2nd Annual DC Christmas Tree Light Run

On Sunday night, my friend Sokphal and I went on our 2nd annual DC Christmas Tree Light Run! Such an awesome tradition – I highly suggest doing something like this where you live! Seeing all the beautiful trees and lights on foot is awesome.

dc christmas tree light run

dc christmas tree light run

This is one of my favorite runs of the year – it’s sooo hard for me to motivate to run at night but seeing all the beautiful Christmas trees around DC is totally worth the push. :) Doing the run on a Sunday night this time was nice, too – we were able to start a little earlier than we did last year (on a weeknight).

For this year’s adventure (here’s last year’s: Running the Washington DC Christmas Trees – apparently we had a warm night last time!), since it was really cold, we decided to do a shorter route and drove to Georgetown and parked there. First stop: checking out the light installation, Georgetown Glow, along the waterfront!

georgetown glow at night waterfront

I hadn’t seen Georgetown Glow at night yet, just during the day – it looked really cool!

From there, we ran along the waterfront (luckily it was relatively well lit, because we didn’t have headlamps) to our next destination: Memorial Continental Hall!

memorial continental hall christmas decorations

dc christmas decorations


They have a gorgeous tree!

continental hall christmas tree

From there, we headed towards the White House! It has lights wrapped around the pillars this year – cool. :)

white house christmas decorations

Hello, National Christmas Tree! There were lots of people there checking this out – beautiful! Love the train set display and the mini trees (representing each state/territory) around it, too. If you follow me on Instagram, I did a little InstaStory featuring this that you may have seen! Also, the moon was gorgeous on Sunday night – so bright!

National christmas tree

national christmas tree trains

After getting our fill of the National Christmas Tree (they even had some live Christmas music happening!), we ran down the National Mall towards the Capitol. We were cold from our stops so we basically sprinted this – had to warm up!

running the national mall at night

View from across the Capitol Reflecting Pool! The reflection on the water was gorgeous. :)

capitol christmas tree

We tried to see the beautiful tree inside the U.S. Botanic Garden (it would have been nice to warm up inside, too – brrrr!), but sadly they were closed for a private event. Straight to the Capitol tree it was!

dc christmas tree running tour

This is my favorite tree – so beautiful, especially with the Capitol all lit up behind it. :)

dc capitol christmas tree

It’s also not crowded at all like the National Christmas Tree. :) Put this one on your list if you’re in the area!

capitol christmas tree dc

After the Capitol we had one last stop on our list: the Canadian Embassy! They had a pretty tree last year and we didn’t want to miss it. :)

canadian embassy christmas tree

We had covered about 4 miles at this point and since it was freezing we decided an Uber back to my car in Georgetown was the best call. We had seen what we wanted to! Such a fun night. Thanks for the good time, Sokphal – can’t wait until next year!

christmas tree run dc

Have you ever done a Christmas tree light run? It’s such a fun way to see them! I’d love to do one in the neighborhoods to see all the lights on houses, too. :) Might have to make that happen sometime in the next couple weeks!


  1. 1

    There is a race near me called Last Run and you run through the lights in the park! It’s such a cool event. awesome to squeeze in one more race for the year and see all the lights!

  2. 3

    You are a good time my friend! I did the Arlington house lights run yesterday with PR. Ooof – forgot how hilly our city is. I say next year, we end the run with Baked and Wired…some hot drinks would be good. Also, it was really warm last year! Haha!

    • 4

      That Arlington lights run looked awesome! And yeah – I was reliving last year’s run via my post and I was like, um, we’re dressed in almost nothing. Crazy difference in temperature!

  3. 5

    So cool! My run group does this around our neighborhood and I’m so sad I have to miss it!

  4. 6

    So beautiful I always love seeing these posts! Makes me want to visit DC

  5. 7

    Yes! I have been waiting for this post and it did not disappoint. Thanks for taking me on a tour of DC, such fun. Tomorrow I plan to do the Rock Center/5th Ave walk to see the tree, light shows, and windows.

    Your posts keep making me want to take up running – time to find that how to start running post of yours.

  6. 9

    I’ve been doing a holiday lights run for three years – with various different groups of friends. It’s one of my favorite runs all year. My suggestions: add in the City Center tree – it’s quick to get to from the Canadian embassy tree and really lovely (plus City Center has cute decorations as well). Also, if you can (and are driving anyway), I recommend parking close to the Capitol and doing your run in reverse. We always choose the Newseum as a meeting place, and then head to Capitol / Canadian embassy / City Center / White House. Finally – I learned after the first year that it’s much more fun if you end at a fun location – we end at the Willard each time (hence my suggestion to do your route in reverse – so you could end there). It’s great – beautifully decorated, there are carolers and hot drinks. It’s so so lovely! Your run looks fun :)

  7. 11

    I love running at night during the holidays—it’s so quiet/peaceful and beautiful!

    My running buddy and I actually have a Christmas light run on our schedule for this Thursday (weather permitting) and I will make it a point to do one in my own neighborhood before the actual holiday!

  8. 13

    This is so awesome! Winter running definitely has a special place in my heart. I LOVE looking at the lights outdoors and the trees through the windows! ☺️🎄

  9. 14

    This is such a fun idea! Can’t believe how much warmer it was this time last year. Also, I love the last photo….I literally laughed out loud. So cute!

  10. 16

    So awesome!
    This Canadian really appreciates the tree at the Canadian Embassy!

  11. 17

    Hello – this looks fun! I am visiting DC for the holidays this year. Is there any chance you have a mapmyrun / Strava route of this I could follow to recreate? Thanks so much :)

    • 18

      Unfortunately not, but I tried to explain where we were going so it could be replicated with a map. Have fun!

      • 19

        Thanks for your reply – will try and recreate it! I found a great one for NYC also so a nice chance to do in DC also. Thanks and Happy Christmas.

  12. 20

    This is such an awesome idea!! :) We did a Christmas light walk with our pups last weekend and LOVED seeing the lights on foot :)

  13. 21

    LOVE it! Soooo pretty. Last year I did our city’s Silver Bells in the City 5K run that takes us by the State Christmas tree all lit up in front of the Capitol. Not as beautiful as DC, but it was fun!

  14. 22

    I LOVE the national Christmas tree!!

  15. 23

    How cool, Anne!

  16. 24

    This looks SO fun! Our downtown was beautifully lit this year, so I’ll have to make sure I do a run like this next year!


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