Our Baby is a…

Hello my friends! This has been an exciting week over here between the new puppy and the pregnancy announcement (check out my 1st trimester Q&A post from yesterday if you missed it)! Today I’m officially 13 weeks – hello, 2nd trimester! Here’s hoping the nausea and tiredness will continue to get better in the coming weeks. It’s definitely better than it was a couple weeks ago, so I’m feeling hopeful! But as for now, cereal and I are still best friends when nothing else sounds good. :)

cereal when pregnant

And now, for the big gender reveal! It was fun to see all the guesses on yesterday’s blog post!

Since I’m “advanced age” (aka I’ll be 35 at time of delivery), insurance covered some extra blood tests at 10 weeks which also included the sex of the baby – so fun to find out so early! Made it seem more real. :) When the results came in a week later, I had the doctor’s office call my mom and tell her the sex, and then we had a brunch party at our place (remember that? that was the gender reveal party!) with my parents and grandmother to find out! We wish Matt’s parents could have been here too, but we FaceTimed them in for the occasion so that was the second best thing. :) Unfortunately it would have been a month or more if we waited until we could all be together!

To reveal the sex, my mom told me she was going to wrap up a family outfit for us – we lived in Germany when my brother and I were little, and he had a little lederhosen outfit and I had a dirndl. She sent me a photo of us from back in the day – heh! Sorry for posting this on the internet, Steve. ;) (Also, ignore the little blue stain on his face – that’s not there in real life!)

dirndl and lederhosen

If the baby was a boy, the lederhosen would be in the package; if it was a girl, my dirndl would be in there! Hmm… which was it?!?!?! :)

baby gender reveal party

And the baby is a…

GIRL!!! :) So many of you guessed right given my cravings/aversions! :)


We both had a feeling it was a girl – I’m not sure why, but we were right! So exciting! It’s funny – years ago Matt told me he had this premonition that since he grew up with only brothers, now he would be surrounded by women. And so far it’s coming true! Me, Zara, Ashe (the new puppy), Freyja (my brother’s dog that we’re adopting in July), and now our baby girl! All the women!!

And speaking of Zara and Ashe – they are actually doing pretty well together! We set up a cat gate for the basement so that only Zara can go down there (she has an awesome window perch Matt made her down there that she loves, the litterbox is down there, and we moved her food and water down too) when she needs to get away, but she’s actually been out and about and curious! It helps that Ashe is in the crate overnight so Zara can still come in and sleep on our bed. Also, Ashe is really good about not chasing her, which is amazing – she’s intrigued but okay with observing and smelling, and Zara is the same. So far so good! Here’s a photo of them yesterday, chilling nearby. :) Don’t worry – Zara was yawning, not hissing! She’s actually been quite okay with the whole thing, which is a relief.


Last night Zara even strolled right by Ashe calmly while Ashe just watched her!

Anyway – I have to hop on an AnneTheRD nutrition client call so I’m going to sign out and save the eats/exercise update for tomorrow. I’ll share more photos of Ashe, too – she made a new puppy best friend this morning and is now exhausted and happy on the couch after some serious play time. :)

Have a great day guys!


  1. 1

    I don’t know how I totally missed the pregnancy announcement! Congratulations!

  2. 2

    I was also 35 when I had my first which had me termed “advanced maternal age.” By the time I had my second I was 38 and living overseas in South East Asia. Everything was great so don’t worry about your age. My funny story is instead of “advanced maternal” on my Thai hospital chart I was listed as “geriatric pregnancy.” Hurt my ego a little :)

  3. 4

    Congratulations! That is so exciting.

  4. 5

    So exciting to hear that you’re having a girl! Congrats again.

  5. 6

    Aww yay!!! So excited for you :). We did the extra blood test thing too, it wasn’t covered for me, but was only like $100 and I really wanted to know! I agree, it totally made it seem more real :)

  6. 7

    yayyyy congrats!!!!

  7. 8

    Oh my god, I love the Lederhose/Dirndel idea! 😂😂😂 Moritz and I should wear Lederhose and Dirndl next week to honour the occasion. 😆

  8. 10

    Super cute reveal! I never made the connection that Matt grew up with two brothers like Jim and now all the women! Jim at least has Teddy ;).

  9. 12

    Congratulations again!!

  10. 13

    I knew it!!!! hahahahhahahahahah

  11. 14

    Yeah! How exciting, it seemed so much more real to me knowing the sex as well.

  12. 15

    So amazing!! Congrats on having a baby girl on the way. Been following your blog for years and this is just one more amazing step in your awesome journey.

  13. 17

    Love it all. That’s wonderful Ashe and Zara are getting together so well. That picture of Ashe is absolutely precious!

  14. 18

    Congratulations!! So exciting, a girl! :D Very cool idea of your Mom’s, I love the old school German photo as well ;)

    Also great news about Zara and Ashe getting along!

  15. 19
    Jamie Miles says

    Congratulation and very excited your going to have a girl! Love the German photo!

  16. 20

    Since I had a baby girl this past November what I can tell you is when it starts to get warmer and you can put her in dresses they look so cute on a 6 to 9 month old who is starting to develop more features and hair and is so expressive too!

  17. 22

    Congratulations!! What a fun way to do the gender reveal :)

  18. 23

    Congrats! Please post more about your workouts during pregnancy- I’m 25 weeks and my running has completely changed (and… slowed) and my strength workouts are generally consistent. Let us know what you’re doing to keep strong & healthy! Thanks!

    • 24

      Sure, I’ll be sure to keep sharing my workouts! Ditto so far though – running is way down and slower, and strength workouts are about the same. :) Congrats on your pregnancy too!

  19. 25

    I’m so excited for you!! It’s funny, my husband was similar… the youngest of four boys and now we have two girls and his brother’s all have girls as well (with only 2 boys in the mix out of 11 grandkids!) Hopefully the fatigue eases up soon… congrats again!

    • 26

      So funny! Matt’s older brother has 2 boys, so this is the first Mauney girl in the mix – everyone is excited for cute little girl clothing! :)

  20. 27
    Michelle says

    Congratulations! Matt will definitely love being surrounded by all these lovely ladies. 😄

  21. 28

    Yay to girl power! It’s the same thing in our family-it’s all women! haha

    Ashe is soooo cute! How big do they think she’ll get?

    • 29

      We have NO idea! She’s about 25 pounds now I think, and 5 months, but she doesn’t have huge paws — I would guess maybe 40 pounds max? We’ll see!

  22. 30

    Hi Anne! I’m a new-ish reader and I’ve never commented before, but I wanted to say congratulations and how much I am looking forward to reading about your adventures in motherhood. I have a little girl also born in November (2011) and she is so wonderful. Best wishes for the duration of your pregnancy!

  23. 32

    Congrats Anne! We are due with our first baby this August and it’s such an exciting time. Are you planning to post weekly updates? I’ve loved reading weekly updates from bloggers on the day where I change “weeks” every week. :) Would love to hear how everything is going!

    • 33

      I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet – I’ll probably play it by ear/weave things into my everyday post, and/or do a dedicated one every couple weeks? We’ll see – I could do weekly by popular demand if people wanted it! :)

  24. 35

    So exciting!!

    Side note: What cat gate did you get? We are struggling with keeping our Shi Tzu from going downstairs and “dining” on the cat poop in the litter box. (So gross, I know!) A cat gate might be the answer!

  25. 37

    Yay for a girl! Love your blog and the way you practice as an RD :) congrats, baby girls are so fun 💖💖

  26. 39

    Congrats! Your pregnancy sounds so much like mine was. Mildly nauseous the same weeks and seriously craved cereal and fruit. I also had a girl! I ran throughout my pregnancy (all the way until the day before my c-section) but did so much more yoga. I think being strong to start (which you so obviously are) and being active throughout helped so much with my recovery. Then there are the stroller runs, whoof, especially now, she’s like 9000 lbs. So excited for you and Matt!

  27. 41

    Congratulations!! Your home is filling up too! I love the animal pics and updates :)
    Can really sense your joy from the post – it’s really cute. Happy for you and your family!!

  28. 43

    SO exciting! You guys are going to be great parents! Congratulations! :)

  29. 44

    What a gorgeous gender reveal idea! And how cute are you and your brother in that photo :)
    I’m glad Zara and Ashe are getting along well. Matt is a lucky man to be surrounded by such wonderful women!

  30. 45
    Roadrunner says

    Exciting! Love that Matt will be surrounded by girls! Know he is up to it! And glad that Zara and Ashe are getting along, too….

  31. 46

    LOVE gender reveal parties!!! Guess I was wrong ;) So glad the animals are getting along, my cat is old and cranky, my dog is huge and energetic so it’s taken her some time. Yesterday Nala (my dog) licked the cat and there was no hissing, Nala is two years old so it only took that long! So glad your progress is happening so much faster!

    • 47

      It may be another story when my brother’s dog arrives… she chased Zara last time they met and it was a disaster!

  32. 48
    Veronique says

    I am so happy for you guys! It’s such great news. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I find it really inspiring. I can’t wait to read more about your pregnancy journey, especially since I am pregnant too and also planned for November! I’ve also had the small nausea feeling that lasts all day. And I am sometimes so tired, I find it exhausting to get up from the sofa to go to bed! Hopefully it gets better in the following weeks! Congrats again :)

  33. 50

    Yay congrats Anne! What a fun reveal idea :) And, love me some kitty pics too! Hugs to you xo

  34. 52

    Hi Anne! Big congratulations! I was wondering if you could address why you used both the terms “gender” and “sex” (seemingly interchangeably) in this post?

    • 53

      It wasn’t meant to be any sort of political statement, if that’s what you mean! :) Whatever our daughter (and anyone else) wants to do is cool with us. If I should be using one term or the other to be more politically correct, happy to hear that!

      • 54

        Gender and sex are not the same thing, and should not be used interchangeably. Sex refers to biology, while gender is a social construct. Being born with female or male sex organs does not necessarily means the baby will be the corresponding gender. Since you are about to become a mom, it might be good to read up on this issue!

  35. 55

    I am a long-time reader and absolutely love your blog. It’s my favorite :) I have a baby girl who is almost five months now and I am so excited to follow your pregnancy updates. I also craved dairy and nothing sounded good in the first trimester except bagels with cream cheese and cereal! Also, props to you for being so active! I found swimming to be the absolute best activity and really surprised myself with how much I improved despite carrying a baby! Motherhood is absolutely incredible and I am thrilled for you!

  36. 57

    Long-time reader, and I am so excited for you both, Anne! This is so wonderful. You and Matt are going to be amazing parents. I can’t wait to follow along! xo

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