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Hi guys! I’m glad many of you liked the look of my Butternut Squash, Prosciutto, and Goat Cheese Strata recipe that I posted yesterday! We’ve been enjoying the leftovers all week – it reheats well in the microwave and is especially delicious topped with fried eggs with runny yolks, and with a handful of arugula on the side!

easy egg strata recipe

As for lunches this week, I’ve been enjoying leftovers as well as some fun wraps. My favorite combo was this one with canned salmon (which Riese loves too, which is nice) + a quinoa tabouleh salad (similar to this mediterranean quinoa salad recipe) + feta + sprouts + arugula. Filling and delicious!

salmon tabouleh lunch wrap

On the fitness front this week, I’ve been enjoying yoga as usual! I’m excited that after years of just going to yoga a few times a month I’ve now settled into a routine where I go 3 times a week. I’ve been going to early morning classes on weekdays; I used to not like doing yoga first thing because I craved something more energetic right away, but in this season of life starting my day with a restorative flow feels pretty perfect. I find the days where I do yoga first thing are the ones I feel more calm and happy the rest of the day, too. The class I’ve been going to has a really nice, restorative start and end but does a vinyasa style flow in the middle – just right! It has worked out well because I’m always up around 5:30/6 to feed Riese anyway, and then I can’t really ever fall back asleep, so I just put her back down and go off to yoga instead of lying in bed being annoyed I can’t sleep!

I’m still not super into boot camps or higher intensity interval type workouts right now – not sure if that will change when I stop nursing or not, but for now it usually leaves me feeling depleted vs. energized, and my goal for movement is to have it energize me not exhaust me! So, yoga a few times on weekdays + one weekend run = just right for now for me. Plus lots of walking, which I always love and so do my sidekicks – so thankful it isn’t hot out anymore!

In baby news, I took Riese to her first baby swim class this week! It was really fun – the babies are all soooo cute. Riese was a bit scared and cried a little at first, but then got into it and had a lot of fun by the end. :) The last time I was at this pool I was super pregnant! Whoa!

I hope you all have a great weekend – see you back here next week!

p.s. For my runner readers, you may find this post (by my Nutrition for Runners program co-author Jason) interesting -> From Low Energy to High Mileage: How Jodi Turned Her Running Around — just goes to show that fueling adequately will not only have a big impact on your run training, but also on your energy levels throughout the rest of the day!


  1. 1

    What kind of canned salmon do you use? I recently bought some at Whole Foods and was surprised to find bones inside! Although, if I had read the can more carefully I would have seen that it included bones :)

  2. 3

    Good to see the establishment of a nice weekly rhythm!

  3. 4

    Anne, my daughter and I dislike the peppery bitterness of arugula but see it as a topper for a lot of recipes. Do you have a recommendation for an equally healthy substitute?

  4. 6

    Love that she’s doing swim lessons! That’s great! I’m sure she’ll be into water activities like her momma :)

    Also good call explicitly recognizing your own need for workouts to be energizing vs depleting- I think people sometimes aren’t attuned to their own needs like that and end up hating exercise time because they’re choosing the wrong activity for the moment. Cheers to that!

    • 7

      Very true. And I think it’s good to remember that the kind of workouts you like may change based on time of year, what else is going on in life, etc!

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