictable; by running in the morning you guarantee getting your run in and it energizes you for the rest of the day.

Use your run as a sightseeing opportunity. Running is a great way to see a new place and the run becomes an adventure vs. just exercise.

Pack fast drying apparel, made of synthetic fibers. Because you won’t be able to do laundry on the road, you want your gear to dry before you have to pack it back into your suitcase. Also, a plastic bag to wrap around your shoes is helpful to keep dirt and smell away from the rest of your belongings.

Connect with a local running store for advice on routes. They also may have running groups that leave from their store which will provide you with running buddies. If crunched for time, the hotel concierge is also a great resource.  Many have pocket-sized maps with recommended running routes, making it simple to get in a good run right out the front door.

To keep your legs fresh, wear compression socks on the airplane. This helps maintain blood flow and your legs will feel better on your run.

And now, for a giveaway from Brooks in honor of all this great summer running while on the go! Who inspires you to Run Happy? Is it a parent, a friend, a coworker? I have a ton of run inspirations, but the one that came to mind first when I saw this question is my friend Lauren from grad school. :)


Lauren was a big inspiration to me all through grad school as a runner, and also when I decided to sign up for the Richmond Marathon as my first full! We have had so many running adventures (running the morning after all our friend’s weddings when everyone else was still in bed, getting totally lost while out on a run in Italy… etc), and she sent me the sweetest, most inspiring card right before Richmond. “At mile 25, take it all in – for that is where the magic happens and you become a marathoner.” She was right! Lauren – thanks for being not only a good friend but also a great running inspiration. :) Brooks is going to send you a full outfit (top, bottom, shoes) as a thank you – I hope you think of me when you’re out pounding the pavement in it!

And now, it’s your turn (U.S. entries only, please)! Share a comment with which runner in your life inspires you the most to Run Happy and why! I’ll randomly select one winner on Monday and email them directly; the winner will be able to gift the person that inspires them the most with a full outfit from Brooks as a thank you for their inspiration! :)

Here’s to running happy, whether on vacation or not!


  1. 1

    My dad, even though he no longer runs due to arthritis. He motivated me to get running 11 years ago, and was always faster than I was. When I marathon-ed in 2011, he and my mom saw me at 6 different stops on the course

  2. 2
    Jill Newcomb says

    My brother! He recently ran the Big Sur International marathon and that has since become my goal!

  3. 3

    My mom inspires me as a runner. She is the one who encouraged me to start running and she ran her first full marathon last fall at 56 years old. she inspires me everyday to be a better runner :)

  4. 4

    My sister is the runner that inspires me most! She is always game for a new running adventure and is the first one to lace up with me and head out the door. Even through some of the most grueling long distance runs, she finds a way to make it fun and adventurous!

  5. 5

    I am inspired most by running blogs, a lot of people I know in real life are not runners, so I have to find my inspiration elsewhere. I love reading stories that I can related to, even as a slower runner.

  6. 6

    My mom. Seeing her stay active the older she gets is so inspiring and motivates me to keep active to keep up with her.

  7. 7

    My six year old inspires me! I love to run but some days it can start to feel like a chore so watching him run as fast as he can just for the fun of running always reminds me to keep it fun.

  8. 8

    My best friend and former roommate Rachel inspires me to run! She was the person who encouraged me to sign up for my first half, ran all the training runs with me (and kept me entertained while we ran! She has a rare talent of running + talking simultaneously) and to this day gets me out of bed in the morning to run with her. Plus, she totally has the whole mental running game mastered :)

  9. 9

    My boyfriend inspires me the most. I run much slower than he does but sticks with me when we run together supporting me to reach my running goals!

  10. 10

    My little sister first inspired me to first start running, and she still does today!

  11. 11

    My friend Susanne encouraged me to train for my first 5K, and has kept up the “run happy” vibes since then. After watching her take on her first (and second and third) half marathons over the past year, I took the leap and signed up to run my first half early next year. I’m nervous about training for such a big (to me, anyway) race, but I know that her continued encouragement will help keep me motivated.

  12. 12
    Marisa Waits says

    No one really close to me is a runner, so all of the running blogs really inspire me to keep getting out there!

  13. 13

    my sister completed her first 5K

  14. 14

    My friend Kari inspires me the most. She was the one who had the most faith in me and convinced me to sign up for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in 2013. After that, running became my “thing” and I signed up for my first half in April because I believed in myself.

  15. 15

    Your outfit is so cute! My husband is my inspiration. Happy weekend!

  16. 16

    My younger sister. She went from barely being able to run a mile to killing it in a 10-miler recently!

  17. 17

    my boyfriend, who is also speedy from soccer!

  18. 18

    My best friend Stephanie inspires me to run. When we were in college, before I became a runner, she was running marathons and I was always up for making signs and cheering her on. I never thought that I would be a runner myself, but found her effort and commitment to training inspiring. One day our senior year I remember feeling a little extra energetic and she convinced me to join her for a run and I LOVED it. It was my first attempt at running when I didn’t feel like death. 8 years later I have 3 half marathons under my belt. Stephanie has an injury that keeps her from running long distances but she’s making posters and cheering me on, and joining me for shorter runs when we happen to be in the same city.

  19. 19

    ANNE!!! This is the highlight of my week. I’m honored that you consider me an inspiration, when I consider you an inspiration in not only running, but with your career, positive attitude, and life! I’m so excited for my Brooks package that i’ll be looking forward to it everyday in the mail. Its perfect because I need new running shoes too! Love you and lets race together again soon.

  20. 21

    My hubby!! We aren’t distance runners by any means, but he encourages me to run 1 or 2 miles 3/4 times a week! :)

  21. 22

    My sister! We ran our first 10k together and now are about to start training for a half! She inspires me to just keep going!

  22. 23

    My husband who overcame an addiction

  23. 24

    My friend, Steph, inspires me to run happy! She lives in Dallas, yet she and I text everyday about our workouts and healthy habits.

  24. 25

    I don’t have any running friends, so Kara Goucher is my inspiration! She forges a trail for female athletes gracefully, knows how to bounce back from injuries and defeats, and shares a really positive attitude in her facebook posts and blogs etc. She’s juggling Olympic-level training with raising a family, and just keeps it real. She’s also not afraid to post throwback photos showing herself as a chubby kid, a nerd, and a young fitness lover – which definitely helps those of us that feel they grew up in a similar world!

  25. 26

    My grandmother! If she can run then so can I :)

  26. 27

    My friend lives across the country from me in San Francisco, and I love him to death. We started running at around the same time – signing up for our own individual races about 2 years ago. Though we haven’t gotten to run together much because of the distance, we always share our personal victories together! I love telling him about a new PR or gifting each other running gifts (he got my a spibelt for my birthday and I got him a medal display hanger for his!)

    We (and another friend) are actually taking a trip to Europe together during the first two weeks of August, and we’re determined to go for a run in each city we visit, so the travel tips were great!

    • 28

      I’ll be in Europe in the first two weeks of August, too! Visiting friends in Paris and Switzerland – so excited to run Europe! :)

  27. 29
    Roxanna Hall says

    My husband is the one who most inspires me – to continue to run, have fun, and seek new adventures! We met through the Dallas Running Club; sparked our courtship at the DC Cherry Blossom Run; got engaged in Prague – the day before running the half marathon there; have run races in , HI, CA, AR, and OKC; and even kept up with our training runs on a cruise ship in the middle of the Baltic Ocean. We have made it a goal to combine our vacations and races as much as possible. Next up for us this year – 1/2s in Utah and Boston.

    • 30

      This is so awesome! :) I was in Prague teaching English when the marathon was going on – I wasn’t a long distance runner then and would love to go back someday and do that race!

  28. 31

    My running buddy Julie! We live about an hour away from each other so when we meet up to run and race together, it is like a slumber party! She is awesome.

  29. 32

    My sister, Alison inspires me to run! She worked so hard to become a great runner in high school, and she has shown her true character by working hard to overcome tough breaks/injuries.

  30. 33

    My sister is the fastest female runner that I know and she is constantly giving me the best tips for training.

  31. 34

    This is a great post and makes me think about how to fit in exercise on holiday. Have a wonderful time. it looks lovely and your outfit looks nice but comfy.

  32. 35

    My Mom inspires me! She ran for years but can no longer run because of her knees. She is still so fit though! She is def. a hot Mama and does spinning and body pump nearly every day.

  33. 36

    My best friend Brittany and my Dad are the best running buddies that I could ask for. They are constantly pushing and encouraging me to be my best!

  34. 37

    My daddy inspires me the most to Run Happy!! He’s been running every single day for the past 45+ years (with the exception of 2 days for two hand surgeries…and even then he did a brisk walk) rain, snow, hail – you name it! He is now 72 and looks a good ten years younger! He inspires my twin sister and I to run and is the reason we are also addicted to running! Anytime I need motivation – he gives it to me! Brooks is also his favorite running brand and he definitely Runs Happy (we pretty much exclusively buy him running gear as gifts and it makes him the happiest)!! :)

  35. 38

    Bloggers! When ever I read about their run and race achievements, I always get inspired!

  36. 39

    My mom! She’s the one who signed me up for my first 5k and now she’s the only one I can get to go along with my crazy running ideas, no matter how reluctant she is. When I suggested a doing a 10k, she told me she couldn’t run that far. We did it anyway and she ended up beating me! Then I convinced her to do a 10 mile run and finally a half marathon. Every time, she tells me she doesn’t think she can do it. Then she ends up 5 seconds behind me! Our latest adventure I convinced her to do is the Glass Slipper Challenge in February. I’m so glad I have her to run by my side! Plus, she makes me work harder because I can’t be beat by my mom ;-)

  37. 40
    Amanda S. says

    My dad inspired me to start running and my type 1 diabetes keeps me motivated to never give it up!

  38. 41

    My boss and friend Heather had inspired me to start running. She has been running tons of races and convinced me to sign up for my first 5k last month.
    Also my favorite running buddy my dog Domino, because he loves running with me!!

  39. 42

    My dad! He started running at the age of 40 to get in shape and to be healthier. He has now completed multiple half marathons, qualified for Boston during his FIRST marathon, ran the boston marathon in 2012 (one of the hottest races in history) and made it back up to running 10 miles every weekend after knee surgery this winter. His love for running definitely rubbed off on my sister and I! I can’t thank him enough for introducing me to the world of running!!

  40. 43

    My sister motivates and inspires me! Running isn’t my first go-to workout so whenever I know she’s running it reminds me to get in a few miles.

  41. 44

    My best friend! Not only does she inspire me, but we’ve really reconnected through running! Being able to motivate each other is important, but her keeping me accountable is the best! I recently went through a really rough patch (actually, I’m not out of it…) and her motivation to keep me active and not just laying in bed feeling sorry has been so good for me. I’m even seeing an improvement in my pace thanks to her always trying to boost my confidence (and yelling at me not to stop!). I could not be more thankful!

  42. 46

    You are!
    I was a decent runner — well ok runner since 1992 and never really did over 5- miles. I had a huge chest surgery (scare) in 2011…. and was fierce at running after my recovery. Just had to “take back” my power and my interests. Your blog helped with nutrition and with helpful tips. ( plus getting an I-pad and finding my way thru the blog world — could not’ lift anything over 6 pounds). I did my first half one year later and have done multiple 10k’s. I love your blog and continue to enjoy your recipes and nutrition/fitness tips. Thank-you! P.S. Our adult children when home enjoy these healthy meals too when visiting.

  43. 48

    My wonderful friend Stephanie…she talked me into signing up for our first marathon together. I couldn’t even run a 5k at the time. Now almost 15 years later I enjoy running so much!

  44. 49

    My dad! He started running marathons when I was younger, lost a ton of weight and taught me the importance of always staying active. He also got me addicted to CrossFit a few years ago!

  45. 50

    My BFF Tonia inspires me to run. She started running after her youngest was born and lost around 35 pounds. I was never a runner until about a year ago. Around the time I started running, she was having major knee issues and has now had to give up running. As hard as that was for her, she never let it get her down. She’s into biking now and doing other things to stay in shape. I always think of her when I run and feel like I want to quit!

  46. 51

    My little sister is my inspiration! She supports me and keeps me motivated.

  47. 52

    my friend Anna is the first person who convinced me to sign up for a 5k with her and would drag my butt on runs every week! finally, after a few months I started to genuinely enjoy running and now we’ve signed up for our next race — all thanks to her motivation!

  48. 53
    Christina says

    Without a doubt, my friend Jessica. I convinced her to start running and she’s kept me running. We sign up for races so we can see each other since we live 4 hours away. We haven’t seen each other without a race in years! We are meeting in Chicago this weekend and I can’t wait to see her in just about an hour!

  49. 54

    great travel tips!

  50. 55

    My boyfriend! He has a great attitude about running and working out in general and never complains about it.

  51. 56

    My sister is my running inspiration. She always gets me motivated to run with her.

  52. 57

    My friend Katie – she’s so fast and kills it with every race. We used to run together in college, and now she’s picked up her pace, so it’s influenced me to pick up mine. I hope to reach her one day!

  53. 58

    My sisters are my best motivators

  54. 59

    My best friend that I’ve run all my marathons with. It’s also her birthday today do happy birthday Krista!

  55. 60

    My husband, an active duty Marine, inspires me to run!

  56. 61

    My sister who coaches girls on the run

  57. 62
    Sassypants says

    My mom! I remember her being days away from delivering my sister, and still showing up to Jazzercize in her black leotard. She is not able to run anymore (hip issue), but she still works out every day and can probably bench press more than me. My mom taught us how important it is to take care of your body. She is definitely my inspiration and my biggest cheerleader at all my races. Love you mom!

  58. 63

    My local community of runners actually inspire me to run happy because they’re all such great people

  59. 64

    I have so many people who inspire me to run happy every day, but the first person that comes to mind is my best friend, Orrin. He runs with such uninhibited joy and appreciation for everything he encounters. He reminds me that we’re lucky to run and that being healthy enough to explore new places by foot is such a gift!

  60. 65

    I am inspired by any runner who gets out and gets it done!!

  61. 66

    my friend emily-i was stressing because we were traveling before my first half-marathon, but she ran with me 9 miles through munich after we had gotten off a 7 hour train ride.

  62. 67

    My husband inspires me, his dedication and determination, plus his support keeps me pushing. Even when I don’t even want to kepp going he will run beside me and tell me to keep going!

  63. 68

    This is hard because I started running for me because it was something I thought I couldn’t do. My dream was to just run a mile and then once I did that I signed up for my first 5k. I invited my mom and two of my cousins to join me. That was 2 years ago and those three ladies are still my favorite people to run races with.

  64. 69
    Meghan C. says

    My fiance! He’s started running in the past year to help improve his fitness and get healthier. He completed his first race, a 10K, this spring, and we make a point of going on a sightseeing run whenever we visit a new place now. It’s inspiring and fun to be with someone as they discover a love of running! And it’s a great thing to share with a partner.

  65. 70
    Marissa D. says

    My best friend Sarah! She is a fabulous runner (much faster than me) but she has been running since before I can remember & I used to always think she was crazy. Then in college I caught the running bug and now we love signing up for races together, she usually has to leave me in the dust but I love the motivation!

  66. 71

    My twin sister inspires me the most! Knowing that she will be by my side the entire time I’m running a race is enough motivation for me to continue pushing on when times get tough!

  67. 72

    Anne, you have been a great inspiration to run. But not only running, exercise in general is more appealing because of you. You make it look fun, and that is so attractive to me as a reader. I find myself doing all sorts of different workouts via apps, gym classes, running my first 5K next month, and regular weight sessions. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

    • 73

      What a sweet comment – I’m honored to hear I’ve inspired! :) That’s definitely my aim – to show that exercise can be fun, not a chore. I hope you rock your first 5k – keep up that activity and thank you for reading! :)

  68. 74

    My BRF Kristin motivates me every day – she gently but firmly reminds me of how much I am capable of, especially since I have a tendency to slack off :). She co-leads our chapter of Moms Run This Town with me, and motivating and organizing other moms pushes both of us to do our best as well. She also makes the miles fly by with chatter, laughter, and deep discussions :). Heart her!

  69. 75

    My husband! We started running together right after we got married (almost 2 years ago), and have been at it ever since.

  70. 76

    I’m pretty much the only hardcore runner that I know, hence, I run by myself all if the time. However, my two daughters, who run and run around my world on a daily basis, are my greatest running inspirations. Running is my solace and the only time that I get to myself most days. Because running allows me to clear my mind and body of all things negative, it makes me a better mom. I’m a happy mom because I run and I have two happy daughters as a result. Through my running, my daughters are able to witness such things as healthy competition, the importance of physical fitness and the significance of just taking some time to enjoy the things you truly love. I secretly hope they become runners themselves so that the three of us can train together someday!

  71. 77

    my niece just started running and loves it

  72. 78

    it’s hard to pick just one- but I’d say my best friend/ roomie from college! she consistently keeps up with being active and running just for the joy of it, even with a demanding job, volunteering, etc. I’m also feeling inspired to do my second marathon this fall because one of my friends wants to his first– and I want him to have someone to train with. it’s a good enough reason to keep me motivated and get out the door, because I don’t want him to give up on training and want him to have a positive first marathon experience, even during the more grueling 20-something mile training runs

  73. 79

    My two girls are my inspiration. I want to teach them what a healthy balance life looks like! They make me want to run happy!

  74. 80

    My parents! Run together, stay together they say!

  75. 81

    The Baltimore running community – specifically Charm City Run Baltimore – inspires me to run happy! I’ve never met a more friendly, welcoming and encouraging group of runners… from ALL speeds and shapes and sizes. They keep me hungry for more miles and the chance to run by happy faces throughout the city!

  76. 82
    Emily Davis says

    My sister, Sarah. She was a runner long before I was, and is much faster than I am, but she encouraged me to enjoy it and to be the best me I could be. We live far apart but try to take 4 days every year for a sister’s getaway and a race is always involved. So far we’ve done Disney, Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach.

  77. 83
    Jennifer Olszowy says

    A friend, Billy, inspires me the most to Run Happy because he introduced running to me waay back when I was a Senior in high school. I wanted a sure way to lose the freshman 15 before I went to college and got hooked on running. This life skill helped me through teaching and many other stressful times.

  78. 84
    Kendra Clements says

    My brother and sister-in-law! They were never runners and then decided that they wanted to make healthy lifestyle changes! I figured if they could begin running and enjoy it, then I could too! I was never able to run more than mile. It was baby steps for me because I was diagnosed with a lung condition 6 years ago, but I ran my first 5k in May and have a half-marathon on the dockets for October!! :) Here’s to continuing to enjoy running!

  79. 85

    My best friend inspires me to run ….no matter what life throws in her way she always finds time to run it out…..we are running the lululemon 1/2 in Vancouver I 5 weeks I couldn’t be more excited !!!

  80. 86

    My husband is definitely my run happy ambassador! He recently broke his leg which means he has to drop several races this year but has remained encouraging and supportive of my now solo training. I’d love to gift him some brooks gear!

  81. 87

    My running buddy, Beth, who always encourages me to Run Happy! She busts her butt running and strength training and doesn’t have a clue how inspiring she is to others in her life! She was recently injured and has missed out on some of her goals and lost some fitness, so she totally deserves some running gear to kickstart her big return!

  82. 88

    My mom inspires me! We are currently training for a half marathon together in September!

  83. 89
    Jennifer says

    My younger sister! When she signed up for her first marathon, 10 years ago, I totally did not understand! Why?!? Now, most of our conversations involve training talk for half and full marathons :) When I have a great run or a horrible run, I cannot wait to call and discuss it with her.

  84. 90
    Catherine says

    My dad! He had back trouble at a young age, but today manages to stay mostly pain-free by running, and strength training! He’s always motivated me to stay in shape and fit exercise into a busy life – and it’s something we’re always able to chat about and bond over!

  85. 91

    My high school buddies who started this crazy running journey with me! 2 years ago they convinced me to try a half marathon and now we’re all training for our first full!

  86. 92
    Angie Jerde says

    I am not much of a runner (i try ) but I would have to say all these blogs inspire me to give it another try. I love hearing all the stories : )

  87. 93

    My younger sister, Lisa, inspires me to run. She is a natural runner and has multiple races under her belt. Unfortunately, she had mono last year and has struggled to recover and return to running. Through it all she has remained positive while slowing regaining her strength and health. I think there is a sister half marathon in the works for next year!

  88. 94

    I train with my neighbor and BFF for local 5Ks

  89. 95
    Sandy Hemsher says

    A co worker named Kelly. When I first moved to Arizona she got me running and then introduced me to climbing a mountain.I even learned how to run the path up the mountain. Have always loved I can be outside 12 months of the year.

  90. 96

    My sister; she got me running in the first place.

  91. 97

    My daughters inspired me to start running, because I wanted to set a good example of health and fitness for them as they were growing up. My youngest daughter, now a junior in high school, has caught the bug and now inspires me to continue. She always played soccer, but now loves Cross Country and has also done track, swim team and water polo in high school. She is now a little speed demon and I can’t keep up with her, but I am inspired to stick with it and like to think that I had a part in her love for fitness and running.

  92. 98

    My husband, daughter and I inspire each other to keep going- we run together and are each others support team!

  93. 99

    I think my friend Kaitlyn would be my inspiration. She always pushed me even harder in our cross country/track practices. And now that we’re older, she’s one of my only friends that enjoys running for pleasure. We could talk for hours about it!

  94. 100
    jessica z says

    My sister inspires me to run faster and happy!

  95. 101
    Charlotte says

    my mom never fails to inspire me. She runs and keeps active and is always up for some way to get active. It is so inspiring for the rest of us!

  96. 102

    My bf definitely motivates me to stay active all together and run! Even though he’s not a runner he’ll volunteer to run with me! :)

  97. 103
    Stephanie says

    I’d say my boyfriend inspires me. He ran my second 5K with me and has run a half marathon in the past. This makes me realize a half is something possible I could do if I put my mind to it. If I ever did a half marathon in the future, I’d like to do one in Disney World with him. I’d love to surprise him with a gift from Brooks, especially since he is in dire need of athletic apparel!

  98. 104
    Nicole Jenkins says

    I just met a new running friend, Marie, at a summer track workout. We ran together four times that first week we met and logged 42 miles, the most I have run in a week in years! She is SO inspiring and is an amazing athlete. She has really motivated me to push myself with my runs and train properly to try to get a new PR. It’s amazing how quickly you get to know someone from running with them… just this afternoon Marie dropped off some delicious gluten-free bars she made for me to try! She’s also the one who is motivating me to go out and do a tempo run this afternoon. Gotta love running friends!

  99. 105
    Allison K. says

    Growing up, I thought the only way to exercise was to run. So I would go through random determinations every once and a while – I’m going to start running regularly and get in shape! The first day or two would go well, but then I hated it. My lungs were on fire and my breath could kill dragons. By the third or fourth time running I would be out and say, “OK, I’ll run to the end of the street”…”no, I meant the closer mailbox”…no I’ll just stop now.

    Over the last two years, I discovered HIIT, boydweight training, and pilates and found out that exercise did not have to be only running. Phew! I’ll never run again!

    Well, a few months ago I decided I wanted to take up the challenge of running into my routine to increase my endurance and cardio options. I started out small, doing a beginner’s running plan and reminding myself not to push myself too hard too fast (or face quitting again).

    Nearly three months later, I’m still running. I ran a mile in under ten minutes for the first time in my life. I ran over two miles for the first time in my life. I am constantly amazed that I’m finally able to do something that I never was really able to do. I don’t feel great running all of the time, but there is something strangely addicting to me now about the labored breathing, the sweat on my face, and the way my legs propel me forward that make me push past the doubt in my mind that tells me to walk or to stop.

    I run happy because I love the feeling of being strong. It makes the rest of my life that much easier. I run happy because I understand self-discipline more and more and how that impacts other areas of my life.

  100. 107

    My best fried inspires me since she is faster than me. I want to become faster so we can go on runs together!

  101. 108

    My husband. He started looking so good after running that I had to start just to keep up with him!

  102. 109

    What a awesome giveaway! A whole outfit with shoes by Brooks! Ohhh…I’d love that and can USE that. My outfit is getting a bit worn, as well as my shoes.

    To answer the **GIVEAWAY** question:
    The person that inspires me to Run Happy is a girl who was/is a member of the running club I went to every Wednesday. I took a (long) break from it, just b/c of my work schedule. However, she does it still. I still see her and say “hi” when she does the Wednesday run in the desert trail I hike every single morning. She is incredibly strong (arms, quads) and fast, and just a great person. (I might let her know I mentioned this on this blog. She might be happy to hear I feel this way about her.)
    I hope I win!
    ~Amy :-)

  103. 110

    I lost a friend in a car accident a little over a year ago. I think of her and how fortunate I am everytime I go out for a run.

  104. 112

    My hubby inspires me to run! He is always reading and learning new ways to better himself as a runner, and always pushing for his next race or PR. It’s so much easier to wake up at 5 AM everyday for my run when he is doing it too!

  105. 113
    Laura Podrasky says

    What a great give away! My co-worker and friend, Robyn Moore, is my running inspiration. We don’t run at the same pace but she is always encouraging me and giving me positive vibes to help me tackle all my running goals. Because of her inspiration and motivation, I’m in a running group and doing my first full marathon this October.

  106. 114

    I have been friends with my running buddy, Anna since Kindergarten. Now she is my neighbor and just knowing she is waiting for me at the end of her driveway every morning at 5:00 am is enough to make me jump right out of bed to meet her. We are both busy, full time working moms and those early morning runs together have become our favorite way to start our days! I’m so sad because she is getting ready to sell her house and move away from me, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without her! My morning runs just won’t be the same.

  107. 115

    My Uncle inspires me! We have been running together since the beginning and I don’t think I would still be doing it if he wasn’t still there encouraging me.

  108. 116

    My mom! While active all her life, she started doing triathlons in her fifties, and has been participating in three per year ever since. Most importantly, I’ve never heard her talk about working out as if it’s a chore. She truly enjoys being active, and inspires me to have the same mindset: it’s a privilege to be able to run!

  109. 118

    My dad inspired me to get into running. Even though we haven’t spoke or seen each other in over 20 years (after my parents divorced) I still hope one day he will see me on tv (at the Boston Marathon) and know how much I miss our runs together.

  110. 119

    My bestie Stephanie inspired me to run my first 1/2 last year and I’ve loved running ever since. She just finished her first full marathon and now she’s inspired me again and I’d like to complete one as well! We live in separate states so we don’t get to run together often, but knowing I’ll need to be able to keep up with her when we see each other is good motivation.

  111. 120

    my mom is training for her first half marathon

  112. 121
    Rachel K says

    My dad! He ran his first marathon at age 57 and inspired me to start. We both ran the Heartbreak Hill Half (my first race) and are doing as many summer races as we can!

  113. 122

    My dad is my running inspiration. He has always gotten up at the crack of dawn to do his running. Now he is 70 years old and still going strong.

  114. 123

    my run buddy christopher inspires me to run happy…. he’s just the best! he moved away and we don’t run together these days but he still inspires me :)

  115. 124

    My mom! She has always been a runner ans is the first person who inspired me to run. We don’t see each other as often as I like, but when we, we always run together!

  116. 125
    meredith says

    My running buddies are who inspire me and keep me going. We’re all moms with kids under 3, but still make the time to run multiple times per week!

  117. 126

    My best friend! We constantly push and challenge each other to try new running adventures!

  118. 127

    My daughter…at ten she’s decided she wants to “learn to run” so that we can run together. We are, in fact, running our first 5K together tomorrow! :)

  119. 130
    Roxanna H says

    Myhusband! Thanks to him – we have traveled far and run many miles together!

  120. 131

    I am inspired by the running community as a whole. One day it might be the 90 year-old marathon finished, the next, a young person running to raise money for a charitable cause. The working mother with small children who fits in a run whenever she can. It might be the person who overcame great obstacles, and finish their race with a smile. Sometimes I am inspired b a friend, or even by my own self. Running happy is the only way!

  121. 132

    My best friend inspires me! I met her when we both joined the middle school track team. We’ve been running together ever since!

  122. 133

    My sister! She is currently dealing with a stress fracture but is staying positive and focused on being able to run again.

  123. 134

    All the people i see at local races inspire me. Both the quickest and the slowest… All out there with determination

  124. 135

    My wife is 4 months pregnant and still running every morning!

  125. 136
    Alexandra says

    My mom inspires me to run happy :) last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has never ceased to amaze me with her positive attitude and healthy outlook. She remained active even throughout her chemo treatments

  126. 137

    My friend Aileen encourages me to run happy and was cheering me on the whole time during my first half and her 6th half! Now she is doing the tough mudder with me and is the biggest cheerleader !

  127. 138

    My boyfriend, he always keeps me going and has a smile on his face no matter what!

  128. 139

    My dad inspires me! He picked up running just a couple years ago at age 50 and is now running 6+ miles.

  129. 140
    meredith says

    My husband inspires me to run – he tore both his achilles, yet after lots of rehab is back out there running like crazy again!

  130. 141

    Most of my running is now during CrossFit WODs but I actually have two people who inspire me to be active. My mom because she’s such an awesome mom. She’s not in the best health right now so whenever I can be active I’m thankful that I have the ability to be. My daughter because at 2.5 she’s really picking up on everything we say and do and I want to set a good example for her. I’ve struggled with body image in the past (it’s much better but I can still improve!) and while I can’t keep her from never having negative thoughts as she gets older (I teach middle school, I know how girls can be!) I hope to raise her to be secure enough in herself and what her strong body can do.


  131. 142

    My best friend, Elizabeth, who just started running about a year ago always reminds me to run happy because every run with her is super fun and happy. Runs with her seem like we are not even exercising yet at the same time, not only are we running but, from all the laughter we are also working those abs! I’d love for her to win this! Thank you !

  132. 143

    My daughter (who is 18) inspires me to run. She suffered sexual abuse and still gets up everyday and faces it head-on. She has boundless energy and she is fearless.

  133. 144

    My runner friend, Val, inspires me to run happy. Se is a 62 year old woman and starts very race w/ a huge smile on her face. She is not the fastest, in fact refers to herself as a “back of the pack” runner but stills run tons of half and full marathons w/ smiles! She reminds me it is a gift to run happy, even if it is not a personal best.

  134. 145

    My dad. He always pushes me to be the best I can be.

  135. 146

    My dad! He is definitely the reason I got into running. He is incredibly fit and gets up everyday at 5 am to workout. He only started running marathons after age 40 and since then has done about 1 per year, including 6 Boston marathons. I can truly tell he LOVES running and respects it as a sport (never overtrains and takes time off as needed). He is a “zen runner” and never listens to music. He once ran 19 miles indoors while training for Boston around a 1/4 track. I asked him what he thought about (since he had no music) and he said “the lap number I was on.” Hahaha I think I would have gone insane ;)

  136. 148

    I’m a pediatric nurse and when I trained for my first marathon I would think of a special little girl I took care of many times. She was struggling with her health, but was such a fighter. I thought of her when running!

  137. 149

    Everyone in my run club is super amazing and supportive and inspiring! I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

  138. 150

    I have several friends, one of which ran 37 miles on her 37th bday for charity!!

  139. 151

    I have a cousin who started running in marathons in his 60s! He is totally my inspiration!

  140. 152
    Molly Bortnick says

    My sister is not only my source of running inspiration, but my source of inspiration in all areas of my life. She taught me how to honor my body and love the run!

  141. 153

    My mom :). Now 60, she’s just starting to run. I am so proud of her. She inspires me.

  142. 154

    My neighbor, she’s in her 60s yet she makes it out each morning for a run-rain or shine. Many mornings when I’ve been tempted to skip a workout, I’ve seen her pass by my house on her route and realized I have no excuse not to get out there!

  143. 155

    My dad is my running inspiration. ..he’s been a runner since before I was born, and has run marathons for the past few years. He looks forward to taking his brand new grandson out on runs asap!

  144. 156

    My running inspiration was my drill instructor, SSgt Taylor. Marine Corps boot camp was a tough one and a lot of emphsis was put on your physical fitness. SSgt Taylor motivated me and made me realize my potential. This has led to me being a successful Marine and as an added bonus I discovered I love running!

  145. 157
    Brittany Katzer says

    My kids! A lot of runs these days consist if me pushing the double jogger, while also pregnant with our 3rd due in October. My kids look forward to it and love seeing the sites. My runs are a lot slower this way, but much more satisfying to be able to share this passion with them and set an example

  146. 158

    Definitely my wife is my inspiration. She recently started running. She didn’t do organize sports or run growing up and decided that she wanted to be a runner after having our two children. Her dedication and determination in willing herself to become a runner inspired me to get off the couch and serves as a (sometime daily) visual reminder of the strong determined woman that I married.

  147. 159

    My mom inspires me to run happy :) She recently just got back into running and it reminds me to do it myself!

  148. 160

    My best friend from high school motivates me to run. Even though we now live 800 miles away from each other, we plan trips around races, text each other pictures from our training, and make each other running mixes. Unfortunately, for two of the half-marathons that we had scheduled to run together one of us was injured for each half….that didn’t stop the non-runner from dropping the other off for a 7am start and posting up throughout the course and finish to cheer the other one on.

  149. 161

    It’s a toss up b/w my mom & husband. Both have encouraged me to continue in running and have supported every race – they both wake up severely early to be there along the way!

  150. 162

    my 2 year old inspires me to run happy. when she seems my running shoes or me put on running shoes, she says “mommy go running? yay mommy!” it makes me so happy that i’m being a role model to her.

  151. 163

    My Mom inspires me to “run happy”. She is currently recovering from a foot injury that has prevented her from running (or walking) for a few months. Every time I run, I feel so incredibly grateful (and happy!) to be able to run.

  152. 164
    Kristen Hill says

    My husband inspires me to run happy by always encouraging me to get out there! We have two small girls and he is always a rock star about letting me have a “time out” to go for a run by myself. He knows it makes me a better mom!

  153. 165
    Roadrunner says

    Our son and daughter!

  154. 166

    My sister- she has always been a great runner and eventually inspired me to love it too! It is a great way for us to spend time together and catch up while getting exercise in. It’s something we both love and share together! :)

  155. 167

    My sister-in-law Vielka is my running inspiration! She’s one of my best friends, even though she’s over 10 years older than I am. She inspired me to start running 6 years ago when I was a freshman In college, and over the years we’ve been work out buddies and running buddies. Through years of infertility, she just got pregnant with twins naturally this spring!! So she’s taking a break from running, even though she misses it terribly, for health reasons, but I know that she’ll be right back into it as soon as it’s safe for her and my neices. We do some low key yoga together and other work outs and she’s such a rock star!!

  156. 168

    My MRTT group inspires me everyday. Just when you think you can’t possibly run another step one of them is there to encourage and cheer you on. Don’t know what I would do without them.

  157. 169

    Our former dietetic intern turned friend. Pregnant runner and boston Marathon runner. She’s good!

  158. 170

    my siblings inspire me – they were both runners in high school (track for the sister, cross country for the brother) and were always encouraging each other. They’ve also tried to get me into running and although it took a bit of convincing, I finally decided to join them on their runs on weekends and had such a blast! They are both full of advice and encouragement so it was hard for me to not get hooked. Although we’re all grown up and don’t live together anymore, I savor any family holidays where we can get together and go for runs together!

  159. 171
    Georgina says

    My dad is hugely supportive of my running endeavors! Whether its just a few miles or watching me cross the finish line at my first half marathon he always seems so proud. He is just starting to train for his first 5K and now I have the chance to be super proud of him…and hopefully gift him some gear!!

  160. 172

    I don’t think there is any one person who inspires me; I just felt like I wanted to be a part of the running community. Although, my uncle was an elite runner, and I like to tell him about my races.

  161. 173
    Kelsey R. says

    My mom inspires me to run happy! She’s fantastically supportive. She taught me early on to seek out exercise endorphins…running is an unbeatable outlet for me, and I have my mom to thank for this discovery!

  162. 174
    Madeline says

    Anne, the runner who inspired me is my sister in law, Angela. Despite her demanding and stressful job she makes the time to be active and run races (she’s run 2 marathons and many shorter races), eat well and do fun outdoorsy things. She’s a great example of someone leading a healthy balanced life and inspired me to run my first half marathon this past April!

  163. 175
    Colleen C. says

    My dad always inspired me to be a better runner. I remember when I was younger he was timing me running on our street.

  164. 176
    Ashley O. says

    My mom always inspired me to run happy. She was always active and was committed to move her body everyday. This past year I lost her to cancer. (She kept up daily walks until the end.) Now when I am in the middle of a difficult run or workout I picture her running next to me. I know I can do hard things! I hope to teach my kids the same.

  165. 178

    My brother ran track in high school so he is definitely fast and helps push me when I just am not feeling it on my own. Sometimes we make games out of it and I’ll “chase” him for a mile or so! He once got me to a 7:37 pace and although it was undeniably challenging, I’ve never felt so great. I stood in disbelief when we were done :)

  166. 179

    My best friend inspires me to push myself to stick with my goals even though I struggle with running

  167. 180

    My boyfriend of 3 years inspires me because we met at a track meet and both love running. We have both been injured multiples times but the fact that he keeps getting back too it motivates me

  168. 181
    Sarah Evans says

    My MOM is my inspiration. She started running at age 50 and has not only run several half marathons but has made it a part of her life! She is running her first full in October and I will be there to run it with her, how can I miss out on that first! Mom is full of life, happy, generous and an amazing woman who I hope to be at least half the person she is someday :)

  169. 182

    Love to run with my bFF

  170. 183

    My friend who does half iron man races and who are s training for his first full iron man inspires me. He has a heart condition and still pushes himself to do his best!

  171. 184

    My mother in-law inspires me to run! She runs in the mornings before work and always gets her run in while on vacation (so she can eat all the great food she wants while on vacation). She is 60 years old and in better shape than most half her age. She is really amazing!

  172. 185

    My friend Paige! She incorporates running as a part of her morning prayer routine which I think is really cool and inspiring! Why not integrate your life and passions? Love it

  173. 186

    None of my close friends are into running and it was a passion I found on my own. I look forward to seeing the sunrise on my morning runs and waving to everyone I pass by. Also, the MANY run blogs that I follow help inspire me :)

  174. 187

    My mom inspires me everyday! She is the reason I started running and she keeps me motivated everyday. Despite working two jobs she still finds the time to run and set a great example for me and my sister of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

  175. 188

    My best friend is my inspiration. Just as I thought I was done running after completing 3 marathons. She continues to motivate me to keep running. She knows how much I love it and need it. Thank goodness I have her as my bff and bot the couch.

  176. 189
    Nicole J says

    My running group. I joined the local run club five years ago and have been training with them ever since. Now I couldn’t imagine a 20 mile training run without at least ten people to talk to!

  177. 190

    My biggest running inspiration is my mom. She has always been a wonderful role mold and example to me and my siblings to lead an active and healthy life. This running gear would be a wonderful thank you to her.

  178. 191

    I love Duck, NC. My family vacations there whenever we have opportunities to get to OBX!

    My friend Mary is my “run happy” inspiration. Running is her therapy, so she never misses her choice of a daily workout. She holds me accountable to our meeting times & has reminded me of the joy of running that drew me into the sport in high school almost 20 years ago!

  179. 192

    My daughter is my running inspiration. She started participating in her school’s running group and needed a running buddy for her 5k. She asked me (knowing I didn’t run) and now 2 yrs later we still participates evey season, and I completed my first half marathon last spring and training for my first full this fall. She’s tells me I’m her super mom, but she’s really my runspiration!

  180. 193

    My first run inspiration is my college friend, and former roommate, Amy. She grew up running with her dad and had travelled to Disney to run the half while her dad ran both the half and the full. She had her medal with her when we moved in together and I remember asking her about it and totally being in awe. I’d always hated running and had never thought it could produce such fond memories!
    Flash forward a few years and I finally stuck with running long enough to see the benefits, and Amy was cheering me on, long distance at this point. I made Didney my first (of now many!) half marathons in 2012! Now I’m hooked, and it’s thanks to her!

  181. 194

    I had some coworkers who really got me running (and loving) 5ks again. And my friends Val and Amber who agreed to run with me during my first half!

  182. 195

    My little sister inspires me to run happy. I always swore I’d never be a runner. I was in the midst of struggling to lose 50 lbs after graduate school when she challenged me to sign up for a half marathon. That was earlier this year–now I’m at my goal weight, and I’ve finished a half marathon and a 5k. I’m also signed up for two more 5ks in the fall and another half marathon next spring. If it weren’t for my sister, I never would have started running. Now I can’t stop!

  183. 197

    My friend Jennifer!! She battled breast cancer and won, has qualified for Boston many times all the while still being an amazing wife and mother to 4 wonderful children! Not only inspires me to run but to never give up!

  184. 198

    My biggest running inspiration is my friend Steph. Though I encouraged her to become a runner, she has taught me that speed and personal bests don’t matter. All that matters is enjoying the run you’re on, feeling stronger, and finding satisfaction afterwards. She encourages me when I feel listless or lazy and when I don’t think I can do it. She credits me with her love for running, and I credit her for her support and inspiration to enjoy every workout and look at a run as fulfillment instead of work.

  185. 199
    Kristin P. says

    I inspire myself to run! I went from being only able to run 1/2 a mile to finishing my first half marathon in May.

  186. 200
    Melissa R says

    My 3 children ages 5 yrs, 3 yrs and 11 months inspire me to run. A few runs a week are “Mommy Only Runs” but most are with my 3 children. My daughter will ride her bike while I push the boys in the double jogger. Before I had kids I was more of a gym person, running was awful and I was bad at it. When I had my daughter my husband bought me a Bobs running stroller and said “I think this will come in handy one day!!” The day it came in the mail was the day I decided to not look back, only look forward and just go.. its been 5 years and I haven’t looked back once, well maybe to see if a car was coming and I could cross the street! My daughter asked me the other day why I loved running so much and I said “because it makes Mommy a better Mommy, it keeps me calm and because I love you!”

  187. 201
    Liz Adams says

    My coach from high school is the one who inspires me. Even though I graduated 3 years ago, I still exercise with him throughout my vacations and we keep in touch throughout the year. He is the one who transformed me, from an out of shape seventh grader to a fitness enthusiast and I couldn’t be more thankful.

  188. 202

    My friend Emily inspired me to run my first half marathon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. 203

    My best friend Margie who is honestly practically a sister to me (since I have only brothers). She encouraged me to run my first half and made me catch the running bug. She’s an inspiration because she is the most caring person I know. She takes care of everyone, her three kids, her husband, her friends, her dad, her in-laws, etc. She recently lost her mother to Alzheimer’s and she just keeps pushing through it all. Through injury, through pain, through loss, she gets out there and gets the job done. Running is her solace.

  190. 204

    My best friend Rachel! She inspired me to start running in college. Before that I could hardly run a mile. Our senior year I started joining her on runs around campus and we built up to a 5 mile loop. For the next 7 years we were roommates and ran almost every day together around Boston. She just completed her first half marathon in Portland last week – I would love to gift her with some run happy Brooks gear!

  191. 205

    My friend Carly who I have only recently started running with. We work together and she is a PT so she has been working on my when I get random injuries. She is the first person who made me realize that running with a partner could be fun and also a good motivator to keep going. She has run a marathon before which I think is great and we are running my first half together this September!

  192. 206

    My inspiration is my husband. He proposed to me after running his first marathon. He has encouraged me to be a better runner.

  193. 207

    Definitely my dad! He’s in his mid 50s and just started running a few years ago to train for a 5k with me. He ended up running a 10k first and ran the whole thing. Since then we’ve done 3 half marathons together and he’s my favorite running buddy. When I don’t feel particularly motivated I’ll get a text from him about his run and it gets me back on track. I’m so proud of him!

  194. 208

    All of you bloggers who run. You encourage me to keep trying. I haven’t mastered it yet but you keep me motivated to not give up.

  195. 210

    My family inspires me to run, everyone is very active!

  196. 211

    My mom – a few weeks before she turned 65 she did her half marathon PR. She just retired and is looking forward to more time to run and do fun races!

  197. 212
    Stephanie says

    My friend Tracey inspires me to run happy! She always has words of encouragement that get me moving!

  198. 213
    Kirsten Fefchak says

    My co worker carmen is my inspiration for running! she is an avid running and has got me involved in a lot of fun races this year including ultra marathons in the mountains and do runs I never thought Id be able to do! I have had several stomach problems this year and she has kept me running and encouraged me to do my best despite my setbacks with my stomach!

  199. 214

    I am inspired by my neighbors and friends. We are all new runners and all of their accomplishments, big and small, make me happy.

  200. 215

    Definitely my cousin, who is my best friend!

  201. 216
    Elizabeth says

    My dad is my inspiration. He’s 76 and started running about 5 yrs ago. It’s never too late to start running.

  202. 217

    Other bloggers, co workers, friends. I’m always amazes what others can achieve, it fights my self doubt!

  203. 218

    My whole running group inspires me to run happy, so it’s really hard to pick just one person, but one of the organizers, Erin, is doing a huge triathlon in September, so she is a particularly big inspiration right now!


  204. 219
    Carmie Heisler says

    My 8-year-old nephew ran his first 5-mile race with me yesterday. He worked so hard, never gave up and finished with a huge smile on his face!

  205. 220

    My sister! Despite severe asthma and a doctorate program, she ran her first and second half marathons last year. She inspires me every day!

  206. 221

    I inspire myself!

  207. 222

    My boyfriend is my biggest running inspiration. I’ve been running for a couple years but have fallen out of the habit, and he is just getting into it. He doesn’t mind keeping my pace with me, but also pushes himself at the end of every run – and gets me to challenge myself as well! I get lots of motivation and support for him while we running and afterwards. He’s my favorite running buddy for sure :)

  208. 223

    My friend Lisa is my inspiration. She has been running for years. When I decided to start running last October she encouraged me and answered all my questions (and I had a ton). In the weeks leading up to my first half marathon she reassured me and did my long runs with me, even though I slowed her down tremendously. I could not have done it without her support. She totally rocks!

  209. 224

    My boyfriend inspires me to run. I was an NCAA D1 runner and was injured for the past 3 years. My boyfriend goes out on runs with me now and analyzes my form to help me run more efficiently and stave off injuries.

  210. 225

    I am in the UK so this is just for fun. I have a few people who inspire me but my coworker and corunner is one of the best. She is always there for me no matter the weather or how we are feeling to encourage me out. Sue also supports any sporting activite i decide to try. Thank you.

  211. 226

    My best friend Alana. We meet running cross country or freshman year of high school and are still friends 14 years later. We’ve worked through a lot of life over a lot of miles and she’s one of the toughest women I know.

  212. 227

    My Mom inspires me to Run Happy! She has fought through a lupus diagnosis, dealt with high blood pressure, and beat breast cancer!! She has been able to deal with all of those obstacles due to her healthy lifestyle! Definitely an inspiration!

  213. 228

    My brother, me balances 2 small children, a wonderful wife, a baby on the way, his own business and being a college professor, and still has time to run, be active and motivate me. He says that running gives him the ability to do it all.

  214. 229

    My friend Ange (and fellow RD) inspired me to get into running, I had basically only ever run a mile when we started our RD program together and she coached me and helped me place 3rd in my first 5k! She ran competitively in college/high school but is unable to do long distances because of an injury. I think of her and others that cannot complete a run or triathlon whenever I’m doing a race, that always inspires me.

  215. 230

    Even though I can’t enter, YOU are a great running inspiration, my friend :)

  216. 232
    Lindsay Bishop says

    One of my close friends who just finished her first marathon despite having and injury just weeks prior.

  217. 233

    My local running group, the Pandas. I love meeting up with them and knowing there will be someone around me once a week to run with. I love being in the group and running different paths around the city and see all the other runners out there (especially during training time of a big local race).

  218. 234

    my friend Elizabeth! She always inspires me to run and makes it looks like you can be a graceful gazelle and still powerful!

  219. 235

    My dog is my biggest running inspiration and motivation!!! It’s a picard, a Kind of french sheepdog and she is always with me and encourages me- no matter if we are doing fartleks or if it is raining or snowing. I even learned to cut back a little bit in the heat :-)


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