Chili, Reinvented Yet Again

Hello, hello!

Hope you’re all having a nice day so far! I was able to get home from school in time for lunch today — what a treat. Not having to pack lunch was awesome.


Still eating my way through the leftover Sweet Potato Lentil Chili (plus quinoa)! This was the last installment — I’m officially sick of it. Just froze the last two portions. :)


To mix things up, I added some leftover black beans, olives, and parsley to it this time, in addition to the feta. Great combination! I <3 olives.


I liked the addition of the black beans, too — mixed up the texture a bit.



I enjoyed some grapefruit on the side. Mmmm…


Delicious lunch!

Before heading to class and getting some biochem studying done with a classmate (yet another quiz tomorrow), I went for my usual Thursday early a.m. run with my girl Elle.


Check out those gorgeous fall trees!


We had a great run — made even better by the fact that it was light when we arrived! No more scary super dark runs. :)



  • Mile 1: 9:04
  • Mile 2: 9:25
  • Mile 3: 9:15
  • Mile 4: 8:38
  • 0.3 mile nubbin: 9:25 pace

Total mileage: 4.30. Total time: 39:09. Average pace: 9:07. We did our usual hilly route!


I wore my compression sleeves again — still seem to be helping! Yay.


Time to get organized! I have a bunch of assignments to work on for school and need to finish studying for biochem, plus I need to pack because I’m flying to MIAMI tomorrow!! Matt’s been working on site at a client’s office down there for the past few weeks and will be there through the end of the year; as part of his usual out of town perks, he can either fly home on the company or fly someone to him on the company. Free flight combined with free hotel since he has to be there for work = free weekend vacation in Miami! We’re excited :) I’ve never been to Miami before — anyone have any recommendations for places to eat/things to do?

Have a great Thursday!


  1. 1

    Have fun! I lived in FL for 4 years but unfortunately never made it to Miami…I am sure you’ll get lots of great recs though :D

  2. 2

    GO TO BUBBA GUMPS! It’s not the same as the NYC one, but amazing nonetheless. Also go to Miami beach. And all of the clubs from Jersey Shore.

    Good paces girl, it makes me so happy to be able to get runs in before dark!

  3. 3

    I think the reason I love chili so much is because it’s so versatile! You can eat its leftovers for a week without repeating a meal. Have fun in Miami!

  4. 4

    you must must must have a meal at Michael’s Genuine — it’s amazing!!

    It’s in the design district too so there are a lot of cool home decor and design stores around it!!

  5. 5

    they have great cuban restaurants. i can’t remember what the name of the restaurant was but it was in miami beach and fantastic–you can prob just use yelp to find the best one!

  6. 6

    Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Art Deco district – such a fun and creative menu!

  7. 7

    Gorgeous trees! I live in So Fla now but I was only born in Miami then moved an hour north of there when I was two. I still know the area but haven’t actually eaten down there too much. I have been to a few places in Coral Gables which are up-scale restaurants if you are looking for a place for a nice dinner!

  8. 8

    Completely random but in that picture of your feet, your right ankle looks like it is at an odd angle. Were you standing weird or do you think that is why your right (I think) shin/calf has been being wonky?

    • 9

      I actually took that upside down while in a downward dog type stretch, hehe. So I think I was just angled weird since I was taking the photo with one hand!

  9. 10

    Please go to Michy’s!! It awesome :)

  10. 11

    Miami, how fun! My BFF used to live there and I loved visiting her. I second the recommendation above that you go to Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink – SO good. And a walk or run down South Beach is a must to check out the art deco buildings.

  11. 12

    I lived is S. FL for 7 years. My Miami suggestions: Go to Lincoln Road – lots of great restaurants and unique shops. Have a cocktail at the Delano Hotel. Breakfast at News Cafe.

  12. 13


    Can you suggest some good running tights for winter? I live in Upstate, NY and the weather is already starting to turn cold!

  13. 16

    Free vacations rock! I’ve only been to FL momentarily before stepping on a cruise ship so I can’t wait to hear the fun stuff you find to do!

  14. 17

    these pics make me miss the south!!! I love vacations and fall :) Love the pics of the yummy chili too!

  15. 18

    Um, free vacation in Maimi!? Sign me up! No recommendations though, I’ve only been there once in high school for a habitat for humanity trip. Just stay away from a neighborhood called “little Haiti”…

  16. 19

    I concur with Bubba Gumps! You’ll love it. And you’ll love Miami this time of year, too! Enjoy… (Good workout, too!)

  17. 20

    Oh, how I miss grapefruit. I can’t eat it because it will neutralize my diabetic meds. Just have to learn to live without it. I’ve never been that far south. Oh yes, I forgot, my mama said I was conceived in Key West. hahaha. How did you do on your bio test last week. I hope you ace the one tomorrow. Have a great time.

  18. 22

    Ahh, whenever I need motivation to run I just read your blog :) Just seeing the sneaker pictures helps! If only I didn’t live in crowded manhattan where the leaves are JUST starting to turn!!

  19. 24

    This is my first time seeing your blog and I love your photos and lay out! Plus I could use some morning run inspiration ;)

  20. 26

    I’m a little behind the curve, but if you’re in Miami for the whole weekend, you have to go to Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. I’ve only ever been there for brunch, but it was AMAZING.

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