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Hey guys! It’s been so fun hearing all your pregnancy stories and advice this week – thank you again for sharing in our excitement! (In case you missed it: I’m pregnant! Here’s the announcement post, here’s a 1st trimester Q&A post, and yesterday’s blog post announced the sex of the baby!)

And now, let’s chat about food and fitness this week, starting with food! I generally feel better/more into my normal meals at breakfast and lunchtime, so I’ve been trying to get in lots of veggies at lunch in particular. :) Salad bars have been helpful because I can get all sorts of random stuff – Tuesday’s lunch was some salmon pasta salad, sliced cucumber and peas, a big scoop of guac, a garlicky kale salad, some tofu, and a little sweet potato. Whatever works!

whole foods salad bar

Wednesday I was working downtown, and I met my childhood friend Stephanie for lunch at The Little Beet. I LOVE their salmon! I got another random plate – salmon + brown rice + a citrus and fennel salad + a lentil and beet salad + some greens.

The Little Beet

Today’s lunch was a tuna wrap – just canned tuna mixed with guac, sauerkraut, and some mixed greens. Plus carrots!



Dinners have been more random… one night I had more of the salmon pasta salad (I brought some extra home) with peas and I added some yogurt and dijon mustard to make a creamy sauce – it was yummier than it sounds! I picked Matt up something from the hot bar to eat too – he had an Indian chicken with brown rice and broccoli.


On Wednesday night, I was out and about! I ALMOST bailed because I wasn’t feeling that great (I didn’t sleep much Tuesday night due to the puppy and was busy/downtown most of the day Wednesday), but I stuck with the plan and was so glad I did because it was really fun! I met a couple friends/fellow female Arlington entrepreneurs: Lisa (who owns District Line Co.) and Lyndsey (who was the creator/original owner of House of Steep) for dinner at Clare and Don’s in Falls Church.

How fun are these watermelon margaritas?! Mine was a virgin one obviously but it still looked cool. :)

clare and dons falls church

As for dinner, I was having a nauseous night so I ordered a bunch of random things to see what stuck. Fries + salad + a shrimp and cheese quesadilla.

clare and dons

clare and dons dinner

I ended up eating all the fries (yummm), a couple of the quesadilla wedges, and half the salad (minus dressing – I haven’t been into sauce lately). Good enough! After dinner the ladies and I headed over to a cute local bookstore, One More Page Books, for this month’s Arlington Women Entrepreneurs meeting. Fun to see everyone – I bailed on last month’s because I wasn’t feeling well, and the month before was a lunch one I couldn’t make due to client meetings.

As for fitness this week, here’s what I’ve been up to!

  • Monday: lots of walks with our new puppy Ashe! It’s been fun going for family walks with her in the morning and evening. :)
  • Tuesday: track workout (and by track workout I mean I jogged and then socialized)
  • Wednesday: strength boot camp via ClassPass 
  • Thursday: lunchtime yoga at Mind the Mat in Arlington (followed by a post-yoga salad from Sweetgreen!)


And today is a rest day!

This morning, my friend Heather came over with her puppy – they met yesterday for the first time and were fast friends so we thought we’d do one more puppy play date before we are out of town for awhile. Aren’t they cute together? They had the best time rampaging around!


Ashe and I had a busy morning after Heather and Banana left – she had her first vet appointment at 9, and then I took her straight out to my friend Gretchen’s place, where she’ll be staying while we are in Iceland! I was so sad to say goodbye to my sweet girl – I hope she remembers us when we get back! This was clearly not the best timing to get her and then leave on a big trip, but we’ll be around more or less the rest of the year so we can get into more of a routine with her. :) I miss her already!!


Here’s another fun photo of her and Zara from yesterday – still cautiously co-existing. :)


And now, I’m sorry to drop so much exciting news on you guys this week and then disappear for awhile, but we leave for Iceland tonight, and this is going to be my annual “take a real break/go dark on the blog” vacation. I’ll put up a “see you soon” post later today with links to some of my favorite posts, recipes, etc., and while I’m gone I’ll still be sharing photos of our adventures on Instagram, but I won’t be actively posting on the blog. We get back on Memorial Day and I’ll share recaps of our trip then!

I will leave you with one more pregnancy photo before I go – my baby bump gets SO much bigger by evening, especially once I’ve just eaten! It was crazy last night. Looks like way more than 13 weeks, right?!


Okay – time to pack!! (Yep, we leave tonight and haven’t packed yet… typical.)

Have a fabulous week everyone, and I’ll see you back here on the blog on or around Tuesday, May 30! I will miss you! :)


  1. 1
    Melissa says:

    Fries were my Pregnancy food!!!! The salty starch was great when I felt “off”

  2. 3

    Your baby bump is so cute :) Have an amazing vacation!

  3. 4

    Have a wonderful relaxing trip.

  4. 5

    I love following along with all these exciting moments! Have an amazing trip to Iceland, it was one of my favorite adventures to write about! Enjoy :-)

  5. 6

    Awww, your bump is so cute! Have an AMAZING time! :) Pack a rain jacket – it’s always rained when I was there (summer, winter) and a poncho was like $7. Gah.

  6. 7
    Sarah MTSBB says:

    Congrats on the baby & puppy! I like her name too.
    We named our puppy 🐶 Deacon since we met in Winston, I worked at Wake Forest hospital, and my husband got his MBA from the university! Great minds think alike. 😜

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