Dinner at The Prime Rib Washington D.C.

I got quite the treat on Thursday night — my parents took me to dinner at The Prime Rib in downtown D.C.


My parents have been there before but I hadn’t; it’s a beautiful place, very elegant and classy with a piano player for entertainment. This place isn’t cheap by any means, but it was fun for a special occasion. Great people watching, too — lots of Washington power players around.

We started with a bottle of Pinot Noir for the three of us. My brother didn’t join us for dinner — he was out with friends/too cool for us. :)


LOVED this wine — very smooth. Pinot Noir has become my favorite as of late, replacing summer’s obsession with all things Chardonnay!



Mental note: moisturize cuticles more often than once in a decade.

To start, we all shared an order of the oysters with crab imperial stuffing. Two each!


Delish! Especially with the fresh lemon juice on top. (I need to buy some cheesecloth, apparently — every time I use lemon at home I end up with seeds everywhere and this was so much easier!)


My dad also started with a salad, which I stole some of, because I’m classy like that. Loved the dressing and all the avocado!


For my entrée, I went out all and ordered the lobster. In the shell, because working for it is more fun!


Me + dinner.


Mmmm… lobster. Such a treat!

For my side, I ordered the grilled artichokes — they don’t look like much but they were SO amazing. All of us loved them. The owner came by later and we asked him his artichoke secret — he said they actually buy them directly from Italy! They are flown over soaked in olive oil, and then grilled with various herbs. Yum. Great smoky flavor.


I also ordered a side of green beans, which were cooked well (perfectly crisp) but way too buttery for my taste. If I order veggies, I do not want them drowned in butter! Save the butter for my bread, please.


The owner asked what I thought of the food (being a future R.D. and all) and I told him everything was great except way too much butter on the veggies. I recommended he switch to olive oil and lemon juice with some fresh garlic instead — and he said that was actually a great idea! I hope they do it. :)

My dad had the Dover Sole for his entrée, which was also delicious.


He also had a side of the epic artichokes.

And my mom enjoyed the Filet Mignon, with a side of creamed spinach that looks way more enormous than it was because of the weird camera angle. :)


Dessert was hands down the best part of the meal, though. I don’t usually order dessert at restaurants because they’re always super enormous and I’d rather save my calories for wine and tasty food, but when I saw “Peanut Butter Mousse” on the menu, I knew we needed to try it.


How amazing does this look?!


My mom got the super dark chocolate ice cream and we all shared.



FYI: dark chocolate ice cream + peanut butter mousse = most delicious combination ever. Such an amazing dessert — not too heavy but very rich and flavorful. The peanut butter mousse was seriously to die for.


Great night!

I just got in a great 10k run (more on that later!) and now it’s time to enjoy Christmas Eve day! We have my grandmother, aunt, and uncle coming over for lunch and then my mom and I are going to make a Key Lime pie for our feast tomorrow. She’s a great baker!

I will leave you with some holiday humor for all you foodies out there…


Lol. I don’t know… but I still think I could win Santa over with my Oatmeal Banana Coconut Cookies. ;)

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. 1

    What a nice evening out with parents. I sure do love it when we do that with our kids. A nice cozy Christmas Eve evening with family. We will start our family gathering tonight and children will open gifts from Santa in the morning. I love Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, Anne, to you and yours.

  2. 3

    Oh my goodness, why don’t more places offer grilled artichokes? They look amazing. Glad you your parents treated you to such a wonderful dinner. Merry Christmas!

  3. 4
    Pat ELsberry says:

    Wow! What an awesome treat! Everything looks unbelievably scrumptious!! Enjoy the holidays with your family and please give our best to your parents. We wish you and Matt a blessed Christmas and New Year! Just think – this time next year you two will be celebrating as newlyweds!!! :)

  4. 6

    Yum! Those grilled artichokes sound good :D

  5. 7

    wow! Anne: that restaurant looks great! I think you enjoyed it but more because you were with your parents. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  6. 9

    Ohhhh…Peanut Butter Mousse (sounds incredible alone but with dark chocolate…to die for)! Super easy “cheater” mousse…mix creamy peanut butter (I love Peter Pan whipped, less sugar and great texture) with cool whip. I like it about half and half but you can play with the amounts. A small dish goes a long way and only takes a few minutes to mix up!

    Have a great Christmas!

  7. 10
    Adventurer says:

    Looks awesome, Anne. The Prime Rib is great, isn’t it!

  8. 11

    Ooooh looks fancy and fun! What a treat! :) Merry Christmas to you and the fam!

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