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Hello, hello – happy Friday!

I’m back in DC after a busy week of learning at a press trip in beautiful Monterey, California. I’m already missing these views!

monterey california

I always forget how long the trip is to California – I spent most of yesterday traveling home, starting at 4 a.m. west coast time – oof! But an early start meant getting home to see my little one before bed time, so it was worth it.

Matt’s parents were in town this week to help out with Riese while I was away, so we took them out to dinner last night as a thank you. 

We went to Del Ray Cafe, which was delicious! Riese loved the salmon (and Matt’s fries), and I enjoyed my lobster risotto (and Matt’s fries, heh) – mmm!

del ray cafe

For dessert we shared these amazing donut-like pastries – they were so light and airy and not too sweet. Absolutely delicious!

del ray cafe

As for California, I’ll share a recap of the press trip on the blog next week, so stay tuned!

I’m really missing the lovely cool weather there – we had really early starts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so I didn’t get a chance to get in a run on those mornings, but I fit in one more run on Monday before the action started.

It felt so good to run in the cool weather – and the views didn’t hurt either. ;)

I did about 2.5 miles – I wasn’t feeling anything big, just wanted to get the blood flowing.

After my run, I got a latte and a scone and sat and watched the waves. It was such a treat and incredibly relaxing.

Also, a sidenote – the coffee shop where I went, called Tidal Coffee, had hard boiled egg muffins – I had never seen those out and about before! Clearly they got the idea from my recipe for hard boiled egg and cheddar muffins. ;)

They were good – I got one the next day as a snack in the midst of listening to presentations. Nice and savory.

hard boiled egg muffins

Once I cleaned up from my run, I had one more solo meal on Monday for lunch!

Rather than a grab and go or casual place I went to another sit down restaurant (Lalla Oceanside Grill), put away my phone (after taking this pic, obviously), and sat and took in the views.

I could sit and stare at the ocean all day long – I love it so much. 

lalla oceanside grill

As I wrote in Monday’s blog post, dining out alone makes me nervous because I’m always worried other people will judge me, or that I’ll feel lonely.

So I made my Monday morning motto “alone does not mean lonely” and really focused on enjoying the quiet time before the busy press trip began. Turns out even extroverts really enjoy alone time when they let themselves. ;) I feel like I’m getting more introverted as I get older… I still love being around people, but I’m craving more alone time lately to recharge. Or maybe that’s just #momlife…

Anyway – I went out early this morning and got in a good sweat at OrangeTheory with my friend Chelsea to kick off the day and to try to get back on east coast time… felt good after a few days of mostly sitting!

I’m really looking forward to a day with my little one today… I really missed her this week! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday!


  1. 1

    How do you feel about the focus on calorie burn at orange theory, for someone trying to focus on a more intuitive approach to eating and exercise?

    • 2

      I don’t love it! I like the heart rate focus though and how that means everyone, regardless of ability, can get the same effort workout for their body. I just ignore the calorie info. (Actually, I couldn’t find my HR monitor, so I didn’t have any stats today either way!)

  2. 3

    Welcome back! Travels are fun but “there’s no place like home!” Looking forward to your recap next week.

  3. 4

    I have done a lot of traveling for work over the last few years, and I have learned to really savor a meal by myself. With 4 kids at home, I’m rarely able to eat in peace (either they need something, don’t like something I’ve made, or are fighting!). So I always eat at a sit-down restaurant and usually with a book or magazine. Drinking a glass of wine, enjoying a nice meal, and reading in peace – heaven!

  4. 6

    Welcome back, how fantastic you were able to eat out twice by yourself and enjoy it. I love solo traveling, take at least one trip a year that is 1-2 weeks long. Funny though, I don’t eat out at home by myself because that makes me feel weird. Yet, I love to do it while away and don’t give that one a second thought. Perhaps because it involves the “I’m traveling” aspect.

  5. 8

    So glad I got to see you!

  6. 10
    Roadrunner says

    I echo the comments of the others, that it is so nice you could take nearly a week out west. Bravo to your in-laws and your husband!

  7. 11

    Those very light pastries you mentioned are probably chouquettes! We ate them in Paris all the time, and I even learned how to make them in one of my pastry classes.. maybe I can dig up the recipe.. ;)

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